Thesaurus Term/Concept: POST

Identifier 97616
Status Preferred
Index? Yes
Scope Note A freestanding pole, stake etc often used to support a superstructure.

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Context Record
Find Type FSF41350: POST (14th century to 16th century - 1300 AD to 1599 AD)
Find Type FSF45018: POST (16th century to 17th century - 1500 AD? to 1699 AD?)
Find Type FSF24929: POST (16th century to 19th century - 1500 AD? to 1899 AD?)
Find Type FSF25922: POST (Early Neolithic to Medieval - 4000 BC to 1539 AD)
Find Type FSF22611: POST (IPS: Early Late Saxon - 850 AD to 900 AD)
Find Type FSF45752: POST (IPS: Late Medieval Transitional - 1451 AD? to 1600 AD?)
Find Type FSF25464: POST (Medieval - 1066 AD to 1539 AD)
Find Type FSF28221: POST (Medieval to IPS: Post Medieval - 1066 AD to 1900 AD)
Find Type FSF17454: POST (Middle Saxon to Late Saxon - 650 AD to 1065 AD)
Find Type FSF24928: POST (Undated)
Find Type FSF28395: POST (Undated)
Find Type FSF32865: POST (Undated)
Find Type FSF32866: POST (Undated)
Find Type FSF32867: POST (Undated)
Find Type FSF32868: POST (Undated)
Find Type FSF32869: POST (Undated)
Find Type FSF32870: POST (Undated)
Find Type FSF32871: POST (Undated)
Find Type FSF32872: POST (Undated)
Find Type FSF32873: POST (Undated)
Find Type FSF32874: POST (Undated)
Find Type FSF32875: POST (Undated)