Thesaurus Term/Concept: CELLAR

Identifier 70341
Status Preferred
Index? Yes
Scope Note A room or group of rooms usually below the ground level and usually under a building, often used for storing fuel, provisions or wines.

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Context Record
Monument Type MSF36875 "Old Ruins" Ipswich (Monument)
Monument Type MSF24434 100 Rope Walk, Ipswich. (Monument)
Monument Type MSF35508 11th-12th century pottery sherd, The Hold, Fore Street (Monument)
Monument Type MSF21137 1-3 St Peter's Street (Site of Lord Curzon's House), Ipswich, (IAS 4310). (Monument)
Monument Type MSF18601 15-17 Tacket Street, (Wingfield House), Ipswich, (IAS 3410). (Monument)
Monument Type MSF32195 15th/16th century cellar, 72 Whiting St, Bury St Edmunds (Monument)
Monument Type MSF29378 17 Fore Street, Ipswich, (Monument)
Monument Type MSF18586 17 St. Stephen's Lane, Ipswich, (IAS 3301). (Monument)
Monument Type MSF28189 17 Whiting Street Bury St Edmunds (Monument)
Monument Type MSF42683 17th to 18th century pit, Post medieval pits and building foundation and undated pits and posthole at 30 High Street, Needham Market (Monument)
Monument Type MSF30858 19th century cellar and pits identified at Land behind 5 to 7 Church Street (Monument)
Monument Type MSF29307 19th century cellars at Foundation House, Foundation Street, Ipswich. (Monument)
Monument Type MSF34573 19th century Underground Storage Rooms, Land Adjacent to the White Horse Beyton (Monument)
Monument Type MSF29654 19th to 20th century Maltings at Westgate Street (Monument)
Monument Type MSF29262 2 Bridge Street Ipswich, (IAS 6202). (Monument)
Monument Type MSF25521 24 Lower Brook Street, Ipswich, (IAS 5404). (Monument)
Monument Type MSF24418 2-8 Fore Street, Ipswich, (IAS 4705). (Monument)
Monument Type MSF34396 30-38 Tavern Street, Ipswich, (IAS 2502). (Monument)
Monument Type MSF31425 32 - 38 Buttermarket, Ipswich, (IAS3201), (Monument)
Monument Type MSF18554 46-48 Westgate street, Ipswich, (IAS 0103). (Monument)
Monument Type MSF20557 50 Churchgate Street, 61-63 College Street (Monument)
Monument Type MSF18900 51-52 Churchgate Street (Monument)
Monument Type MSF22743 53-59 Blyburgate (Building)
Monument Type MSF19586 80 St. George's St, Ipswich, (IAS 9805). (Monument)
Monument Type MSF24768 85-87 Fore Street, Ipswich, (IAS 6106) (Monument)
Monument Type MSF37645 Abbey precint wall and building evidence, 26 Angel Hill (Monument)
Monument Type MSF26648 Abbeygate Cinema and 4 Hatter Street, Bury St Edmunds (Monument)
Monument Type MSF18662 Angel Hotel extension, Angel Lane (Monument)
Monument Type MSF34841 Archant Site, Lower Brook Street, Ipswich. (Monument)
Monument Type MSF24360 Athenaeum Toilet Block, Bury St Edmunds, (Medieval vaulted cellar and jettied building frontage) (Monument)
Monument Type MSF33370 Brook House, Quay Street (Building)
Monument Type MSF14899 Carlton Park; Carlton Hall (Monument)
Monument Type MSF34032 Cellar lined with Roman Brick (Monument)
Monument Type MSF23786 Cranfields Mill, Ipswich, (IAS 6405). (Monument)
Monument Type MSF5193 Deanery Tower and ice-house (Monument)
Monument Type MSF26800 Eastern Triangle, Ipswich, (IAS 5903). (Monument)
Monument Type MSF4797 Elm Street, Ipswich, (IAS 3902). (Monument)
Monument Type MSF31236 Fore Street (Star Lane) (IAS 5902). (Monument)
Monument Type MSF25596 Former Cardinal Works Site, College Street, Ipswich, (IAS 5305). (Monument)
Monument Type MSF31231 Foundation Street (Cranfield’s car park), Ipswich, (IAS 5801). (Monument)
Monument Type MSF24960 Foundation Street and Former School Street, Ipswich, (IAS 4801, IAS 4802). (Monument)
Monument Type MSF37533 Foundation walls of The White House, The Cockpit (Monument)
Monument Type MSF31238 Greyfriars Road (Island Site), Ipswich, (IAS 5204). (Monument)
Monument Type MSF34560 Large Pit or Medieval cellar identified during monitoring of new Storm Drain within the Cathedral Precinct (Monument)
Monument Type MSF30860 Late post medieval cellar floor at 36-38 The Thoroughfare (Monument)
Monument Type MSF34374 Library, Northgate Street, Ipswich (IAS 1002) (Monument)
Monument Type MSF20795 Medieval and post medieval finds, Old Butchers Shop (Monument)
Monument Type MSF25894 Medieval and post-medieval features and buildings 16 Mill Street, Mildenhall (Monument)
Monument Type MSF24047 Medieval Cellar and 18th century workhouse foundations, 57-59 College Street; Jesus College (Monument)
Monument Type MSF18894 Moyses Hall, 41/41A Cornhill (Monument)
Monument Type MSF26713 Nettlestead Chace (Monument)
Monument Type MSF25112 Plot on the corner of Bridewell Lane and Tuns Lane, Bury St Edmunds (Monument)
Monument Type MSF32259 Post Medieval cellar, possibly earlier at old woolworths site, Bury St Edmunds (Monument)
Monument Type MSF38869 Post medieval structural features at Land at 25 Grimwade Street (Monument)
Monument Type MSF37932 Post Medieval Well and cellar: Wingfield House, Market Place (JNAS) MON (Monument)
Monument Type MSF25108 Post-medieval features, 84 Southgate Street (Monument)
Monument Type MSF29600 Post-medieval foundations, cellar and wells at Anchor Lane, Lakenheath (Monument)
Monument Type MSF26524 Post-medieval structural remains, Land rear of Westgate House (Monument)
Monument Type MSF31260 Post-medieval structure and 19th cellar, Rose Villa, Priory Walk, Sudbury (Monument)
Monument Type MSF23893 Queens Head Public House, The Square (Monument)
Monument Type MSF25069 Rear Extension to 97 Risbygate Street (Monument)
Monument Type MSF23923 Rear of the Limes, 12/14 Queensway (Monument)
Monument Type MSF10263 Shire Hall Yard, Ipswich, (IAS 6901, IAS 6904). (Monument)
Monument Type MSF21637 Site of the old Suffolk Hotel garage, High Baxter Street, Bury St Edmunds (Monument)
Monument Type MSF10265 Smart Street/Foundation Street, Ipswich, (IAS 5701). (Monument)
Monument Type MSF23536 St John's House Hospital, Lion Road (Pmed) (Monument)
Monument Type MSF29327 St. Bartholomew's Wharf, College Street, Ipswich. (IAS 6303). (Monument)
Monument Type MSF10271 St. Peter's Street, Ipswich, (IAS 5203). (Monument)
Monument Type MSF26687 Student Village, Fore Street, Ipswich, (IAS 5908). (Monument)
Monument Type MSF18599 Tacket Street, Ipswich, (IAS 3408). (Monument)
Monument Type MSF23347 The Plough (Monument)
Monument Type MSF29388 Tower Ramparts School, Ipswich 1979-1981, (IAS 0802). (Monument)
Monument Type MSF24567 UCS Orwell Quay, Ipswich, (IAS 9013). (Monument)
Monument Type MSF24921 University Campus, Ipswich, (IAS 6605). (Monument)
Monument Type MSF25114 Warrens Yards, St Andrew St South (Monument)
Monument Type MSF29324 Western Triangle (former Cranfield’s Mill garage), Star Lane/College Street, Ipswich, (IAS 5804). (Monument)
Monument Type MSF25592 Weymed Centre, Bury St Edmunds, (Medieval-Post Medieval) (SCCAS) EVAL (BRIT) EVAL (BRIT) EXC (Monument)