Thesaurus Term/Concept: SETTLEMENT

Identifier 68977
Status Preferred
Index? Yes
Scope Note A small concentration of dwellings.

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Context Record
Monument Type MSF5829 22 Church Road (Monument)
Monument Type MSF8099 A possible Later Prehistoric or Roman enclosure and a number of ring ditches in Trimley St Martin parish (Monument)
Monument Type MSF3573 A possible Prehistoric or Roman field system, west of Ferry Farm, Sutton (Monument)
Monument Type MSF4696 A possible Roman villa or settlement site is visible as cropmarks of ditches and pits, see details. (Rom) (Monument)
Monument Type MSF38383 A series of banks, ditches and enclosures relating to medieval settlement remains (Monument)
Monument Type MSF24751 Allotment Site, Morland Road, Ipswich (Monument)
Monument Type MSF8470 An extensive Later Prehistoric or Roman rectilinear field system and possible settlement site, Shotley parish (Rom) (Monument)
Monument Type MSF12743 Anglo-Saxon artefact scatter of handmade pottery. (Sax) (Confidential Monument)
Monument Type MSF29473 Anglo-Saxon Settlement (Monument)
Monument Type MSF159 Area of Medieval banks and ditches probably relating to medieval settlement (Monument)
Monument Type MSF454 AWA Sewage Works (Neo) (Monument)
Monument Type MSF2859 Barnham Number 2 pit (IA) (Monument)
Monument Type MSF22273 Beodricsworth; St Edmund's Bury (Sax) (Monument)
Monument Type MSF20910 Blofield Hall (Med) (Monument)
Monument Type MSF237 Brick House Farm (Monument)
Monument Type MSF108 Bridge Wood (Monument)
Monument Type MSF21893 Brihtoluestuna; off Murrills Road (Monument)
Monument Type MSF37654 Bronze Age cremations and later prehistoric and Saxon-Medieval activity at Fitzgerald Rd, Bramford (Monument)
Monument Type MSF12871 Bronze Age settlement site, Sandy Lane Pit (Monument)
Monument Type MSF7997 Bruce Grove, Freckenham, Saxon (Monument)
Monument Type MSF2581 Burrow Hill Iron Age (IA) (Monument)
Monument Type MSF2582 Burrow Hill Saxon (Sax) (Monument)
Monument Type MSF8836 Calke Wood (IA) (Monument)
Monument Type MSF9826 Chequer Meadow; Staunch Meadow (Sax) (Monument)
Monument Type MSZ27242 Coddenham Baylham Roman Site (Monument)
Monument Type MSF4313 Coddenham Baylham Roman Site (Rom) (Monument)
Monument Type MSF16490 Complex of cropmarks of series of field boundaries and trackways. (Monument)
Monument Type MSF3657 Complex of sinuous trackways and rectilinear field system (Monument)
Monument Type MSF40490 Core Area of Anglo-Saxon activity (PAS find)
Monument Type MSF16918 County Farm (Preh) (Monument)
Monument Type MSF45652 Cropmark of a possible Iron Age or Roman settlement (Monument)
Monument Type MSF45779 Cropmark of a possible late prehistoric or Roman settlement enclosure (Monument)
Monument Type MSZ27476 Cropmark of a possible settlment site and rectilinear field system (Monument)
Monument Type MSF34491 Cropmark of medieval enclosures, trackways, boundaries and possible sunken features and/or buildings (Monument)
Monument Type MSF34489 Cropmark of settlement enclosures of uncertain date (Monument)
Monument Type MSF34488 Cropmarks and earthworks of probable medieval date settlement and/or enclosures (Monument)
Monument Type MSF15244 Cropmarks of undated field system and possible settlement site (Monument)
Monument Type MSF15223 Cropmarks of a field system and settlement of probable prehistoric or Roman date, Ramsholt parish (Monument)
Monument Type MSF3477 Cropmarks of a major system of enclosures, trackways and boundary ditches of possible Roman or medieval to post medieval date (Monument)
Monument Type MSF45781 Cropmarks of a medieval or post medieval roadside settlement (Monument)
Monument Type MSF45694 Cropmarks of a possible late prehistoric settlement enclosure (Monument)
Monument Type MSF22116 Cropmarks of an enclosed settlement of probable Roman, or Iron Age to Roman, date (Monument)
Monument Type MSF34703 Cropmarks of an enclosure and/or farmstead of unknown date (Monument)
Monument Type MSX27810 Cropmarks of Bloodmoor Hill Saxon sunken-featured buildings (Monument)
Monument Type MSF33661 Cropmarks of boundaries and possible settlement of probable Saxon to post medieval date (Monument)
Monument Type MSF2707 Cropmarks of field system, or possible settlement (Monument)
Monument Type MSF11398 Cropmarks of irregular linear features (Monument)
Monument Type MSF34290 Cropmarks of linear ditches and possible enclosures (Monument)
Monument Type MSF34537 Cropmarks of multi-period enclosures and fields at site of Saxon settlement and burials (Monument)
Monument Type MSF33482 Cropmarks of possible medieval common-edge stock enclosures and/or drainage features (Monument)
Monument Type MSF45624 Cropmarks of possible medieval settlements and associated trackway (Monument)
Monument Type MSX27226 Cropmarks of possible Roman settlement site (Monument)
Monument Type MSF33654 Cropmarks of probable medieval to post medieval boundary ditches and a group of pits, possibly relating to sunken-featured buildings of Saxon date (Monument)
Monument Type MSF34733 Cropmarks of settlement enclosures of uncertain date separated out of ADT 001 (Monument)
Monument Type MSF45766 Cropmarks of the medieval/post medieval Hawks farm, field boundaries, ponds and trackways (Monument)
Monument Type MSF45647 Cropmarks of three possible early medieval or medieval farmsteads and an associated trackway (Monument)
Monument Type MSF34533 Cropmarks relating to the main Rendlesham complex (Monument)
Monument Type MSF5116 Crows Field (Sax) (Confidential Monument)
Monument Type MSF6082 Deserted Medieval village site, road, crofts and ponds and an artefact scatter of pottery. (Monument)
Monument Type MSF4520 Devil's Wood Pit (Neo) (Monument)
Monument Type MSF10563 Dove House (Tithe) (Monument)
Monument Type MSF18032 Dovehouse Field; Wentford; Wentford Farm (Poorly Located Monument)
Monument Type MSF7202 Dover Farm (Sax) (Monument)
Monument Type MSF16218 E of Bloodmoor Hill (Sax) (Monument)
Monument Type MSX27797 Earthworks and cropmarks associated with Mutford Church and Common (Monument)
Monument Type MSF37200 Earthworks and cropmarks, of platforms, enclosures and a probable road of potential Roman date (Monument)
Monument Type MSF37201 Earthworks and vegetation marks of enclosures, boundaries and platforms of potential Roman date (Monument)
Monument Type MSF844 Earthworks of deserted crofts visible on aerial photographs (Monument)
Monument Type MSF37376 Earthworks of possible medieval settlement and/or post medieval park remains (Monument)
Monument Type MSF37387 Earthworks of probable medieval settlement and medieval to post medieval boundaries (Monument)
Monument Type MSF12266 Earthworks of probable medieval to post medieval date in Grove Wood (site 10/4/4) (Monument)
Monument Type MSF34507 Earthworks within Staverton Park woodland (Monument)
Monument Type MSF37205 Earthworks, soilmarks and cropmarks of possible settlement from the Roman, Saxon and medieval periods (Monument)
Monument Type MSF37206 Earthworks, soilmarks and cropmarks of the Middle Saxon settlement site and medieval enclosure at Staunch Meadow (BRD 018) (Monument)
Monument Type MSF8312 Enclosure East of Nether Hall (Monument)
Monument Type MSF19098 Euston-Brettenham Pipeline (Rom) (BACKLOG) (Monument)
Monument Type MSF801 Evidence of Medieval hearths, post holes, pits and a ditch. (Monument)
Monument Type MSX27323 Extensive area of coaxial and rectilinear field systems, trackways and enclosures of unknown, but feasibly Roman date (and BACKLOG) (Monument)
Monument Type MSF2531 Extensive cropmark site. (Monument)
Monument Type MSF7802 Extensive spread of Roman pottery (Monument)
Monument Type MSF9804 Fenhouse Farm; Phillips `E'; Field A, B & C (Un) (Monument)
Monument Type MSF2627 Field N of Broom Covert (Monument)
Monument Type MSF903 Flixton Park (Monument)
Monument Type MSF905 Flixton Park (Monument)
Monument Type MSF30088 Fordham Road, Newmarket (Monument)
Monument Type MSX27241 Former medieval to post medieval earthworks associated with Gunton Old Hall (LWT 022) (Monument)
Monument Type MSF33455 Fragmentary cropmarks of possible medieval settlement (Monument)
Monument Type MSF3401 Group of round barrows, Sutton Hoo; Sutton Mounts (BA) (Monument)
Monument Type MSF3402 Group of round barrows, Sutton Hoo; Sutton Mounts (IA) (Monument)
Monument Type MSF3400 Group of round barrows, Sutton Hoo; Sutton Mounts (Neo) (Monument)
Monument Type MSF17426 Hall's Sand Pit, Kesgrave (Monument)
Monument Type MSF2492 Hercules Went (BA) (Monument)
Monument Type MSF2493 Hercules Went (IA) (Monument)
Monument Type MSF2494 Hercules Went (Rom) (Monument)
Monument Type MSF2495 Hercules Went (Sax) (Monument)
Monument Type MSF6472 House plots and gardens of unknown date. (Monument)
Monument Type MSF17571 Humble Green (Monument)
Monument Type MSF163 Hurst Fen Neolithic Site, Mildenhall (Neolithic) (Monument)
Monument Type MSF26846 Iron Age, Roman and Saxon Features at Land North of Blyth Houses, Church Road, Snape, Suffolk (Monument)
Monument Type MSF10322 Iron-Age settlement and finds of substantial pieces of pottery. (IA) (Monument)
Monument Type MSF5585 Iron-Age settlement site. (IA) (Monument)
Monument Type MSF12401 'Keepers Cottage' (Med) (Monument)
Monument Type MSF20613 Kyson Hill; Kyson Point; Kingston Quay (1838) (Monument)
Monument Type MSF6985 Lackford Bridge Quarry (IA) (Monument)
Monument Type MSF6987 Lackford Bridge Quarry (Sax) (Monument)
Monument Type MSF34332 Land East of Warren Hill, Saxmundham (Monument)
Monument Type MSF31012 Land off St Michael's Way, Wenhaston with Mells, (Roman Rural Settlement) (Monument)
Monument Type MSF25121 Land South of railway line, Westerfield Road, Ipswich. (Monument)
Monument Type MSF326 Large irregular enclosure with a central ring ditch & a subsidiary enclosure to the east. (Monument)
Monument Type MSF6240 Large Roman settlement area (Monument)
Monument Type MSF5106 Lattinford Bridge (Monument)
Monument Type MSF1884 Linear cropmarks of a rectilinear field system. (Monument)
Monument Type MSF23376 Long Melford Roman settlement (Monument)
Monument Type MSF16595 Manthorp; Manthorp Green (Monument)
Monument Type MSF1867 Medieval artefact scatter, including a pitcher, pottery sherds and a leather shoe sole. (Monument)
Monument Type MSF2161 Medieval occupation area. (Monument)
Monument Type MSF14748 Methersgate (Monument)
Monument Type MSF1091 Millpost Field (IA) (Monument)
Monument Type MSF2614 Mount Field, Neutral Farm (BA) (Monument)
Monument Type MSF3876 Neolithic artefact scatter of implements (Poorly Located Monument)
Monument Type MSF19099 Newmarket Isolation Hospital (Rom) (Monument)
Monument Type MSF23689 North of John O'Groats Cottages, Kings Forest (Monument)
Monument Type MSF9168 North of Long Plantation, Wangford, (Sax) (Monument)
Monument Type MSF3942 Old Bury Road, Palgrave (Mesolithic). (Monument)
Monument Type MSF282 OS Field Number 7000 (Rom) (Monument)
Monument Type MSF28769 OUTLINE RECORD: Land West of Ferry Road, Felixstowe (PCA) EVL (ASE) EXC (Allocated Number)
Monument Type MSF3351 Pagan Saxon sherds, a bead and fragments of loomweights found in three apparent hut sites overlaying a Late Bronze-Age cemetry. (Sax) (Monument)
Monument Type MSF7796 Part of WNG 006. (Rom) (Monument)
Monument Type MSF8759 Phillips I site, Wilde Street. (BA) (Monument)
Monument Type MSF3352 Playford Heath (Monument)
Monument Type MSF988 Popson Street (Monument)
Monument Type MSF184 Possible Anglo Saxon cemetery and artefact scatter of pottery sherds and metalwork, including brooches and sleeve clasp. (Sax) (Confidential Monument)
Monument Type MSF31484 Possible evidence of medieval occupation, The Green, Capel St Andrew (Monument)
Monument Type MSF14747 Possible Iron Age-Roman settlement site (Monument)
Monument Type MSF31858 Possible Iron Age-Roman settlement site (Monument)
Monument Type MSF3653 Possible Later Perhistoric or Roman hut circle and adjoining enclosure, Ramsholt (Monument)
Monument Type MSF33639 Possible medieval common edge settlement (Monument)
Monument Type MSF1953 Possible Roman settlement site with an artefact scatter of pottery and metalwork. (Rom) (Monument)
Monument Type MSF23524 Possible site of mound or lost settlement, Buxlow; Buxlowe (Poorly Located Monument)
Monument Type MSF1921 Pottery scatter with tile. (Rom) (Monument)
Monument Type MSF12557 Poystreet Green (Med) (Monument)
Monument Type MSF2754 Prehistoric or Roman cropmark settlement site consisting of enclosures and trackways. (Preh) (Monument)
Monument Type MSF35467 Prehistoric, Medieval, and post Medieval activity at Bramford Playing Field, The Street, Bramford (Monument)
Monument Type MSF34386 Probable former Romano-British field system (Monument)
Monument Type MSF10782 Probable Iron Age or Roman settlement, north-east of Sutton Hall, Sutton parish. (Rom) (Monument)
Monument Type MSF3626 Probable Iron-Age and Roman settlement and field boundaries. (Monument)
Monument Type MSX27801 Probable Medieval platform and enclosures adjacent Mutford Common (Monument)
Monument Type MSF13734 RAF Lakenheath, Zonal Workshop (Rom) (Monument)
Monument Type MSF35267 Roman and Saxon/Medieval activity, Elmswell Site 2 (Monument)
Monument Type MSF9145 Roman Camp N of Pakenham windmill (Rom) (Monument)
Monument Type MXS18951 Roman rectilinear enclosure complex, visible as cropmarks. (Monument)
Monument Type MSF33783 Roman settlement and Medieval pits and ditches, Beaches Road,West Row (Monument)
Monument Type MSF25234 Roman settlement debris and Prehistoric and Medieval finds at Barbers Point (Monument)
Monument Type MSF16016 Roman settlement or small town and possible port. (Monument)
Monument Type MSF2255 Sahara Field; Lakenheath Airfield (Monument)
Monument Type MSF47 Sapiston Bridge (Neo) (Monument)
Monument Type MSF50 Sapiston Bridge (Sax) (Monument)
Monument Type MSF16325 Saxon artefact scatter, Freckenham Hall (Sax) (PAS find)
Monument Type MSF34928 Scatter of Roman finds and building material indicating possible settlement site (PAS find)
Monument Type MSF2751 Scheduled cropmark settlement site of probable later prehistoric to Roman date (Monument)
Monument Type MSF1912 See Artifact type for full list of artefacts - Roman (and BACKLOG) (Confidential Monument)
Monument Type MSF22056 Series of test holes (to be followed by trenching). (Monument)
Monument Type MSF3281 Settlement Site around St Botolph's Church (IA) (Monument)
Monument Type MSF10321 Site of a Bronze-Age settlement and finds of beaker pottery. (BA) (Monument)
Monument Type MSF10320 Site of a Neolithic settlement. (Neo) (Monument)
Monument Type MSF10323 Site of a Roman settlement and finds of pottery. (Rom) (Monument)
Monument Type MSF34632 Site of enclosures, trackways, field system and probable settlement (Monument)
Monument Type MSF31847 Site of multi-phase cropmarks, possibly including settlement of Roman date (Monument)
Monument Type MSF2673 Site of multi-phase settlement and enclosures, including Saxon sunken-featured buildings (Monument)
Monument Type MSF16521 Site of platforms and enclosures of possible medieval to post medieval date (Monument)
Monument Type MSF31898 Site of possible settlement cropmarks, perhaps of medieval to post medieval date (Find Spot)
Monument Type MSF34693 Site of possible settlement, trackways and field system of unknown date. (Monument)
Monument Type MSF2721 Site of two circular Iron-Age trenches, probably representing round buildings and a small pottery scatter. (IA) (Monument)
Monument Type MSF34743 Site of undated, possibly prehistoric and/or Roman period field system, and possible enclosures and roundhouse. (Monument)
Monument Type MSF19887 Smoke House Inn, Beck Row Iron Age (IA) (Monument)
Monument Type MSF20509 Straatesella (Monument)
Monument Type MSF6007 Stradishall Aerodrome, near Broxted Lodge. (Monument)
Monument Type MSF14741 Sudbury (Sax) (Monument)
Monument Type MSF3035 The Park (Rom) (Monument)
Monument Type MSF7855 Three circular hut (?) sites with hearths (pottery fragments in hearth no. (Monument)
Monument Type MSF32025 Undated possible trackway and field boundary ditches, possible settlement (Monument)
Monument Type MSF13655 Vill of Bixley (Monument)
Monument Type MSF3274 West of Shop Farm, Clopton, (Mesolithic) (Monument)
Monument Type MSF6943 West Stow Country Park (IA) (Monument)
Monument Type MSF6945 West Stow Country Park; West Stow Anglo-Saxon Village (Monument)
Monument Type MSF13323 Westwick (Monument)
Monument Type MSF7078 Wordwell medieval settlement remains (Monument)