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Archaeology News in Suffolk - E-newsletters

An e-newsletter by Suffolk County Council Archaeological Service featuring a collection of archaeological news, projects and events in Suffolk.

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Archaeology of the Suffolk Coast

A series of reports describing the historic environment of the coastal zone with the aim of informing future management. The reports follow the programme of work undertaken by English Heritage (now Historic England), National Mapping Programme and Suffolk County Council Archaeological Service to record coastal archaeology which is at risk from coastal erosion. The project consisted of aerial photography, assessment of historic maps and a field survey of the intertidal zone

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A Survey of Suffolk Parish History

A Survey of Suffolk Parish History summarises the history of each parish in the county. It touches upon every part of local history including administration, landscape, social, religious and economic characteristics, and covers a time span from the earliest archaeology to modern times. The survey was researched by Wendy Goult in the late 1980s and was first published in 1990.

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East Anglian Archaeology

East Anglian Archaeology (EAA) is an academically refereed series of reports on the archaeology of an English region. The first report was published in 1975 and there are now more than one hundred and eighty titles in the series.

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front cover showing glass vessel

Westgarth Gardens Anglo-Saxon Cemetery

EAA 38 (1988)

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front cover showing fort

Burgh: Iron Age and Roman Enclosure

EAA 40 (1988)

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front cover showing excavations

West Stow: The Prehistoric and Romano-British Occupations

EAA 48 (1989)

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front cover showing aerial photo of the wetlands

Flatlands and Wetlands: Current Themes in East Anglian Archaeology

EAA 50 (1993)

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front cover showing aerial photo of prehistoric cropmarks

Settlements on Hilltops: Seven Prehistoric Sites in Suffolk

EAA 65 (1993)

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front cover with anglo-saxon illustration

A Corpus of Anglo-Saxon Material from Suffolk

EAA 84 (1998)

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front cover with colour image of the village

Towards a Landscape History of Walsham Le Willows

EAA 85 (1998)

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front cover with excavated cremation

Snape Anglo-Saxon Cemetery: Excavations and Surveys 1824 - 1992

EAA 95 (2001)

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front cover with a locally made face pot

Excavations at a large Romano-British Settlement at Hacheston, Suffolk 1973-74

EAA 106 (2004)

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front cover with historical illustration of field plots

'Wheare most Inclosures be' East Anglian Fields: History, Morphology and Management

EAA 124 (2008)

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front cover with illustration of burial

Anglo-Saxon Cemetery at Shrubland Hall Quarry, Coddenham

EAA 139 (2011)

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front cover with photo of an animal bone

Middle Saxon Animal Husbandry in East Anglia

EAA 143 (2012)

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front cover with image of burning building

Experimental Archaeology and Fire

EAA 146 (2012)

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front cover with photo of green glass claw beaker

Excavations at Flixton Park Quarry: Vol.1

EAA 147 (2012)

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front cover with photo of excavation and pin

Staunch Meadow, Brandon

EAA 151 (2015)

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front cover with photo of two silver coins

Excavations at Stoke Quay, Ipswich

EAA 172 (2020)

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front cover with photo of people excavating

Provisioning Ipswich: Animal remains from the Saxon and Medieval town

EAA 174 (2021)

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Abbey of St Edmund - Online Talks

"From Rise to Ruins" online talk series celebrates the 1000th anniversary of the founding of the Abbey of St Edmund in the town of Bury St Edmunds. Four talks free to watch hosted by St Edmundsbury Cathedral.

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Ipswich Resources

A list of publications and useful links on the archaeology of Ipswich, as well as a guide to historical sources

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Mildenhall Resources

Articles and audio on the late Roman treasure discovered in the twentieth century, now on display at the British Museum


Some of these files may not be suitable for users of assistive technology. To request an accessible format please contact the relevant publisher directly

Mildenhall treasure on display in Mildenhall museum

The Mildenhall Treasure

BBC Radio Four Open Country (2017)

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front cover showing title

The Mildenhall Treasure: Late Roman Silver Plate

by Richard Hobbs (2016)

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black and white photo of large plates on display at British Museum 1947

The Secret History of the Mildenhall Treasure

by Richard Hobbs (2008)

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British Museum, The Mildenhall Treasure Project

Mildenhall and District Museum, The Mildenhall Treasure



Palaeolithic North Norfolk Coast Virtual Field Trip

Results of over 20 years research on the north Norfolk coast. The virtual field trip is hosted on Google Earth Projects and takes you to palaeolithic sites along the coastline near Happisburgh, with information on sites and projects including links, videos and images.

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Proceedings of the Suffolk Institute of Archaeology and History

The Proceedings are published by the Suffolk Institute of Archaeology and History (SIAH). It is the society's annual journal, containing papers on the archaeology and history of Suffolk. Since 1978, Suffolk County Council Archaeological Service have contributed to the 'Archaeology in Suffolk' section of this publication with an annual round-up of archaeological fieldwork and finds. SIAH has digitised the Proceedings publications from 1869 to 2015

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illustration of lion figurine

Archaeology in Suffolk

Suffolk County Council Archaeological Service (2018)

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illustration of pin

Archaeology in Suffolk

Suffolk County Council Archaeological Service (2017)

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illustration of prehistoric flint

Archaeology in Suffolk

Suffolk County Council Archaeological Service (2016)

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Visit the SIAH website for earlier years published in the Proceedings


Rendlesham Resources

A collection of resources about Rendlesham, which is an internationally important early medieval (5th to 8th century) estate and royal settlement. There are reports, articles, podcasts, family activities and classroom resources.

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Second World War Guidebooks

A series of four guidebooks to Suffolk's Second World War archaeology, researched and written by Dr Robert Liddiard and Dr David Simms (University of East Anglia). Together they help readers to discover, appreciate and enjoy the physical remains of that conflict that still lie in the county's countryside, with descriptions and suggested walking trails.

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8th in the East - Heritage Guides

The "8th in the East" project, led by University of East Anglia, was a programme of archaeology, oral history and museum development to tell the story of the 8th United States Army Air Force in the East of England.

The project website holds an archive of their research, including oral history recordings, information on the archaeology, learning resources and an interactive heritage guide.

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