Thesaurus Term/Concept: POST GROUP

Identifier -96
Status Candidate
Index? Yes
Scope Note Group of free standing posts, in no particular pattern

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Context Record
Monument Type MSF29262 2 Bridge Street Ipswich, (IAS 6202). (Monument)
Monument Type MSF20727 3 posts approx. 20m apart showing at low tide level. Further 3 posts visible in channel. 1 pottery sherd from area (Monument)
Monument Type MSF20904 Amorphous arrangement of posts, maybe associated with nearby outfall. Doesn't appear too old. (Monument)
Monument Type MSF20900 Approx. 15m W of WLV 032. 4 posts, no obvious function. Inaccessible. (Un) (Monument)
Monument Type MSF20671 Area rich in posts, possibly revetted, of unknown date. (Monument)
Monument Type MSF23136 Benacre beach (2006) (Monument)
Monument Type MSF22763 Benacre Broad (N decoy pipe); Benacre beach (2005) (Monument)
Monument Type MSF20676 Collection of posts in a channel at the base of a bank with no obvious function but possibly a bridge, of unknown date (Monument)
Monument Type MSF20540 Collection of posts just in front of ADB 080. (Monument)
Monument Type MSF20616 Collection of posts, Ferry Cliff (Monument)
Monument Type MSF21014 Collection of quite tall timbers along edge of saltmarsh, only c.6m stretch. Horizontals also present, particularly underwater (river quite high at … (Monument)
Monument Type MSF20956 Cottage Hide, Havergate Island (Monument)
Monument Type MSF22762 Dunwich Beach (Monument)
Monument Type MSF20972 General area contains lots of posts, well spread out, only small amount of wood visible on surface in each case. No hope of understanding without pl… (Monument)
Monument Type MSF20756 Girlings Hard (Monument)
Monument Type MSF23375 Group of possible 16th to 19th century posts at Holbrook Bay (Monument)
Monument Type MSF20975 Group of posts forming approximate semi-circle. Not as clear as others - more eroded? (Monument)
Monument Type MSF20971 Group of posts of 16th to 19th century date at Holbrook Bay (Monument)
Monument Type MSF20967 Group of posts with larger posts on W side. Function unclear. (Monument)
Monument Type MSF20538 Horizontal timbers visible in saltmarsh, laying diagonally. Possible remains of sea bank. (Monument)
Monument Type MSF20892 Isolated posts and 3 groynes running out to intertidal mud. Probably of same age as groynes down river (Monument)
Monument Type MSF20635 Kyson Hill (Monument)
Monument Type MSF20858 Levington Creek (Monument)
Monument Type MSF20543 Line of at least 20 posts, closely placed, starting within old bank, heading out to river. (Monument)
Monument Type MSF20757 Line of double posts with few random isolated posts around. On (close to) Sutton/Shottisham boundary line. E-W (Monument)
Monument Type MSF20945 Modern post group directly in front of an oyster pit (Monument)
Monument Type MSF20571 New England Farm (Monument)
Monument Type MSF21017 Old gate posts on mud. Modern (Monument)
Monument Type MSF20729 Paired or triple posts running in curve out from bank and around saltmarsh. (Monument)
Monument Type MSF20891 Possible linear alignments of posts in intertidal mud (Monument)
Monument Type MSF20943 Post group associated with quay in front of the quarry of unknown date. (Monument)
Monument Type MSF20979 Post group in the 'ay' of Holbrook bay of unknown date, in no specific pattern but possibly related to mooring. (Monument)
Monument Type MSF20549 Post group of 3 posts and one collapsed post (Monument)
Monument Type MSF20930 Post group of metal posts and vertical planks of uknown date. (Monument)
Monument Type MSF20555 Post group of unknown date, associated with agricultural land (Monument)
Monument Type MSF20687 Post group of unknown date, consisiting of upright posts (Monument)
Monument Type MSF20675 Post group of unknown date, consisting of 2 posts set in channel in front of a bank (Monument)
Monument Type MSF20786 Post group of unknown date, consisting of 6 or 7 posts forming a recatngle with other individual posts set around it. (Monument)
Monument Type MSF20681 Post group of unknown date, consisting of 6 randomly spaced posts in intertidal mud (Monument)
Monument Type MSF20935 Post group of unknown date, consisting of square timber posts heading out south from the river bank. (Monument)
Monument Type MSF20705 Post group of unknown date, consisting of upright and horizontal stakes (Monument)
Monument Type MSF20642 Post group of unknown date, including parallel lines of posts. (Monument)
Monument Type MSF20668 Post group of unknown date, probably revetments or possibly an old bank. (Monument)
Monument Type MSF20652 Post group of unknown day in a V shape. (Monument)
Monument Type MSF20997 Post group visible in channel through mud, of uknown date. (Monument)
Monument Type MSF20544 Post group, linear and random, unknown date (Monument)
Monument Type MXS19584 Post Medieval oyster pits to the north-east of Crane's Creek, Shotley parish (Monument)
Monument Type MSF20695 Posts and timbers emerging from saltmarsh at end of creek. Looks like possible former drain (Monument)
Monument Type MSF20830 Posts, Orford Ness (Monument)
Monument Type MSF20409 Remains of bank and post group. (Monument)
Monument Type MSF20755 Reverse 'L' shaped collection of posts with a few horizontal timbers visible. (Monument)
Monument Type MSF20920 Revetting to bank with tough upright and horizontal timbers, of unkown date. (Monument)
Monument Type MSF20890 Scatter of posts which seem unrelated to groynes. (Monument)
Monument Type MSF20712 Series of posts against saltmarsh - mooring? (Monument)
Monument Type MSF20894 Small post group at low water mark, of unknown date (Monument)
Monument Type MSF20976 Spread of timbers, only slight remains. One possible line but otherwise difficult to interpret. (Monument)
Monument Type MSF20539 Triangular timbers jutting out from sea defences and a small jetty amongst triangular timbers. (Monument)
Monument Type MSF20553 Two Modern gate posts, suggesting the area was once farmland (Monument)
Monument Type MSF20569 Two post-medieval mooring posts, Blackheath Estate (Monument)
Monument Type MSF20597 Two posts (Monument)
Monument Type MSF20699 Two posts in channel through saltmarsh. NNE-SSW (Monument)
Monument Type MSF20572 Two posts in channel, New England Farm (Monument)
Monument Type MSF20895 Undated planked and round timbers, Pin Mill (Monument)
Monument Type MSF20724 Undated posts along Martlesham creek (Monument)
Monument Type MSF20708 Undated posts, Waldringfield (Monument)
Monument Type MSF20899 'V' shaped arrangement of posts heading from high water mark towards river. Large posts. 35m long x 9m wide (approx.) (Monument)
Monument Type MSF20889 'V' shaped post arrangements set on bend of river to prevent erosion. (Monument)
Monument Type MSF20745 Various posts, Methersgate Quay (Monument)
Monument Type MSF20898 Various small stakes/posts, no obvious pattern, possibly only remains of larger structure. On high water line. (Monument)