Thesaurus Term/Concept: CREMATION BURIAL

Identifier 142070
Status Preferred
Index? Yes
Scope Note The site of the formal burial of cremated bone, sometimes 'urned' in a vessel or casket of glass, wood or, more commonly, ceramic.

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Context Record
Monument Type MSF37654 Bronze Age cremations and later prehistoric and Saxon-Medieval activity at Fitzgerald Rd, Bramford (Monument)
Monument Type MSF21320 Bronze Age pits and ditches at Martlesham Park and Ride (BA) (Monument)
Monument Type MSF32899 Findspot of a Bronze Age Cremation Urn (Find Spot)
Monument Type MSF30071 Former Unilever site, Needham Market, (Prehistoric) (Monument)
Monument Type MSF35254 Henley Gate, Ipswich. (Monument)
Monument Type MSF31401 Iron Age and medieval field boundaries Hadleigh Quary (Phase 2), Peyton Hall Farm (Monument)
Monument Type MSF28313 Iron Age and Roman features at Carlton Colville bypass (Monument)
Monument Type MSF35354 Land at Easton Primary School, Easton. (Monument)
Monument Type MSF31537 Land at Hollow Road Farm, Fornham St Martin. (Monument)
Monument Type MSF28743 Land North-West of Bury St Edmunds, Fornham All Saints (Monument)
Monument Type MSF30957 Land south of Featherbroom Gardens, Wickham Market (Monument)
Monument Type MSF35588 Late Neolithic to Bronze Age pits, Bronze Age Creamation, Post Medieval Field Boundaries and undated features, East Anglia One Area 12, Witnesham (Monument)
Monument Type MSF37843 Late Neolithic to Possible Medieval features at Barham Quarry (Monument)
Monument Type MSF29484 Late Prehistoric and Romano-British agricultural activity at Galloper offshore Wind Farm (Monument)
Monument Type MSF39251 Late Prehistoric to Iron Age activity, Iron Age to Roman Cremation, Land off Westerfield Road (Monument)
Monument Type MSF29658 LIA/Roman burial site and quarry site at Chapel House, Long Melford. (Monument)
Monument Type MSF35585 Multi phase occupation on East Anglia One Area 9 at Land to the north of St Marys Church, Akenham (Monument)
Monument Type MSF38513 Prehistoric Cremation Buiral, undated ditch and Post Medieval Ditch and pits at The Vicarage, Darsham Road (Monument)
Monument Type MSF24234 RAF Lakenheath Family Housing Management Facility (Monument)
Monument Type MSF30054 Stamina Track, Moulton (Monument)