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presenter professor Alice Roberts

Digging for Britain - Series 7 Episode 3 East - 13 December 2018

Professor Alice Roberts follows a year of British archaeology, joining up the results of digs and investigations the length of the country. Suffolk features twice in this episode with a monument as old as Stonehenge in south-east Suffolk and some disturbing Roman burials near Great Whelnetham

The full episode is currently unavailable.

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presenters of the Time Team tv programme

Time Team - Series 3 Episode 6 Lavenham - 11 February 1996

In this episode: A Suffolk farmer has gathered hundreds of pieces of Roman pottery, jewellery and coins from one of his fields. Where did all this rich material come from and why is it so concentrated in one area?

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excavation at Elveden

Time Team - Series 7 Episode 6 Elveden - 06 February 2000

In this episode: Time Team are in search of the real-life Flintstones at one of Britain's major early Stone Age sites at a holiday camp at Elveden in Suffolk

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Ipswich ware pottery

Time Team - Series 11 Episode 12 Ipswich - 14 March 2004

In this episode: Back in the 1940s, Basil Brown uncovered enough Roman remains near Ipswich to believe he had found the largest villa in East Anglia. Time Team return to the site to see if he was right.

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presenters at ruins of Blythburgh priory

Time Team - Series 16 Episode 13 Blythburgh - 29 March 2009

Tony Robinson and the Team are in Suffolk to investigate a house in Blythburgh where they believe a medieval priory has lain hidden for years. The full episode is unavailable on Channel 4.

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ruins of leiston abbey at Dunwich

Time Team - Series 19 Episode 3 Dunwich - 05 February 2012

Tony Robinson and the Team head to Dunwich, a village that's falling off the edge of the UK due to coastal erosion. The full episode is unavailable on Channel 4.

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 a painting of King Charles II

Time Team - Series 19 Episode 4 Newmarket - 12 February 2012

Tony and the Team visit Newmarket, the birthplace of horseracing, in search of the earliest archaeological traces of the sport of kings. The full episode is unavailable on Channel 4.

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digital 3D image of Henham Hall by Time Team

Time Team - Series 20 Episode 4 Henham - 20 January 2013

Tony and the Team help charismatic Hektor Rous, the son of 'Aussie Earl' Keith Rous, piece together the mysterious history of the family's Tudor country home in Suffolk. The full episode is unavailable on Channel 4.

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 Julian Richards, presenter

Meet the Ancestors - Series 2 Episode 1 Warrior - 23 February 2013

Archaeologist Julian Richards visits a team working on one of the most impressive Anglo-Saxon graveyards ever discovered, on a US air force base in Suffolk.

'Meet the Ancestors Revisited - Episode 4 The First Anglo-Saxons - 09 October 2019

Julian Richards returns to the excavation of two early Anglo-Saxon cemeteries to explore the mystery of the Anglo-Saxon invasions that began after the fall of the Roman Empire. In particular, the rich burial of a warrior and his horse offers up fresh clues to some of the very first pioneers.

These episodes are unavailable on the BBC.

Hidden Treasure Logo

Hidden Treasures - Series 1 Episode 5 Coddenham - 2014

This series about the important role played by metal-detectorists and the significance of their finds included a look at one of Suffolk's most important Anglo-Saxon sites at Coddenham. The full episode is unavailable on the BBC.

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presenter looking at skeleton on History Cold Case

History Cold Case - Series 1 Episode 1 Ipswich Man - 27 October 2010

Professor Sue Black and her team use forensic science to shed light on the past. An apparently African skeleton is unearthed near a medieval monastery. The very first episode of this forensic archaeology series examined a skeleton from the Greyfriars site in Ipswich, revealing the individual's interesting and unusual past. The full episode is unavailable on BBC Two.

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Grand Designs logo

Grand Designs - Series 10 Episode 4 Stowmarket - 06 October 2019

Presenter Kevin McCloud follows some of Britain's most ambitious self-building projects. In Suffolk Simon Bennett and his wife Jill hope to restore one of the smallest surviving medieval guild halls in the country to its original splendour.

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Bone Detectives Logo

Bone Detectives - Series 2 Episode 1 Stoke Quay, Ipswich - 26 September 2020

The team visit a long-forgotten cemetery in Ipswich, where 1400 bodies reveal signs of hard labour, disease, murder, and possibly the country's first post-mortem

The full episode is only available until 25th October 2020

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