Thesaurus Term/Concept: RUINED BUILDING

Identifier 87962
Status Preferred
Index? Yes
Scope Note Monument visible as substantial above ground remains, retaining evidence of architecture and materials, with walls partially or completely intact but with roof and interior walls substantially or completely destroyed.

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Context Record
Evidence MSF12613 `Small tower mill, built in the early C19. (Monument)
Evidence MSF23769 30/31 College Lane; 63 Whiting Street (Monument)
Evidence MSF900 Abbey Farm (Med) (Monument)
Evidence MSF437 Abbey Grounds, Bury St Edmunds; Abbot's Bridge; St Marys [1st] church (Med) (Monument)
Evidence MSF7416 All Saints Church (Monument)
Evidence MSF12611 Arnolds Mill, Oulton Marsh (Monument)
Evidence MSF1032 Barsham Hall (Monument)
Evidence MSF12530 Blackheath (Monument)
Evidence MSF1876 Blythburgh Priory (Med) (Monument)
Evidence MSF11923 Boundary Farm (Monument)
Evidence MSF14540 Brandon House Hotel (Monument)
Evidence MSF15720 Brandon Park; Fishpond Farm (Monument)
Evidence MSF239 Brick floor foundations of a Post Medieval watermill. (Monument)
Evidence MSF12889 Brick Kiln Cottage (Monument)
Evidence MSF12529 Broad Green (Monument)
Evidence MSF2587 Broad Street (Med) (Monument)
Evidence MSF11304 Broke Hall, `The Gas House' (Monument)
Evidence MSF974 Bungay Castle (Monument)
Evidence MSF9355 Cattawade; Braham Hall (Monument)
Evidence MSF1990 Chapel of St James Hospital (Monument)
Evidence MSF2309 Chapel of St Mary, Thorpe (Monument)
Evidence MSF3200 Chapel of St Peter, Thorpe (Med) (Monument)
Evidence MSF6741 Chapel of the Charnel (Monument)
Evidence MSF12589 Chillesford Lodge (Monument)
Evidence MSF1037 Church of St James, Little Redisham/Redisham Hall Park (Monument)
Evidence MSF7036 Church of St Martin (Monument)
Evidence MSF3967 Church of St Mary (Monument)
Evidence MSF976 Church of St Mary and remains of Benedictine nunnery (Building)
Evidence MSF442 Church of St Mary, Mildenhall. (Med) (Monument)
Evidence MSF2158 Church of St Peter (Monument)
Evidence MSF1545 Church of St Peter, Little Worlingham (site of) (Med) (Monument)
Evidence MSF4118 Church or Chapel of St Petronilla [Petronille], Bixley (Monument)
Evidence MSF14159 Churchyard, Church of St Andrew, (Monument)
Evidence MSF38044 Clock House Barn, Clockhouse Lane (Building)
Evidence MSF15568 Cockfield Hall (BACKLOG) (Monument)
Evidence MSF12526 Cooks Windmill (corn); Mill Green (Monument)
Evidence MSF5193 Deanery Tower and ice-house (Monument)
Evidence MSF11551 Debenham Mill (Monument)
Evidence MSF12555 Elmers Mill (Monument)
Evidence MSF12516 Five storey tower mill built in the C18. (Monument)
Evidence MSF1226 Flixton Hall Estate School (site of) (PMed) (Monument)
Evidence MSF902 Flixton Hall, Flixton Park (Monument)
Evidence MSF12553 Four storey Post Medieval smock mill. (Monument)
Evidence MSF12518 Four storey tower mill built in 1819 by George Bloomfield. (Monument)
Evidence MSF88 Fox's Piece (Monument)
Evidence MSF12591 Goddards Mill (Monument)
Evidence MSF4149 Gracechurch Street (Monument)
Evidence MSF12581 Great Fen Mill (Monument)
Evidence MSF20510 Great Glemham Wood (PMed) (Monument)
Evidence MSF1988 Greyfriars Monastery; Franciscan Friary (Monument)
Evidence MSF2530 Hazlewood Church; Church of St Mary (Monument)
Evidence MSF2118 Hernehill Farm (Monument)
Evidence MSF7553 High Mill (Monument)
Evidence MSF12549 Highfield Mill (Monument)
Evidence MSF1409 Hill Farm (Monument)
Evidence MSF2046 Hospital (site of)[?, probably site of bridge abutment - see SBT 034] SW of Sibton Abbey marked on OS 1:10560, provisional edition. (Monument)
Evidence MSF12548 Kings Road Mill (Monument)
Evidence MSF12527 Kirton Road (Monument)
Evidence MSF12521 Kitty Mill (Monument)
Evidence MSF12427 Large four-storey smock mill, demolished circa 1900. (Monument)
Evidence MSF11548 Large Post Medieval post mill with two storey roundhouse. (Monument)
Evidence MSF12584 Large Post Medieval six-storey tower mill. (Monument)
Evidence MSF15761 Large Post Medieval smock mill. (Monument)
Evidence MSF11550 Large Post Mediveal post mill with two storey roundhouse. (Monument)
Evidence MSF12528 Large post mill with roundhouse. (Monument)
Evidence MSF12517 Large post mill with three storey roundhouse. (Monument)
Evidence MSF5839 Lavenham Hall (Monument)
Evidence MSF2340 Leiston Abbey, Abbey Farm. (Monument)
Evidence MSF6123 Lidgate Castle (Monument)
Evidence MSF13797 Lime Kiln Farm (Monument)
Evidence MSF11678 Martello Tower N; Waltonferry; Felixstowe Container Port (PMed) (Monument)
Evidence MSF2779 Martello Tower V, Bawdsey Manor (Monument)
Evidence MSF11032 Martlesham Mill; Mill Farm (Monument)
Evidence MSF1263 Medieval artefact scatter of flint and mortar on the site of a chapel marked on a map of 1840. (Monument)
Evidence MSF12572 Middle Mill, West Row Fen; The Pepperpot; Mill House (Monument)
Evidence MSF12539 Mill Common (Monument)
Evidence MSF15507 Mill Cottage (Monument)
Evidence MSF12536 Mill Lane (Monument)
Evidence MSF1621 Mortared foundations of a building of unknown date. (Un) (Monument)
Evidence MSF11545 New Mill (Monument)
Evidence MSF12446 Office Farm (Monument)
Evidence MSF1909 Old Chapel Farm/St Margaret's Chapel (Monument)
Evidence MSF1697 Old Hall, Gunton (Monument)
Evidence MSX27243 Old Hall, Gunton (Monument)
Evidence MSF8962 Old Keepers Lodge, W of High Lodge Farm, Mildenhall Warren. (Building)
Evidence MSF12533 Old Mill and New Mill (Monument)
Evidence MSF10502 Old parish church of St Andrews (Med) (Monument)
Evidence MSF38187 Outbuildings at Malting House (Building)
Evidence MSF564 Post Medieval brick and tile kiln. (Monument)
Evidence MSF10007 Post Medieval cottage, now mainly demolished. (Monument)
Evidence MSF2370 Post Medieval house site and artefact scatter of brick, tile and pottery. (Monument)
Evidence MSF12445 Post Medieval post mill with roundhouse, demolished around 1914. (Monument)
Evidence MSF12570 Post Medieval post mill with roundhouse, demolished in 1913. (Monument)
Evidence MSF11543 Post Medieval post mill with two storey roundhouse. (Monument)
Evidence MSF12567 Post Medieval post mill with two storey roundhouse. (Monument)
Evidence MSF12586 Post Medieval trestle post mill on high piers, built in 1730. (Monument)
Evidence MSF11544 Post Medieval windmill with two storey roundhouse. (Monument)
Evidence MSF11559 Post Medieval windmill. (Monument)
Evidence MSF12569 Post mill (Monument)
Evidence MSF12520 Post mill with roundhouse (Monument)
Evidence MSF1114 Priory of St Peter/Priory Church of Saints Peter & Paul (Monument)
Evidence MSF24475 Pykenham's Gateway, Ipswich. (Monument)
Evidence MSF12537 Ralphs Mill (Monument)
Evidence MSF9099 Remains of Dovecote (Monument)
Evidence MSF18517 Remains of World War II buildings and possibly barracks associated with the airfield to the south. (Monument)
Evidence MSF12677 Rendlesham White House (Monument)
Evidence MSF10167 Rougham Hall (Monument)
Evidence MSF12532 Round House (Monument)
Evidence MSF12538 Rouses Mill (Monument)
Evidence MSF12608 Sea Wall Mill (Monument)
Evidence MSF14830 Shimpling Street (Monument)
Evidence MSF2047 Sibton Abbey (Med) (Monument)
Evidence MSF19949 Site of a large Post Medieval postmill with single storey roundhouse. (Monument)
Evidence MSF11556 Site of a large Post Medieval seven storey tower mill, built on the foundations of a smock mill. (Monument)
Evidence MSF536 Site of a Medieval cottage. (Med) (Monument)
Evidence MSF7638 Site of a Post Medieval cottage. (PMed) (Monument)
Evidence MSF24473 Site of the former Northgate, Ipswich. (Monument)
Evidence MSF12612 Skeppers Mill, Oulton Marsh (Monument)
Evidence MSF12428 Small five storey tower mill, built in the mid C19 by John Whitmore. (PMed) (Monument)
Evidence MSF17065 Small Mill Field Common; Little Mill Field; Mill Hill; Mill Road (Monument)
Evidence MSF12587 Small Post Medieval smock mill, built circa 1796. (Monument)
Evidence MSF12614 Small Post Medieval three storey smock mill. (Monument)
Evidence MSF12593 Small smock mill, Thorpe Road (Monument)
Evidence MSF3317 Sogenhoe Chapel (Monument)
Evidence MSF1731 St Andrews Church (remains of) (Med) (Monument)
Evidence MSF2062 St Clare's Nunnery; Bruisyard Abbey (Monument)
Evidence MSF960 St Lawrence Hall Farm; St Lawrence Hall Cottages (Monument)
Evidence MSF5718 St Leonard's Hospital (site of); Colnes Hospital (Monument)
Evidence MSF1246 St Margaret's Town Farm (site of) (Monument)
Evidence MSF6248 St Mary Magdalene's Churchyard, Little Whelnetham. (Monument)
Evidence MSF680 St Mary's Priory; Mendham Marshes (Monument)
Evidence MSF726 St Nicholas' Church (site of) (Monument)
Evidence MSF6726 St Nicholas's Hospital (Monument)
Evidence MSF7147 St Peter's Church, Livermere Park (Med) (Monument)
Evidence MSF6723 St Petronilla's Hospital (Monument)
Evidence MSF12531 Stanton Chair (Monument)
Evidence MSF12765 Thorington Hall & Park (PMed) (Monument)
Evidence MSF529 Tithe Farm (site of), Metfield Airfield (Monument)
Evidence MSF12535 Trickers Mill, Theatre Street. (Monument)
Evidence MSF16948 Undated foundations, Three Corner Close (Monument)
Evidence MSF12085 Victoria Mill, Castleton Road; Mortimers Mill (Monument)
Evidence MSF2973 Walton Old Hall (site of); Colneis Road (Monument)
Evidence MSF12609 Westwood Marshes; Oldtown Marshes (Building)
Evidence MSF12515 Windmill (Monument)
Evidence MSF12585 Windmill at Barley Green (Monument)
Evidence MSX27756 World War Two civil defence (Monument)
Evidence MSX27757 World War Two pillbox and possible civil defence site (Monument)
Evidence MSX27761 World War Two pillbox and possible civil defence site (Monument)
Evidence MSF24917 WWII air raid shelter, Christchurch Park, Ipswich. (Monument)