Identifier 70355
Status Preferred
Index? Yes
Scope Note A monument consisting of an area of land enclosed by a ditch, bank, wall, palisade or similar barrier, where the boundary follows an irregular curving course.

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Context Record
Monument Type MSF4160 ? Enclosure remains, curvilinear ditches to W of enclosures SMR 018 SMR 019. (Monument)
Monument Type MXS19910 A possible Prehistoric enclosure crossed by Wade's Lane, Shotley parish (Monument)
Monument Type MXS22557 A possible ring ditch of unknown date, visible as a cropmark. (Monument)
Monument Type MSF10071 An extensive Prehistoric or Roman field system and network of trackways. (Monument)
Monument Type MXS20381 An irregular curvilinear enclosure of unknown date and function. (Monument)
Monument Type MSF14201 Barking Tye (Monument)
Monument Type MSF3677 Barrow cemetery northwest of Bussock Woods or Barn. (Monument)
Monument Type MXS18698 Bronze-Age penannular ring ditch, visible as a cropmark. (Monument)
Monument Type MSF3447 Cropmark complex based upon a curvilinear enclosure TYN 028 of a rough sub- square shape, circa 60m across, with entrance to S and having projecting … (Monument)
Monument Type MSZ27217 Cropmark of a curvilinear enclosure (Monument)
Monument Type MSF30058 Cropmark of a possible undated curvilinear enclosure (Monument)
Monument Type MSZ27392 Cropmarks of a curvilinear enclosure (Monument)
Monument Type MSZ27468 Cropmarks of a field system and a possible curvilinear enclosure (Monument)
Monument Type MSZ27223 Cropmarks of a ring ditch, enclosures, and ditches (Monument)
Monument Type MSZ27462 Cropmarks of an incomplete curvilinear enclosure (Monument)
Monument Type MSZ27225 Cropmarks of enclosures, trackway, ring-ditch and linear features (Monument)
Monument Type MSF3483 Cropmarks showing 2 curvilinear enclosures of oval form (Monument)
Monument Type MSF2471 Cumberland's Mount, medieval earthwork in Staverton Park (Med) (Monument)
Monument Type MSF3553 Curvilinear enclosure circa 135m E-W. (Monument)
Monument Type MSF3450 Curvilinear enclosure of complex form, an incomplete cropmark which hints at a banjo form. (Monument)
Monument Type MSF3457 Curvilinear enclosure of unknown date and small scatter of pottery. (Monument)
Monument Type MSF3474 Curvilinear enclosure of unknown date. (Monument)
Monument Type MSF3496 Curvilinear enclosure with sub-cell of unknown date. (Monument)
Monument Type MSF3500 Curvilinear enlosure of irregular form, of unknown date. (Monument)
Monument Type MSF11188 Curvilinear or oval enclosure of unknown date, visible as a cropmark. (Monument)
Monument Type MSF10424 Curvilinear or rounded enclosure traversed by a field boundary, of unknown date. (Monument)
Monument Type MSF37206 Earthworks, soilmarks and cropmarks of the Middle Saxon settlement site and medieval enclosure at Staunch Meadow (BRD 018) (Monument)
Monument Type MSF27817 Geophysical anomalies, Baylham Barrow Cemetery (Monument)
Monument Type MSF15175 Hill Farm (Monument)
Monument Type MSF15688 Knettishall Heath Country Park (Monument)
Monument Type MSF4158 Large enclosure, approximately circular, circa 80m diameter intersecting with ring ditch SMR 015 to the N. (Monument)
Monument Type MXS18767 Possible curvilinear enclosure, unknown date (Monument)
Monument Type MXS18759 Possible curvilinear enclosure, visible as cropmarks on the northwest edge of Hall Farm brickworks. (Monument)
Monument Type MSF34501 Possible earthwork enclosure of unknown date and archaeological significance (Monument)
Monument Type MSF37292 Possible mound, perhaps a Bronze Age round barrow (Monument)
Monument Type MSF3655 Possible Prehistoric or Roman double-ditched rectilinear enclosure (Monument)
Monument Type MSF17022 Post medieval boundary relating to Downham High Lodge and Lodge Field (Monument)
Monument Type MSF2754 Prehistoric or Roman cropmark settlement site consisting of enclosures and trackways. (Preh) (Monument)
Monument Type MSF10782 Probable Iron Age or Roman settlement, north-east of Sutton Hall, Sutton parish. (Rom) (Monument)
Monument Type MSF4159 Remains of enclosure, roughly circular, circa 45m diameter. (Un) (Monument)
Monument Type MSF8403 Roughens Meadow (Monument)
Monument Type MSF8462 Semi circular enclosure of unknown date. (Monument)
Monument Type MSF2673 Site of multi-phase settlement and enclosures, including Saxon sunken-featured buildings (Monument)
Monument Type MSF15192 Small group of cropmarks including possible curvilinear enclosure with two straight parallel sides, circa 50m apart. Seen on air photo… (Un) (Monument)
Monument Type MSF34536 The site of a curvilinear or D-shaped enclosure of Iron Age date (Monument)
Monument Type MSF8322 Trackways, field boundaries and an irregular curvilinear enclosure of unknown date. (Monument)
Monument Type MSX27734 Undated curvilinear ditch soilmark (Monument)
Monument Type MSF37425 Undated ring bank, perhaps a post medieval plantation boundary (Monument)
Monument Type MXS19446 Various features and ecnlosures of unknown dat, visible as cropmarks, also ridge and furrow earthworks. (Monument)
Monument Type MSF11184 Various scheduled cropmarks S of castle motte including part of ? curvilinear enclosure (Monument)