Thesaurus Term/Concept: BAKEHOUSE

Identifier 68923
Status Preferred
Index? Yes
Scope Note A service building to a country house, farm, etc, used for baking. If commercial premises use BAKERY.

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Context Record
Monument Type MSF25236 Chapel House (Building)
Monument Type MSF13079 Cockfield Hall (Monument)
Monument Type MSF25291 Farmstead: Badley Hall (Farmstead)
Monument Type MSF38285 Farmstead: Bond Hall (Farmstead)
Monument Type MSF24642 Farmstead: Church Farm (Farmstead)
Monument Type MSF27256 Farmstead: Greenway Farm (Farmstead)
Monument Type MSF26665 Farmstead: Park Farm (Farmstead)
Monument Type MSF25381 Farmstead: Shelley Dairy (Farmstead)
Monument Type MSF27227 Farmstead: Slough Farmhouse (Farmstead)
Monument Type MSF24641 Farmstead: Valley Farm (Farmstead)
Monument Type MSF25412 Farmstead: Watering Farm/Tudor Grange (Farmstead)
Monument Type MSF27208 Farmstead: White House Farm (Farmstead)
Monument Type MSF30454 'Goldings', formerly Golding's Farm, Stonham Aspal (Building)
Monument Type MSF38316 Late 15th/early 16th century detached kitchen or bakehouse, Clay Hall (Building)
Monument Type MSF38294 Outbuildings at The Gables, The Street (Building)
Monument Type MSF36711 St Clements Parish, Ipswich (Monument)
Monument Type MSF17552 St Saviour's Hospital, Fornham Road, (Medieval with Mesolithic-Post Medieval) (Monument)
Monument Type MSF24664 The Bakehouse, 38a Blacksmiths corner, Belstead (Building)
Monument Type MSF27213 The Old Auction House (Building)
Monument Type MSF27645 The Old Guildhall (LA) HBS (Building)