Thesaurus Term/Concept: ROBBER TRENCH

Identifier 78218
Status Preferred
Index? Yes
Scope Note Use broader site type where known

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Context Record
Monument Type MSF23544 Abbey Farm (Monument)
Monument Type MSF6714 Babwell Friary; Fornham Priory; The Vinery (Monument)
Monument Type MSF35391 Graves at The Priory Hotel, Tollgate Lane, Bury St Edmunds (Monument)
Monument Type MSF24305 Land off Station Road East, Stowmarket (Monument)
Monument Type MSF29709 Late medieval to early post medieval dyeing workshop at The Swan Hotel (Monument)
Monument Type MSF10021 New Martins Bank, 6 Buttermarket, Ipswich, (IAS 3001). (Monument)
Monument Type MSF4991 Old Foundry Road, Ipswich, (IAS 1501). (Monument)
Monument Type MSF21873 Reservoir adjacent to Benacre Wood (Med) (Monument)
Monument Type MSF25265 Roman Villa, Castle Hill, Ipswich. (Monument)