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Geophysical Survey is a survey method which allows us to see buried archaeology by taking a “picture” of what is under the soil without disturbing the ground. There are several different geophysical survey techniques, including magnetometry, resistivity and ground penetrating radar.

Geophysical Survey in the Deben Valley - 2019

In January 2019, local volunteers joined the Archaeological Service in Rendlesham to learn how to conduct geophysical survey using a magnetometer machine over a 100sqm area. It was possible to identify some possible features, including a historic track, ditch and pit type features, a palaeochannel and evidence of a demolished post-medieval building. Some of the pits looked similar to others in the adjacent field which when excavated were identified as sunken-featured buildings.

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Geophysical Survey in Pictures

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  Rendlesham Revealed - Geophysical Survey  
gold and garnet anglo-saxon bead from Rendlesham


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