Thesaurus Term/Concept: POLYGONAL ENCLOSURE

Identifier 70365
Status Preferred
Index? Yes
Scope Note An area of land, roughly shaped like a polygon and enclosed by a boundary ditch, bank, wall, palisade or similar barrier.

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Context Record
Monument Type MXS22444 A complex polygonal ditched enclosure, or series of connected enclosures, is visible as on aerial photographs as cropmarks in Stratton Hall and Kirto… (Monument)
Monument Type MXS22761 A number of irregularly shaped possibly ditched enclosures, boundaries and a possible track of unknown date and function, visible as cropmarks. (Monument)
Monument Type MSF31631 Cropmarks of a polygonal and/or rectilinear enclosure of unknown date (Monument)
Monument Type MSF37386 Cropmarks of a polygonal enclosure, associated tracks and boundaries of possible prehistoric and/or Late Iron Age date (Monument)
Monument Type MSF37365 Earthwork enclosure of unknown date (Monument)
Monument Type MSF37201 Earthworks and vegetation marks of enclosures, boundaries and platforms of potential Roman date (Monument)
Monument Type MXS19537 Enclosures and linear features of unknown date, visible as cropmarks. (Monument)
Monument Type MSF43649 Irregular Enclosure and trackway, E of Jonathan's Farm, Cowlinge (Monument)
Monument Type MSF32022 Site of one or more undated enclosures (Monument)
Monument Type MSF37383 Undated earthworks on Lakenheath warren (Monument)