Thesaurus Term/Concept: STAINED GLASS (WINDOW)

Identifier 96119
Status Preferred
Index? Yes
Scope Note Glass that has been coloured by fusing glass with a metallic oxide film or by burning pigment into the surface.

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Context Record
Find Type FSF39685: STAINED GLASS (WINDOW) (13th century - 1200 AD to 1299 AD)
Find Type FSF39686: STAINED GLASS (WINDOW) (13th century to 14th century - 1285 AD to 1350 AD)
Find Type FSF45754: STAINED GLASS (WINDOW) (13th century to 16th century - 1200 AD to 1599 AD)
Find Type FSF19645: STAINED GLASS (WINDOW) (14th century to 15th century - 1301 AD to 1400 AD)
Find Type FSF21002: STAINED GLASS (WINDOW) (15th century to 16th century - 1401 AD to 1500 AD)