Using the Suffolk Heritage Explorer guidance

The information contained within this website is not suitable for planning related studies/enquiries, as various confidential and outline record sets have been omitted.

For any planning or academic related searches please contact the Suffolk Historic Environment Record directly.

The information contained in the Suffolk Historic Environment Record has been produced from various sources

Users of the Suffolk Heritage Explorer website should be aware that there is a backlog of information that has not yet been entered into the Suffolk Historic Environment Record and that the information on the Suffolk Heritage Explorer may be incomplete for a number of reasons compared to that held at Suffolk Historic Environment Record. As the information was compiled from a number of sources, users may find that information on a particular site is split between several records, or duplicated on more than one record, and that some records are incomplete. We are undertaking a programme of record checking and enhancement to address these issues.

Information held within the Suffolk Historic Environment Record is subject to Intellectual Property Rights. Users will need to obtain consent from authors and Suffolk Historic Environment Record to reproduce any of the information.

Definitive information on designated sites, including Scheduled Monuments, Listed Buildings and Registered Parks and Gardens should be obtained from Historic England. Definitive information on Conservation Areas should be obtained from the relevant district councils.

The inclusion of a site or monument within the Suffolk Historic Environment Record cannot be taken to mean or imply that there is public right of access, or that access permission will be granted upon request.

See the Suffolk Heritage Explorer's full Terms and Conditions

If you require further information or advice about the Suffolk Historic Environment Record please contact us.