Archaeology Activities for families


Here is a selection of family activities about the archaeology and history of Suffolk. From coins and stories to colouring and wordsearches.

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Anglo-Saxon Coins

Three activities about Anglo-Saxon coins.

selection of Anglo-Saxon coins in gold, silver and copper alloy

Coins Activity 1: Coins and Archaeology

Coins can help archaeologists date a site as they usually had a date or symbol.

Find some coins in your house and describe what you see. What is the earliest and the latest date?

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Coins Activity 2: Anglo-Saxon Coins

Here are some examples of Anglo-Saxon coins discovered at Rendlesham. They look similar but the designs are different. 

Look at these coins. Can you spot what they have in common and what is different?

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Coins Activity 3: Design your own coin

Coins had lots of different designs to show how much they were worth and who the ruling tribe, king or queen was at the time. 

Can you draw you own design of an Anglo-Saxon coin. 

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Colour This...

Here are some hand-drawn illustrations of real archaeological objects found in Suffolk. What colours and patterns do you think they had?

These files may not be suitable for users of assistive technology. Request an accessible format.

outline of roman brooch

Roman Brooch

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outline of Saxon pendant

Saxon Pendant

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outline of a saxon mount

Saxon Mount

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outline of a horse shaped saxon brooch

Saxon Brooch

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outline of a bird shaped mount

Post medieval Mount

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Creative Writing

gold anglo-saxon harness mount

Writing Activity 1: Write an Anglo-Saxon Story or Poem

Anglo-Saxon stories and poems tell us of great events, heroic stories and brave warriors. Use some of the words in the Activity to inspire your own short story or poem.

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Anglo-Saxon Design

illustration of an Anglo-Saxon hall

Design Activity 1: Draw your own wall-hanging for an Anglo-Saxon hall

Archaeologists have found an important Anglo-Saxon settlement at Rendlesham in Suffolk. There was probably a big building here called a ‘hall’ where the kings would have lived and held feasts. We know that the inside of the hall would have been decorated. In the tale of Beowulf, the inside of the great hall ‘Heorot’ was fully furnished to be the “best of royal halls”.

Wall hangings were probably used to decorate the halls; they were made from fabric and would have told stories or had symbols.

Use the design tips in the Activity to draw your own design for an Anglo-Saxon wall-hanging

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This activity was the theme for the 2020 Design Competition.



A collection of wordsearches with an archaeology theme. These files may not be suitable for users of assistive technology. Request an accessible format.

front cover assessment report

Archaeology Wordsearch

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front cover priorities report

Artefacts Wordsearch

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front cover report

Historical Periods Wordsearch

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wordsearch about Ipswich

Ipswich Wordsearch

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wordsearch about Rendlesham

Rendlesham Wordsearch

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wordsearch relating to Sutton Hoo

Sutton Hoo Wordsearch

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wordsearch about Anglo-Saxon clothes

Anglo-Saxon Clothes Wordsearch

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wordsearch about anglo-saxon people

Anglo-Saxon People Wordsearch

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wordsearch about anglo-saxon weapons

Anglo-Saxon Weapons Wordsearch

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