Brecks' Fen Edge and Rivers archaeology in the Lark Valley


Archaeological investigations in the Lark Valley began in 2021, as part of the Brecks' Fen Edge and Rivers Landscape Partnership project, funded by the National Lottery Heritage Fund.

The archaeological investigations involve non-intrusive survey, including geophysical survey and fieldwalking, to explore the peripheries of important archaeological sites and the under explored areas in the wider area. Local people can volunteer to help with the investigations with opportunities to be trained in archaeological survey

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Why the Lark Valley?

In the Lark Valley, there is evidence of intense historical activity and land use through time, including the nationally important Anglo-Saxon settlement at West Stow and a large Anglo-Saxon cemetery at Lackford. As part of this project, a landscape-scale investigation will aim to stitch this archaeological landscape together, revealing how the river and its surrounding landscape were used for the survival of prehistoric, Roman and Anglo-Saxon communities.

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Geophysical Survey at West Stow - 2021

In October, a geophysical survey was carried out in the areas around the well-known Anglo-Saxon settlement at West Stow. Twelve volunteers were trained in a magnetic geophysical survey.

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Geophysical Survey 2021 on Film

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Geophysical Survey 2021 in Pictures

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  Geophysics Training West Stow Country Park - October 2021  

aerial view of west stow anglo-saxon village reconstructed buildings

West Stow

a multi-period settlement and experimental reconstruction

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copper alloy mount with openwork decoration depicting an animal

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a neolithic pot next to a trowel

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