Thesaurus Term/Concept: NISSEN HUT

Identifier 97128
Status Preferred
Index? Yes
Scope Note A prefabricated structure of a steel frame clad in corrugated iron. Semi-circular in section they were used as accommodation for the armed forces and, during WWII, as emergency housing for bombed out civilians. Also used for storage.

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Context Record
Monument Type MXS20074 A possible World War II strongpoint in the area surrounding, and possibly including, Raydon Hall, Orford parish (Monument)
Monument Type MSF27362 A World War II Diver Battery S4 on Thorpeness Common. (Monument)
Monument Type MXS19715 A World War II Chain Home Extra Low Station K164 (Monument)
Monument Type MXS19677 A World War II military site on Sutton Walks, Sutton parish (Monument)
Monument Type MXS20214 A World War II nissen hut type structure. (Monument)
Monument Type MXS19716 A World War II Strong point and Diver Battery S3 on Thorpeness Common. (Monument)
Monument Type MXS19713 A World War II strongpoint and Diver Battery S2 (Monument)
Monument Type MSF21503 Culford Camp; Wordwell Camp (Monument)
Monument Type MXS20155 Diver strip, diver battery G2 (Monument)
Monument Type MXS20265 Embarkation Hard, Woolverstone Hall (Monument)
Monument Type MXS19502 Extensive World War II site, consisting of 2 anti-aircraft batteries, buildings and practice trenches. (Monument)
Monument Type MSF25550 Farm buildings at the Rookery (Building)
Monument Type MSF25394 Former Methodist Chapel and Boys Brigade Hall Building Recording (Monument)
Monument Type MSF21885 Framlingham Airfield (Monument)
Monument Type MSF32309 Nissen Hut at RedRoosters (Building)
Monument Type MSF2586 Orford Castle (Med) (Monument)
Monument Type MXS19061 Oxley House, Hollesley (Monument)
Monument Type MSX27446 Possible site of World War Two defences or shelters (Monument)
Monument Type MXS19971 Probable World War II nissen hut. (Monument)
Monument Type MSF24399 RAF Great Ashfield, Airfield (Monument)
Monument Type MSF21725 RAF Woodbridge; Woodbridge Airfield; RAF Sutton Heath (Monument)
Monument Type MSF25448 Rattlesden Airfield (Monument)
Monument Type MXS19857 Searson's Farm, AA Battery WWII & Cold War (Mod) (Monument)
Monument Type MSF37375 Second World War military camp at Elveden Hall and Park (Monument)
Monument Type MSX27240 Site of a World War Two military camp at Gunton Hall (Monument)
Monument Type MSX27394 Site of World War Two military buildings and shelters (Monument)
Monument Type MSF37829 Undated ditch, 3, All Saints Road (Monument)
Monument Type MXS19280 Various military features of World War II date on Southwold Common, including trenches, pillboxes, nissen hutus and barbed wire (Monument)
Monument Type MSF29210 Wood Farm (Farmstead)
Monument Type MXS19319 World War II anti-aircraft battery and associated nissen huts, trenches and trackways just to the south of Walberswick (Monument)
Monument Type MXS19626 World War II barrage balloon site (Monument)
Monument Type MXS20152 World War II Buildings and Features, Ipswich Airfield/Airport. (Monument)
Monument Type MXS19185 World War II diver anti-aircraft battery and associated nissen huts. (Monument)
Monument Type MXS19114 World War II Diver Battery G12 (Monument)
Monument Type MXS19225 World War II Diver Battery G14 (Monument)
Monument Type MXS19206 World War II diver battery YC and associated nissen huts on the cliffs. (Monument)
Monument Type MXS19954 World War II Heavy Anti-aircraft Artillery battery and diver battery Harwich H1 and associated features on Landguard Common. (Monument)
Monument Type MXS19162 World War II heavy anti-aircraft battery (site of) (Monument)
Monument Type MXS19482 World War II military camp and coastal battery. (Monument)
Monument Type MXS19456 World War II military camp and Diver Battery T1 (Monument)
Monument Type MXS19543 World War II Military Camp, Waldringfield (Monument)
Monument Type MXS19484 World War II military site, possibly a training site or firing range, with associated gun emplacement. (Monument)
Monument Type MXS19775 World War II military site. (Monument)
Monument Type MXS20014 World War II military site. (Monument)
Monument Type MXS19441 World War II military strong point, on which was later built a WWII military camp and possible site of diver battery H3 (Monument)
Monument Type MXS19321 World War II site, possibly an anti-aircraft battery, with nissen huts, various military buildings and trackways, west of Walberswick (Monument)
Monument Type MXS19912 World War II strongpoint and possible road block. (Monument)
Monument Type MXS19691 World War II strongpoints and a Light and Heavy Anti-aircraft Artillery site. (Monument)
Monument Type MXS19190 World War II trench shelters and nissen huts with nearby trench and pillbox. (Monument)
Monument Type MSX27808 World War Two huts and camouflaged buildings (Monument)
Monument Type MSX27429 World War Two military camp (Monument)
Monument Type MSX27589 World War Two military camp (Monument)
Monument Type MSX27751 World War Two pillbox and air raid shelters (Monument)
Monument Type MSX27435 World War Two trenches and possible military buildings (Monument)