Anglo-Saxon Life video series

What was life like for people living during the Anglo-Saxon period? What did they do each day? How did they cook their meals and make their clothes?

Step back in time and discover more in the video series "Anglo-Saxon Life" by West Stow Anglo-Saxon Village and Museum.

These videos have been made for illustration purposes and are not instructional videos.


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Anglo-Saxon Daily Life

What would it have been like to live in Anglo-Saxon times? This video demonstrates the different tasks that people living in the past might have done.

Filmed June 2021

Cooking an Anglo-Saxon Meal

How did people cook their meals in Anglo-Saxon times? This video shows how they may have prepared and cooked a simple meal of barley and bean stew with hearth cakes.

Filmed June 2021

Weaving Cloth the Anglo-Saxon Way

How did people make cloth in Anglo-Saxon times? This video demonstrates the methods and techniques involved in weaving cloth, from preparing the wool to using a loom.

Filmed June 2021


Made in partnership with Suffolk County Council Archaeological Service and West Stow Anglo-Saxon Village and Museum, for the Rendlesham Revealed project, funded by the National Lottery Heritage Fund.

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gold and garnet anglo-saxon bead from Rendlesham


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