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Below is a list of resources to guide further study. This list is not exhaustive.


Archive and Planning

Development and Archaeology: Supplementary Planning Document, 2018, Ipswich Borough Council

Ipswich 1974-1990 Excavation Archive

Signposts to Ipswich Archive (PDF)


Archaeology of Ipswich

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Understanding Historical Sources


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Proceeding of the Suffolk Institute:

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Suffolk Review:

Breen, A., 'The Ship Owners of IPswich in 1283: A Maritime Community', Suffolk Review, New Series, Spring 2009

Breen, A., 'Ipswich Tallage Roll 1227: An Introduction', Suffolk Review, New Series, Spring 2010

Ridgard, J., 'Ipswich Tallage Roll 1227', Suffolk Review, New Series, Spring 2010


Useful Websites

Suffolk Record Office

Ipswich Archaeological Trust

Ipswich Maritime Trust

Stephen Alsford ‘Medieval Ipswich’

University of Iowa Calendar of Patent Rolls

a historic map of Ipswich

Urban Archaeological Database

a database of archaeology in Ipswich

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photo of people excavating in ipswich

Archaeological Research in Ipswich

past investigations in the town

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1837 painting of Ipswich docks showing river  structures and ship building

Historical Sources

for understanding Ipswich

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