Thesaurus Term/Concept: WARRENERS LODGE

Identifier 146426
Status Preferred
Index? Yes
Scope Note Accommodation for the warrener(s) usually located within the boundary of the Rabbit Warren. They also provided a place to store nets, traps and other necessary equipment.

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Context Record
Monument Type MSF37277 Area of poorly defined, undated earthworks (Monument)
Monument Type MSF12973 Grotto Lodge, Lakenheath Warren (Monument)
Monument Type MSF12231 High Lodge Farm; High Lodge; Downham Lodge (Monument)
Monument Type MSF16112 High Lodge, Eriswell Warren (Monument)
Monument Type MSF10758 Lower Lodge (1783); Little Lodge (1813) (Monument)
Monument Type MSF9066 Main Warrener's Lodge, Lakenheath Warren (Monument)
Monument Type MSF8962 Old Keepers Lodge, W of High Lodge Farm, Mildenhall Warren. (Building)
Monument Type MSF24510 'Old Warren House Yard' (Monument)
Monument Type MSF37519 Possible site of Warrener's Lodge, Little Lodge Farm (Monument)
Monument Type MSF20359 Possible Warrener's Lodge (1853), Lakenheath Warren (Monument)
Monument Type MSF17190 Possible Warrener's Lodge, Culford Lodge, Lodge Farm (Monument)
Monument Type MSF16530 Redlodge Warrener's Lodge; Red Lodge (PH) (Building)
Monument Type MSF19113 Site of second warrener's lodge, Three Hillls, Mildenhall Warren (Monument)
Monument Type MSF24331 Site of Warrener's lodge and possible rabbit warren (Monument)
Monument Type MSF16294 Spinks Lodge, Warrener's Lodge, Elveden Warren (Monument)
Monument Type MSF23437 'The Warren Lodge' (1866) (Building)
Monument Type MSF17047 Wangford Lodge (1783); Shakers Lodge (Monument)
Monument Type MSF12972 Warren Lodge; High Lodge, Lakenheath Warren (Monument)
Monument Type MSF14319 Warrener's Lodge, Brandon Warren (Monument)
Monument Type MSF17060 Wordwell Lodge, Wordwell Warren (Monument)