Thesaurus Term/Concept: TREE THROW

Identifier 146432
Status Preferred
Index? Yes
Scope Note A bowl-shaped cavity or depression created in the subsoil by the long term presence and growth of tree roots or when a large tree is blown over or has its stump pulled out.

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Context Record
Monument Type MSF29206 Bronze Age and Romano-British enclosure and occupation (Monument)
Monument Type MSF28018 Early Neolithic square and sub-square enclousures and possible trackway? West Farm, Barnham (Monument)
Monument Type MSF38318 Foundations of a 19th century building at Land at Plough Farm, Hinderclay (Monument)
Monument Type MSF27987 Iron Age / Roman features. North Farm, Barnham (BNH 069). (Monument)
Monument Type MSF8751 King's Site, Wilde Street, Mildenhall, (Palaeolithic) (Monument)
Monument Type MSF30957 Land south of Featherbroom Gardens, Wickham Market (Monument)
Monument Type MSF37843 Late Neolithic to Possible Medieval features at Barham Quarry (Monument)
Monument Type MSF38175 Late prehistoric and Late post Medieval activity at Lime Tree Farm, Tunstall Road, Blaxhall (Monument)
Monument Type MSF35441 Later Prehistoric and Roman occupation evidence, Land at Donards, Badwell Ash (Monument)
Monument Type MSF38008 Later prehistoric, medieval and post medieval features at Land adjacent to Woodlands, Main Road, Chelmondiston (Monument)
Monument Type MSF32182 Medieval and post medieval pits ditches (Monument)
Monument Type MSF35776 Neolithic and Bronze Age pits at Land north and east of Hill Farm Road, Halesworth (Monument)
Monument Type MSF27683 Neolithic flint at Moulton Paddocks Starting Track (Monument)
Monument Type MSF37884 Post Medieval Ridge and Furrow and Field Boundary on Land to the West of Mason Court (Monument)
Monument Type MSF37095 Post-medieval ditches and an undated pit, No. 2 Paddock, The Street (Monument)
Monument Type MSF46653 Prehistoric activity at Johnson's Farm, Leiston (Monument)
Monument Type MSF38095 Probable tree throw or natural features at Queens House, Woodbridge School (Monument)
Monument Type MSF34388 Roman activity at Erskine Lodge, Stanningsfield Road, Great Whelnetham (Monument)
Monument Type MSF35267 Roman and Saxon/Medieval activity, Elmswell Site 2 (Monument)
Monument Type MSF42771 Roman, Medieval, and Post Medieval rural activity at Land Adjacent Red House Farm, Sudbury Road, Newton (Monument)
Monument Type MSF31171 Unstratified Beaker sherd and tree throw, Westlea, Dunwich Road (Monument)