Pottery Type-Series for Suffolk and Norfolk Anglo-Saxon, Medieval and Later


This fabric and form series for the Anglo-Saxon and medieval pottery of Norfolk and Suffolk has been produced by local pottery specialist Sue Anderson, as part of an ongoing project by Suffolk County Council funded by Historic England.

This pottery type-series provides a standardised way of recording pottery in Norfolk and Suffolk, which will be an invaluable archaeological resource for dating archaeological sites and contexts, so that collections can be studied and interpreted effectively. Researchers, commercial archaeological units and amateur archaeology groups will all be able to benefit from this.

A type-series will be created for Suffolk and Norfolk, which will be published as an online series at the end of the project

The Suffolk pottery type-series is now complete as a physical collection of sherd samples and a database to be used in conjunction with each other. Use of the Suffolk type-series is now a specified recommendation for all fieldwork on medieval sites in the county.

View the Suffolk Type-Series

The collection is available for viewing at the Suffolk County Council Archaeological Services offices by appointment only.

To make an appointment please contact faye.minter@suffolk.gov.uk

As a temporary solution to the COVID-19 crisis, which makes visiting the physical type series difficult at the moment, there is a temporary website available created by Sue Anderson. It has a gallery of the sherd cross-sections and a downloadable pdf with all the fabric codes and basic information explaining the main pot types. There is however, no substitute for visiting the type series at our offices, as the range of sherd samples for each fabric is more variable than can be shown by the sample photographs presented on the temporary website. So please do contact us to book an appointment to view the full type series.

Visit the online gallery at suffolkmedpot.co.uk »


This project was kindly funded by Historic England.

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