Thesaurus Term/Concept: LABORATORY

Identifier 71428
Status Preferred
Index? Yes
Scope Note A group of buildings or rooms equipped with apparatus for scientific experiments or other research, testing and investigations.

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Context Record
Monument Type MSF34956 Centrifuge circa 1966 (Monument)
Monument Type MSF34959 Control Room circa 1960 (Monument)
Monument Type MSF35566 Former Xylonite Factory, Factory Lane, Brantham (Building)
Monument Type MSF34968 Laboratory 1 Large Vibration, circa 1956 (Monument)
Monument Type MSF34966 Laboratory 2 Centrifuge, circa 1957 (Monument)
Monument Type MSF34967 Laboratory 3 Climatic Testing, circa 1956 (Monument)
Monument Type MSF34969 Laboratory Store, circa 1956 (Monument)
Monument Type MSF34979 Small Vibration Laboratory circa 1956 (Monument)
Monument Type MSF34957 Vibration Test Building circa 1960 (Monument)
Monument Type MSF34958 Vibration Test Building circa 1960 (Monument)