Thesaurus Term/Concept: AERIAL PHOTOGRAPHY

Identifier 145107
Status Preferred
Index? Yes
Scope Note The taking of photographs from above using photographic equipment mounted on, or used from an aircraft or other airborne vehicle.

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Context Record
Event Type ESF21606 Aerial Photographic Assessment - Gallow's Hill, Gipping Valley (Event - Interpretation)
Event Type ESF21997 Aerial Photographic Assessment , Land adjacent to Mushroom Farm, Trimley St Martin (Event - Survey)
Event Type ESF21727 Aerial Photographic Interpretation, Great Cornard (Event - Interpretation)
Event Type ESF21729 Aerial Photographic Survey, Inter-Tidal Habitat, Trimley Marshes (Event - Survey)
Event Type ESF18475 Aerial Survey - Essex County Council (Event - Interpretation)
Event Type ESF21657 Air Photo Survey at Land adjacent to Former Melton Park Church, Melton Park (Event - Survey)
Event Type ESF18883 Air photo survey. A14 Trimley Improvement (Event - Interpretation)
Event Type ESF18913 Air Photograph Survey - Suffolk Yacht Harbour, Stratton Hall (Event - Interpretation)
Event Type ESF21607 AP assessment, Flixton quarry (Event - Interpretation)
Event Type ESF20695 AP assessment, land S of Bobbit's Lane, Ipswich, 2008 (Event - Survey)
Event Type EXS1892 AP assessment, Liberty Village, Eriswell (Event - Intervention)
Event Type ESF19922 AP assessment, Manor Farm, Beyton 2008 (Event - Interpretation)
Event Type ESF21986 AP assessment, Red Lodge, 2006 (Event - Interpretation)
Event Type ESF21777 Archaeological Desk Based Assessment, Biomass Fuelled energy Plant, land Adjacent to Mendlesham Industrial estate, Wetheringsett with Brockford (Event - Survey)
Event Type ESF20797 Archaeological Desk Based Assessment, Hadleigh Storage depot (Aldham Mill Hill), Hadleigh (Event - Survey)
Event Type ESF20826 Archaeological Survey, Naunton Hall, Rendlesham (Event - Survey)
Event Type ESF21323 Cedars Park pipelinelink phase 1, Creeting St Peter (Event - Survey)
Event Type ESF21773 Desk Based Assessment - Halesworth Airfield, Upper Holton Wind Farm (Event - Survey)
Event Type ESF20651 Desk-Based Assessment - Land Adjacent to Carsons Drive, Great Cornard (Event - Survey)
Event Type ESF21721 Fieldwalking, metal detecting, geophysical and AP surveys - Gallows Hill, Barking 1990 (Event - Survey)
Event Type ESF22115 Land at Wenhaston: Aerial Photographic Assessment (Event - Interpretation)
Event Type ESF20787 Land South of Grove Hill, Belstead, Archaeological Desk Based Assessment (Event - Survey)
Event Type ESF20499 Leiston Hall Farm, Leiston (Event - Interpretation)
Event Type ESF20643 Wind Energy Development, Airfield Industrial Estate, Eye (Event - Survey)