Thesaurus Term/Concept: HOSPITAL

Identifier 68716
Status Preferred
Index? Yes
Scope Note An establishment providing medical or surgical treatment for the ill or wounded. Use narrower term where possible.

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Context Record
Monument Type MSF45545 Lowestoft And North Suffolk Hospital (Monument)
Monument Type MSF8886 (Leper) Hospital of St Mary Magdalen (Monument)
Monument Type MSF21982 Acton Place Hospital (Monument)
Monument Type MSF28768 Bartlet Hospital (Building)
Monument Type MSF16980 Blythburgh Hospital; Blything Union Workhouse; Bulchamp Workhouse (Monument)
Monument Type MSF23313 Bulchamp Industry House; Blythburgh and District Hospital (Monument)
Monument Type MSF8871 Chapel of Holy Sepulchre (Monument)
Monument Type MSF36801 Christ's Hospital, Ipswich. (Monument)
Monument Type MSF2046 Hospital (site of)[?, probably site of bridge abutment - see SBT 034] SW of Sibton Abbey marked on OS 1:10560, provisional edition. (Monument)
Monument Type MSF1991 Hospital of Holy Trinity ; Maison Dieu Hospital (Monument)
Monument Type MSF6749 Hospital of St Peter's (Monument)
Monument Type MSF5723 Hospital Yard (Monument)
Monument Type MSF14939 Hospital/Priory of Black Friars; Chapel of Holy Cross; Holy Rood (Monument)
Monument Type MSF12505 John Franze's Spittle Houses, Spittle House Lane. (Med) (Monument)
Monument Type MSF12506 John Franze's Spittle Houses, Spittle House Lane. (PMed) (Monument)
Monument Type MSF5225 Kersey Priory (Med) (Monument)
Monument Type MSF16981 Lothingland Hospital; Oulton Poor Law Institution; Union Workhouse (Monument)
Monument Type MSF16978 Melton House of Industry; St Audry's Hospital (Monument)
Monument Type MSF11775 Mildenhall Union Workhouse (Monument)
Monument Type MSF20256 Pesthouse (Monument)
Monument Type MSF20214 Pesthouse Farm (Monument)
Monument Type MSF15383 Semer Poor Law Institution; Cosford Union Workhouse (Monument)
Monument Type MSF6722 Site of a supposed Medieval hospital. (Monument)
Monument Type MSF36711 St Clements Parish, Ipswich (Monument)
Monument Type MSF36715 St Helen's Parish, Ipswich (Monument)
Monument Type MSF6081 St James Hospital (Poorly Located Monument)
Monument Type MSF36814 St John's Hospital, Ipswich. (Monument)
Monument Type MSF5718 St Leonard's Hospital (site of); Colnes Hospital (Monument)
Monument Type MSF45542 St Lukes Hospital (Demolished) (Monument)
Monument Type MSF36717 St Margaret's Parish, Ipswich (Monument)
Monument Type MSF1180 St Mary's chapel and hospital/St Mary's Flats (Monument)
Monument Type MSF16976 St Mary's Hospital; Samford Poor Law Institution (Monument)
Monument Type MSF6726 St Nicholas's Hospital (Monument)
Monument Type MSF6723 St Petronilla's Hospital (Monument)
Monument Type MSF17552 St Saviour's Hospital, Fornham Road, (Medieval with Mesolithic-Post Medieval) (Monument)
Monument Type MSF17174 St Stephens Hospital; Unicorn Place (Monument)
Monument Type MSF16977 Stow Union Workhouse; Stow Lodge Hospital; Stow Poor Law Institution (Monument)
Monument Type MSF2607 Sudbourne Hall; ?Hospital of St Leonard (Monument)