Identifier 147317
Status Preferred
Index? Yes
Scope Note A site visit to ascertain the nature and extent of the site and its surrounding environs by means of a visual inspection from which a written and/or photographic record is made.

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Context Record
Event Type ESF25422 Archaeological Landscape Survey - Deadman's Grave, Icklingham (Event - Survey)
Event Type ESF26345 Archaeological Record of Fabric Repairs - West Front, St James' Cathedral, Bury St Edmunds (Event - Survey)
Event Type ESF19273 Bures St Mary Primary School, Nayland Road, Bures St Mary (Event - Survey)
Event Type ESF19354 Evaluation - Outdoor Activity Centre, Center Parcs, Elveden (Event - Intervention)
Event Type ESF24808 Evaluation - The Priory Hotel, Bury St Edmunds (Event - Intervention)
Event Type ESF25570 Field Observation at Fakenham Wood, Wood Lane (Event - Survey)
Event Type ESF26381 Fieldwalking Survey - RAF Wattisham, Great Bricett (Event - Survey)
Event Type ESF25082 Heritage Asset Assessment - The Old House, Half Moon Lane, Grundisburgh (Event - Survey)
Event Type ESF25855 Heritage Asset Assessment, Farm Buildings at Ashburnham Farm, Barking (Event - Survey)
Event Type ESF25851 Heritage Asset Assessment, Walled Pont at Old Lodge, Benhall (Event - Survey)
Event Type ESF25856 Heritage Impact Assessment - Farm Outbuildings at Brook House, Ilketshall St Margaret (Event - Survey)
Event Type ESF24221 Heritage Statement - Small Barn, Green Farm, Finningham (Event - Survey)
Event Type ESF25894 Heritage Statement, The Bull Ride, New Street, Woodbridge (Event - Survey)
Event Type ESF22973 Historic Asset Assessment - Boundary wall at Crankles Corner, Shire hall, Bury St Edmunds (Event - Interpretation)
Event Type ESF24755 Historic Asset Assessment: Former Outbuilding to Bosmere Watermill, Needham Market (Event - Survey)
Event Type ESF24178 Historic Building Record (Event - Survey)
Event Type ESF25283 Historic Building Recording - Boarded Barn Farm, Great Finborough (Event - Survey)
Event Type ESF25895 Historic Building Recording - The Parish Church of St Nicholas, Bedfield (Event - Survey)
Event Type ESF22523 Historic Buildings Survey - Belstead Hall (Event - Survey)
Event Type ESF26195 Monitoring - Cavenham Heath, Tuddenahm (Event - Intervention)
Event Type ESF26196 Monitoring - Deadman's Grave, Icklingham (Event - Intervention)
Event Type ESF26198 Monitoring - Eriswell Low Warren, Eriswell (Event - Intervention)
Event Type ESF26197 Monitoring - How Hill, Eriswell (Event - Intervention)
Event Type ESF19514 Rapid Earthwork Identification Survey, Forest Enterprise, 1998 (Event - Survey)
Event Type ESF22969 Rapid Earthwork Survey, Icknield Heath, Icklingham (Event - Survey)
Event Type ESF18681 Site Visit - Martin E (SAU) (Event - Survey)
Event Type ESF18680 Site Visit - West S E (SAU) (Event - Survey)
Event Type ESF26143 Survey by The Breckland Society - The Warrens of Breckland (Event - Survey)
Event Type ESF26363 Visual Assessment - Abbey Precinct Wall (Gate Area E), Mustow Street (Event - Survey)