Identifier 146345
Status Preferred
Index? Yes
Scope Note The taking of photographs during informal site visits, which may be undertaken by amateur archaeologists or architectural students. More formal, detailed surveys should be termed Photographic Survey.

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Context Record
Event Type ESF26401 Evaluation - Hogs Kiss, Debenham (Event - Intervention)
Event Type ESF20063 Excavation - Athenaeum Toilet Block (Event - Survey)
Event Type ESF26756 Heritage Asset Assessment - Kelsale Court, Kelsale cum Calrton (Event - Survey)
Event Type ESF22050 Heritage Asset Assessment - Stable and Coach House, Suddon Hall (Event - Survey)
Event Type ESF26340 Heritage Asset Assessment - Wolsey House Farmhouse barn & Outbuildings, Yoxford (Event - Survey)
Event Type ESF26429 Heritage Impact Assessment - Goose Acre, Stratford St Mary (Event - Survey)
Event Type ESF26427 Heritage Statement - Barns at Dairy farm, Woolverstone (Event - Survey)
Event Type ESF26302 Heritage Statement - The Old Rectory, Bucklesham (Event - Survey)
Event Type ESF28562 Historic Buildin Recording - Grove Farm, Thurston (Event - Survey)
Event Type ESF26432 Historic Building Record - Barn at Rookery Farm, Great Ashfield (Event - Intervention)
Event Type ESF26183 Historic Building Recording - 17a Market Hill, Sudbury (Event - Survey)
Event Type ESF25283 Historic Building Recording - Boarded Barn Farm, Great Finborough (Event - Survey)
Event Type ESF23500 Historic Building Recording - Former MOD Fuel Depot, Great Blakenham (Event - Survey)
Event Type ESF20427 Historic Building Recording - Paper Mill Farm, Paper Mill Lane, Bramford (Event - Survey)
Event Type ESF20396 Historic Building Recording - Red House Farm Barn, The Street, Brandleston (Event - Survey)
Event Type ESF26760 Historic Survey - Waterwell House, Kersey (Event - Survey)
Event Type ESF26020 Historical Appraisal - Whitehouse Farm, Wissett (Event - Survey)
Event Type ESF26758 Historical Assessment - Barn st Simms Farm, Kedington (Event - Survey)
Event Type ESF26763 Historical Survey - Leys House, Kersey (Event - Survey)
Event Type ESF26070 Photographic Record and Archaeological Statement - Granary Block, Hill House Farm, Burgate (Event - Intervention)
Event Type ESF26182 Photographic Report - National Hall, Sun Lane, Woodbridge (Event - Survey)
Event Type ESF23265 Recording, dismantling and excavation of the 1974, Sunken House, West Stow Anglo Saxon Village (Event - Intervention)