Thesaurus Term/Concept: DRAINAGE SYSTEM

Identifier 70443
Status Preferred
Index? Yes
Scope Note A system of artificial or natural drains and ditches used to drain off surplus water.

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Context Record
Monument Type MXS22767 A series of parallel drainage ditches of probable post-medieval date are visible on aerial photographs as cropmarks and earthworks to the south of th… (Monument)
Monument Type MSF4279 Earthworks and cropmarks visible on aerial photographs (Monument)
Monument Type MSZ27310 Earthworks of three parallel ditches (Monument)
Monument Type MXS18753 Faint. straight ridge and furrow, probably of Post Medieval date, possibly for drainage, visible northeast of Ferry Farm. Formerly SUE 004 (Monument)
Monument Type MXS18712 Flood defences and drainage built before 1837 and abandoned by 1943. (Monument)
Monument Type MXS22712 Medieval or Post Medieval drainage channels, visible as earthworks and cropmarks. (Monument)
Monument Type MXS22742 Possible Medieval drains or ridge and furrow, visible as earthworks. (Monument)
Monument Type MXS22779 Post Medieval earthwork ditches, part of a drainage system. (Monument)
Monument Type MXS18757 Post Medieval ridge and furrow for drainage, visible as earthworks. (Monument)
Monument Type MXS19936 Probable Post Medieval drainiage ditch, visible as a cropmark. (Monument)
Monument Type MXS19820 Probable Post Medieval oyster beds and sluice earthworks on the Sudbourne bank of the River Alde (Monument)
Monument Type MXS22788 Remains of a Medieval or Post Medieval system of drainage ditches, visible as soilmarks. (Monument)
Monument Type MXS18725 Ridge and furrow of unknown date, possibly for land drainage. (Monument)
Monument Type MXS18728 Ridge and furrow of unknown date, probably for drainage purposes. (Monument)
Monument Type MXS18791 Ridge and furrow, probably for a drainage system, unknown date (Monument)
Monument Type MSZ27264 Shallow earthworks forming a possible rectangular enclosure (Monument)
Monument Type MSZ27263 Shallow earthworks of possible drainage system (Monument)
Monument Type MSF31898 Site of possible settlement cropmarks, perhaps of medieval to post medieval date (Find Spot)
Monument Type MSF13062 Sudbourne Marshes (Monument)