Thesaurus Term/Concept: TIMBER FRAMED BUILDING

Identifier 93573
Status Preferred
Index? Yes
Scope Note A building constructed with a basic timber framework; between the members are panels which can be infilled with timber, wattle and daub, plaster, brick or other materials.

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Context Record
Monument Type MSF37042 125, Fore Street, Ipswich (Building)
Monument Type MSF37043 127, Fore Street, Ipswich (Building)
Monument Type MSF37045 132-138, Fore Street, Ipswich (Building)
Monument Type MSF32118 18 Eastgate Street (Building)
Monument Type MSF44980 50 And 52 Egremont Street (Building)
Monument Type MSF37047 84-86 Foundation Street, Ipswich (Monument)
Monument Type MSF30088 Fordham Road, Newmarket (Monument)
Monument Type MSF37050 Former Bull Inn PH, Key Street, Ipswich (Building)
Monument Type MSF5192 George Street (Monument)
Monument Type MSF37075 Guildhall, Laxfield (Building)
Monument Type MSF37049 Humber Doucy House, 79 Humber Doucy Lane, Ipswich (Building)
Monument Type MSF21469 Isaac Lord Complex, 80 & 80A Fore Street, Ipswich. (Monument)
Monument Type MSF19060 Late Saxon to Medieval settlement and Medieval town defences at Keep Rise (The Old Bus Station), Priory Lane (Preh) (Monument)
Monument Type MSF37046 Lord Nelson PH, Fore Street, Ipswich (Building)
Monument Type MSF35267 Roman and Saxon/Medieval activity, Elmswell Site 2 (Monument)
Monument Type MSF43205 Suffolk House, Lidgate (Building)
Monument Type MSF23910 The Barn, Wash Lane (Monument)
Monument Type MSF24748 The Flying Chariot, Hadleigh (Building)
Monument Type MSF37051 The Swan PH, King Street, Ipswich (Building)