Thesaurus Term/Concept: STRONGPOINT

Identifier 135469
Status Preferred
Index? Yes
Scope Note A fortifed position, often including fieldworks or defensive structures, designed to keep enemy forces engaged to allow reinforcements to be mobilized.

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Context Record
Monument Type MSX27791 Earthworks of World War two weapons pits, structure and possible compound (Monument)
Monument Type MSX27558 Possible World War Two practice trenches (Monument)
Monument Type MSX27571 Possible World War Two practice trenches (Monument)
Monument Type MSF33440 Second World War training area and/or strong point (Monument)
Monument Type MSX27635 Site of probable World War Two strongpoint (Monument)
Monument Type MSF34376 Three possible areas of barbed wire obstruction, or World War Two 'strongpoints' (Monument)
Monument Type MSX27656 World War Two barbed wire compound containing possible bunkers and a pillbox (Monument)
Monument Type MSX27692 World War Two barbed wire compounds (Monument)
Monument Type MSX27557 World War Two pillbox and possible 'Nodal point' in defences (Monument)
Monument Type MSF14103 World War Two strongpoint comprising communication trenches and pillboxes (Monument)
Monument Type MSX27655 WWI pillbox, two World War Two pillboxes and a barbed wire compound (Monument)