Survey Methods


There are a variety of archaeological survey methods which can be used to investigate a site. Non-intrusive survey methods, such as fieldwalking or geophysical survey can be used alone, or better still in combination as their results are often complementary.

These survey methods will help you build up a picture of past activity on a site or in a landscape. They should be used before any intrusive archaeological techniques, such as excavation, to help identify research questions and allow any subsequent excavation to be targeted and well informed.

As always, to conduct any archaeological survey techniques you need permission from the landowner, ideally in writing.

We also recommend you do a short project design for any survey work and send this to SCC Archaeological Service so that we can advise and issue your work a unique HER number. Please also deposit any results with us too so that they are available for future research.

cropmarks for ring ditches and trackway

Aerial Investigation and Mapping

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Fieldwalking Survey

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Geophysical Survey

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Responsible Archaeology

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