Thesaurus Term/Concept: BREWERY

Identifier 69121
Status Preferred
Index? Yes
Scope Note A commercial building, or buildings, used for the production of beer and other alcoholic drinks. Size may range from a single room such as a microbrewery in a public house to a complex of buildings including production line machinery for bottling.

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Context Record
Monument Type MSF24541 65 Guildhall street Saracen's Head Breweries (Monument)
Monument Type MSF24542 83 Risbygate Street; Risbygate Brewery (Monument)
Monument Type MSF46574 Adnam's Brewery (Monument)
Monument Type MSF26627 Breweries, Angel Inn; Ballingdon Street; 17 Stow Street (Poorly Located Monument)
Monument Type MSF26631 Brewery (Monument)
Monument Type MSF26624 Brewery (PMed) (Poorly Located Monument)
Monument Type MSF11247 Buttermarket Shopping Centre Development, Buttermarket and St. Stephens Lane, Ipswich (IAS 3104). (Monument)
Monument Type MSF24185 Camps Road (Monument)
Monument Type MSF24545 Cannon Brewery (Monument)
Monument Type MSF27345 Chauntry Mills, Haverhill (Building)
Monument Type MSF45603 Crown Brewery (Building)
Monument Type MSF19278 Former Prime and Cowles Garage site, Market Place, Halesworth (Monument)
Monument Type MSF28804 Framlingham Castle Brewery (Building)
Monument Type MSF24539 Golden Lion Brewery (Monument)
Monument Type MSF26629 Post medieval Brewery (Poorly Located Monument)
Monument Type MSF23762 Post Medieval brewery and malt house. (Monument)
Monument Type MSF23763 Post Medieval brewery and maltings. (Monument)
Monument Type MSF24035 Post Medieval brewery recorded in 1855 and maltings mapped in the 1880s. (Monument)
Monument Type MSF24597 Post Medieval brewery, recorded in 1855. (Monument)
Monument Type MSF17772 Revoked Record: List of details and sources for breweries in Suffolk (Revoked Record)
Monument Type MSF24959 Site of Tolly Cobbold Brewery, Cliff Road, Ipswich. (Monument)
Monument Type MSF24540 Southgate Brewery (Monument)
Monument Type MSF24544 St Edmunds Brewery; King's Brewery (PMed) (Monument)
Monument Type MSF17552 St Saviour's Hospital, Fornham Road, (Medieval with Mesolithic-Post Medieval) (Monument)
Monument Type MSF18599 Tacket Street, Ipswich, (IAS 3408). (Monument)
Monument Type MSF26625 The Maltings (Monument)
Monument Type MSF26628 Violet Hill Brewery: The Suffolk Brewery (Monument)
Monument Type MSF23823 Wellington Street (Monument)
Monument Type MSF24543 Westgate Brewery (Monument)
Monument Type MSF26630 White Hart Brewery, High Street (Monument)