Thesaurus Term/Concept: LAYER

Identifier 143502
Status Preferred
Index? Yes
Scope Note An archaeological unit of soil in a horizontal plane which may seal features or be cut through by other features.

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Context Record
Monument Type MSF27315 3 Lime Kiln Quay Road, Woodbridge (Monument)
Monument Type MSF29337 1 Cobbold Street, Ipswich, (IAS 8520). (Monument)
Monument Type MSF24136 10 Factory Street (Monument)
Monument Type MSF25469 11 Weavers Lane, Sudbury (Monument)
Monument Type MSF24417 11-15 Great Colman Street, Ipswich, (IAS 1005). (Monument)
Monument Type MSF35508 11th-12th century pottery sherd, The Hold, Fore Street (Monument)
Monument Type MSF24420 1-3 Grimewade Street, Ipswich. (Monument)
Monument Type MSF29360 141-154 London Road/Handford Road, Ipswich, (IAS 9615). (Monument)
Monument Type MSF24898 16a Garland Street, Bury St Edmunds (Monument)
Monument Type MSF30091 17th century Palace Stables, Newmarket (Monument)
Monument Type MSF24876 29 Swanfield, Long Melford (Monument)
Monument Type MSF25205 32-36 Bond Street, Ipswich. (Monument)
Monument Type MSF24755 34-36 Beeches Road, West Row, Mildenhall (Monument)
Monument Type MSF29344 40-42, Princes Street, Ipswich, (IAS 4002) (Monument)
Monument Type MSF24282 41 Beeches Road, West Row (Monument)
Monument Type MSF25529 42 Crown Street, Bury St Edmunds (Monument)
Monument Type MSF21658 44-47 St Andrews Street (Monument)
Monument Type MSF24277 45/47 Kingsland and 18 Queensland, Shotley (Monument)
Monument Type MSF24285 6 Market Place (Monument)
Monument Type MSF24442 61 Whiting Street, Bury St Edmunds (Monument)
Monument Type MSF24091 7, Water Street (Monument)
Monument Type MSF24897 79 Northgate Street (Monument)
Monument Type MSF24768 85-87 Fore Street, Ipswich, (IAS 6106) (Monument)
Monument Type MSF26648 Abbeygate Cinema and 4 Hatter Street, Bury St Edmunds (Monument)
Monument Type MSF19579 Adj Melton (Woodbridge) Sewerage works (Monument)
Monument Type MSF26702 Albion Wharf, Ipswich, (IAS 6406). (Monument)
Monument Type MSF25007 Aldham Mill Hill, Hadleigh (Monument)
Monument Type MSF24423 Alexander House, 73-81 St Matthew's Street, Ipswich, (IAS 7717). (Monument)
Monument Type MSF27802 Alluvial layers and medieval pottery AW PIPELINE - Trench 74 (NPS) (Monument)
Monument Type MSF24775 Angel Hotel, Bury St Edmunds (Medieval). (Monument)
Monument Type MSF24360 Athenaeum Toilet Block, Bury St Edmunds, (Medieval vaulted cellar and jettied building frontage) (Monument)
Monument Type MSF29148 Australia Arms, Haverhil (Monument)
Monument Type MSF26710 Ballygate House (Monument)
Monument Type MSF24435 Base Perimeter Road, RAF Mildenhall (Monument)
Monument Type MSF23658 Beach at Benacre, (Palaeolithic). (Monument)
Monument Type MSF6957 Beeches Pit, West Stow, (Palaeolithic) (Monument)
Monument Type MSF24304 Blox Hall, Hitcham (Monument)
Monument Type MSF37794 Bronze Age to Post Medieval remains, North-East of Beech Road (Monument)
Monument Type MSF24143 Brook Farmhouse (Monument)
Monument Type MSF24571 Bures Mill, Bures St Mary (Monument)
Monument Type MSF26787 Caribbean Resource Centre, Ipswich. (Monument)
Monument Type MSF15491 Catchwater Drain, Mildenhall, (Mesolithic-Roman) (Monument)
Monument Type MSF24515 Cathedral Centre and North Transcept (Med) (Monument)
Monument Type MSF6754 Cathedral Centre and North Transcept (Sax) (Monument)
Monument Type MSF27314 Cherry Tree Cottage, Long Melford (Monument)
Monument Type MSF23696 Child development centre, RAF Mildenhall (Monument)
Monument Type MSF14192 Christchurch Park, Ipswich. (Monument)
Monument Type MSF24146 Church House, Church Road (Monument)
Monument Type MSF23828 Churchfields Road (Monument)
Monument Type MSF25524 Clare Priory Church (Monument)
Monument Type MSF23388 Consolidated Communications Building, (Prehistoric) (Monument)
Monument Type MSF19601 Consolidated support building, RAF Lakenheath, Eriswell, (Mesolithic) (Monument)
Monument Type MSF39753 Coronation Hotel, Newmarket, (Pleistocene). (Monument)
Monument Type MSF23559 County Hall, Ipswich, (IAS 6701). (Monument)
Monument Type MSF34458 Cox Lane Car Park, Ipswich, (IAS 3412). (Monument)
Monument Type MSF9565 Cox Lane, Ipswich, (IAS 3502). (Monument)
Monument Type MSF34448 Cox Lane/Union Street, Ipswich. (IAS 3503). (Monument)
Monument Type MSF23786 Cranfields Mill, Ipswich, (IAS 6405). (Monument)
Monument Type MSF4265 Crowfield Park (Monument)
Monument Type MSF26636 Deanery Cottage, Deanery Lodge, Church Walk, Hadleigh (Monument)
Monument Type MSF24873 Dennington CEVCP School, Laxfield Road, Dennington (Monument)
Monument Type MSF31392 Early Saxon occupation, probably prehistoric ring ditch, post-medieval ditches at land South East Bury St Edmunds (Monument)
Monument Type MSF25362 Earthwork banks, LVIS Gate 8, RAF Lakenheath (Monument)
Monument Type MSF6727 East Close, Bury St Edmunds (Medieval-Post Medieval, with Mesolithic). (Monument)
Monument Type MSF25181 EDF cable undergrounding, Freston causewayed enclosure, Potash Farm, Holbrook (Monument)
Monument Type MSF24874 Evaluation identified evidence of medieval occupation. Three Ponds, Hoxne. (Monument)
Monument Type MSF25920 Evaluation, St John's Close, Mildenhall (Monument)
Monument Type MSF29250 Ex Condor works, Turret Lane, Ipswich, (IAS 5403) (Monument)
Monument Type MSF17415 Ex Firmin's Site, Handford Road, Ipswich, (IAS 9612). (Monument)
Monument Type MSF23698 Extension to 10/10a Queen Street (Monument)
Monument Type MSF25689 Extensions to 10 Garden Place, Sudbury (Monument)
Monument Type MSF31205 Eye Ponds, Eye (Monument)
Monument Type MSF25544 Farmstead: Ufford Hall (Farmstead)
Monument Type MSF23866 Fenceline at the recycling Centre (Monument)
Monument Type MSF24902 Fencing realignment, Peacekeeper Park, RAF Lakenheath (Monument)
Monument Type MSF24756 Fire Station, Bear Street, Nayland-with-Wissington (Monument)
Monument Type MSF25761 Flixton Park Quarry, New Phase 7 (Neolithic) (Neo) (Monument)
Monument Type MSF25354 Flood alleviation Scheme, Eastgate Street, Bury St Edmunds (Monument)
Monument Type MSF10724 Fore Street, Neptune Quay, Ipswich, (IAS 6601). (Monument)
Monument Type MSF25596 Former Cardinal Works Site, College Street, Ipswich, (IAS 5305). (Monument)
Monument Type MSF26794 Former Maltings, Bury St Edmunds (Monument)
Monument Type MSF37691 Former river banks, Abbey Gardens Play Area (Monument)
Monument Type MSF36421 Former Sugar Beet Factory, Sproughton (Monument)
Monument Type MSF24205 Fornham Hall (Monument)
Monument Type MSF23457 Framlingham Castle Bowls Club, Castle Street (Monument)
Monument Type MSF25460 Freckenham Road Evaluation, Worlington (Monument)
Monument Type MSF26506 Gas Main Replacement, Great Churchyard, Bury St Edmunds (Monument)
Monument Type MSF843 Gravels between Gipping and Lowestoft tills, South Elmham St Cross (Monument)
Monument Type MSF25512 Great White Horse, Tavern Street, Ipswich, (IAS, 1303). (Monument)
Monument Type MSF25064 Green King Access Road (Monument)
Monument Type MSF29357 Handford Road, Ipswich. (Monument)
Monument Type MSF25520 Hartest Primary School Monitoring, Hartest (Monument)
Monument Type MSF25908 Hartismere Hospital Evaluation, Eye (Monument)
Monument Type MSF26690 High Hall, Walsham-le-Willows (Monument)
Monument Type MSF24904 High Lodge Visitor Centre ducting trench and payment kiosk, Santon Downham (Monument)
Monument Type MSF43746 IA/ Roman pit, and possible Roman surfaces and domestic rubbish spreads, Long Melford football ground (LMHS) EVAL (Monument)
Monument Type MSF24585 Intensive Romano-British rural landscape at Former Smoke House Inn (Monument)
Monument Type MSF31173 Iron Age and Roman features, New Arrivals Lane, Centre Parks - Eval (AS) (Monument)
Monument Type MSF18353 Jude's Ferry, Mildenhall (Monument)
Monument Type MSF25105 King Edward VII Memorial Hall, Newmarket (Monument)
Monument Type MSF24072 Kirton Lodge Farm Reservoir (Monument)
Monument Type MSF31422 Labour Club, 33-35 Silent Street, Ipswich. (Monument)
Monument Type MSF25555 Lackford Composting Compound, Lackford (Monument)
Monument Type MSF24051 Land adjacent to Holly House (Monument)
Monument Type MSF35354 Land at Easton Primary School, Easton. (Monument)
Monument Type MSF26795 Land at Orchard Street, Ipswich, Suffolk. (Monument)
Monument Type MSF24880 Land behind 42 Churchgate Street (Monument)
Monument Type MSF24428 Land east of The Granary, Clare (Monument)
Monument Type MSF26642 Land North of Cheney's House Evaluation, The Causeway, Hitcham (Monument)
Monument Type MSF20563 Land off Cotton Lane, Bury St Edmunds. (Monument)
Monument Type MSF31012 Land off St Michael's Way, Wenhaston with Mells, (Roman Rural Settlement) (Monument)
Monument Type MSF24800 Land off Union Road, Onehouse (Monument)
Monument Type MSF30957 Land south of Featherbroom Gardens, Wickham Market (Monument)
Monument Type MSF24141 Land to the rear of 'Almacks' (Monument)
Monument Type MSF25361 Lane Corner, Palmers Lane, Walberswick (Monument)
Monument Type MSF34560 Large Pit or Medieval cellar identified during monitoring of new Storm Drain within the Cathedral Precinct (Monument)
Monument Type MSF26654 Late Medieval and Post Medieval features (Monument)
Monument Type MSF29709 Late medieval to early post medieval dyeing workshop at The Swan Hotel (Monument)
Monument Type MSF24592 Late medieval to early post-medieval domestic settlement, The Old Post Office (Monument)
Monument Type MSF37843 Late Neolithic to Possible Medieval features at Barham Quarry (Monument)
Monument Type MSF19060 Late Saxon to Medieval settlement and Medieval town defences at Keep Rise (The Old Bus Station), Priory Lane (Preh) (Monument)
Monument Type MSF35556 Late Saxon/Medieval occupation at Burlington House, Cavendish Road (Monument)
Monument Type MSF35441 Later Prehistoric and Roman occupation evidence, Land at Donards, Badwell Ash (Monument)
Monument Type MSF42595 Later prehistoric, Roman, and Medieval activity at Gateway 14 (Evaluation N. of Mill Lane) (Monument)
Monument Type MSF24887 Lathbury Institute, Church Row (Monument)
Monument Type MSF27301 Layer of post medieval brick and tile (Monument)
Monument Type MSF25552 Lincoln Road/Sewage works, RAF Mildenhall (Monument)
Monument Type MSF26680 Little Thurlow Hall, Pound Green, Little Thurlow (Monument)
Monument Type MSF25084 Lodge Farm, Rede (Monument)
Monument Type MSF25608 Long Melford Primary School (Monument)
Monument Type MSF24906 Lorne Villa, Sudbury (Monument)
Monument Type MSF15767 Lovetofts, Ipswich. (Monument)
Monument Type MSF20434 Low Road, Debenham, (Prehistoric) (Monument)
Monument Type MSF24128 Maples, The Spinney (Monument)
Monument Type MSF24147 Martin's Weft (Monument)
Monument Type MSF24791 Maulkin's Hall Farm, Pakenham (Monument)
Monument Type MSF32262 Medieval and Post Medieval features at 88 Guildhall Street (Monument)
Monument Type MSF35013 Medieval and post medieval layers at Redwick House (Monument)
Monument Type MSF19607 Medieval and post-medieval surfaces Northgate Business Park (Monument)
Monument Type MSF25008 Medieval ditches, structures and an oven at Aldham Mill Hill (Monument)
Monument Type MSF28969 Medieval features at Oak House Farm, Mill Street, Gislingham (Monument)
Monument Type MSF31179 Medieval flint precinct wall and pits at the land to the rear of The Guildhall (Monument)
Monument Type MSF24530 Medieval footings and post-medieval down pipes, Guildhall, Bury St Edmunds, Storm Drain Improvements & Excavations (Monument)
Monument Type MSF25062 Medieval layer, 9 Hatter Street (Monument)
Monument Type MSF25591 Medieval layers and wall, Shire Hall car park, Bury St Edmunds (Monument)
Monument Type MSF37710 Medieval layers, Fleming's Hall, Bedingfield (Monument)
Monument Type MSF32113 Medieval or earlier layer containing peg-tile fragments, 119/120 Southgate St., Bury St. Edmunds (Monument)
Monument Type MSF33200 Medieval or post-medieval pits, Stradbroke (Monument)
Monument Type MSF34299 Medieval oven or hearth at Burnt Lane (Monument)
Monument Type MSF28214 Medieval pit, Radford House, No. 54 St John's Street (Monument)
Monument Type MSF37870 Medieval pits and a ditch indicating occupation, 13 Callis Street (Monument)
Monument Type MSF33939 Medieval pottery from rubbish layer, East of Market Hill, Wickham Market (Monument)
Monument Type MSF28204 Medieval quarrying and 19th pit and well identified at 70 Northgate Street (Monument)
Monument Type MSF37694 Medieval to post-medieval agricultural activity, Manor Farm, The Street (Monument)
Monument Type MSF25594 Medieval working yard and 19th century stables, 40 Peckham Street, Bury St Edmunds (Monument)
Monument Type MSF34612 Medieval, post Medieval, and undated activity at Johnson's Farm, Leiston (Monument)
Monument Type MSF11255 Melford Hall; Melford Park (Med) (Monument)
Monument Type MSF39311 Mid 9th to 12th Century pottery and butchered animal bone at Proposed car park, Upper Barclay Street (Monument)
Monument Type MSF28813 Middle Saxon, medieval, and post medieval activity at Land at Fairfield Road, Framlingham (Monument)
Monument Type MSF27176 Moat House, Castle Street, Framlingham, Suffolk (Monument)
Monument Type MSF29180 Monitoring at Avenue Farm (SCCAS) (Monument)
Monument Type MSF31494 Monitoring of footing trench. Land adjacent the Bull Inn, Thorpe Morieux (Monument)
Monument Type MSF38251 Monitoring of soil strip, Highgate Community Centre (Monument)
Monument Type MSF30789 Monitoring revealed evidence of limited activity from Late Saxon/Early Medieval to Post Medieval periods. Moat Farm, Thorpe Morieux (Monument)
Monument Type MSF24847 Mulligan's Yard, Cowlinge (Monument)
Monument Type MSF35383 Multi-period occupation, Mildenhall Community Hub (Monument)
Monument Type MSF27683 Neolithic flint at Moulton Paddocks Starting Track (Monument)
Monument Type MSF26838 Neptune Marina, Land south of Coprolite Street, Ipswich, (IAS 9007). (Monument)
Monument Type MSF19567 Nethergate Street, Bungay (Monument)
Monument Type MSF25220 New FE Building, West Suffolk College, Bury St Edmunds (Monument)
Monument Type MSF23591 New Museum Building, West Stow Anglo Saxon Village (Monument)
Monument Type MSF24365 Newgate/Manor House Lane (Monument)
Monument Type MSF25532 Nitrate Pipeline Excavation, Rushbrooke (Monument)
Monument Type MSF24233 Norwich/Plymouth Roads, RAF Lakenheath (Monument)
Monument Type MSF34790 Off Goddard Road, Whitehouse Estate, Ipswich, (IAS 8115). (Monument)
Monument Type MSF26645 Palace House Stables Basement (Monument)
Monument Type MSF25207 Palace House Stables, Newmarket (Monument)
Monument Type MSF25112 Plot on the corner of Bridewell Lane and Tuns Lane, Bury St Edmunds (Monument)
Monument Type MSF35452 Pond and medieval pottery at Boyton Hall Farm, Ann Suckling Road, Haverhill (Monument)
Monument Type MSF29704 Possible 16th century layer and Post medieval features at the Old Rectory (Monument)
Monument Type MSF29637 Possible medieval layer, St Catherines, Long Melford (AT, AB) (Monument)
Monument Type MSF24796 Possible medieval occupation, Land east of 13 East Lane (Monument)
Monument Type MSF32200 Post medieval features identified at Old Rectory Nursing Home, Barham (Monument)
Monument Type MSF38992 Post medieval fen edge activity at Land at Breach Park, West Row (Monument)
Monument Type MSF32149 Post medieval layer, Plots 1 and 2, Eves Orchard, Bures St Mary (SCCAS) EVAL (Monument)
Monument Type MSF34074 Post Medieval wall and mortar surface at Whapland Road (Monument)
Monument Type MSF24600 post medieval wall, 57 High Street, Bunches and Bows (Monument)
Monument Type MSF25108 Post-medieval features, 84 Southgate Street (Monument)
Monument Type MSF40419 Post-medieval made ground and ditch, The Hall, Hall Road (Monument)
Monument Type MSF28782 Prehistoric layer and pit, also an undated ditch and gully, AW PIPELINE - Trench 41 (NPS) (Monument)
Monument Type MSF35437 Preserved archaeological layers, Memorial Tree, Rose Garden, Abbey Gardens (Monument)
Monument Type MSF20464 Proposed Texaco Service Station, Wherstead Road, Ipswich, (IAS 9312). (Monument)
Monument Type MSF24289 RAF Mildenhall POV car wash (IA) (Monument)
Monument Type MSF24287 RAF Mildenhall POV car wash (Rom) (Monument)
Monument Type MSF31182 Recording of storm drain damage in the Cathedral precinct of Bury St Edmunds (Monument)
Monument Type MSF26643 Richmond House, Clare (Monument)
Monument Type MSF24278 Rockylls Hall, Shelland (Monument)
Monument Type MSF18641 Roman features, Blackacre Hill (Monument)
Monument Type MSF31515 Roman pits and ditches, Saxon ditch and prehistoric finds at Rochester Road Soakaway, RAF Lakenheath, Eriswell (Monument)
Monument Type MSF29644 Roman pottery at 32 Swanfield (Monument)
Monument Type MSF37479 Roman settlement activity, land Off Chilton Way (Monument)
Monument Type MSF25234 Roman settlement debris and Prehistoric and Medieval finds at Barbers Point (Monument)
Monument Type MSF28949 Roman/Saxon buried soil and prehistoric features, 1 Pinbush Road (Monument)
Monument Type MSF37069 Saxon and medieval pits at Gainsborough's House, Sudbury (Monument)
Monument Type MSF35372 Saxon and Roman pottery found in layer at Land east of the Collies, Three Stiles Lane (Monument)
Monument Type MSF37115 South Bank of Waveney Valley (Confidential Monument)
Monument Type MSF24569 St Peters Nursing Home (Monument)
Monument Type MSF24761 St. George's Street, Ipswich, (IAS 7017). (Monument)
Monument Type MSF34809 St. Helen’s Street, Ipswich, (IAS 8804). (Monument)
Monument Type MSF26687 Student Village, Fore Street, Ipswich, (IAS 5908). (Monument)
Monument Type MSF22983 Suffolk Business Park (Monument)
Monument Type MSF24763 The Fire Station, Gregory Street, Sudbury (Monument)
Monument Type MSF25603 The Old Garage, Castle Lane, Orford (Monument)
Monument Type MSF25539 Thingoe House, Bury St Edmunds, (Medieval-Post Medieval) (Monument)
Monument Type MSF25510 Thorington Hall Monitoring, Stoke by Nayland (Monument)
Monument Type MSF24915 Thunderbird Way, RAF Lakenheath, Eriswell (Monument)
Monument Type MSF24927 Two possible Late Saxon pits, 3 St Marys Square (Monument)
Monument Type MSF29399 Two Roman wells and a possible Roman structure identifed at Mulley's Garage, High Street. (Monument)
Monument Type MSF28414 Undated buried soil layer, Jacaranda House, High Street, Clare (SCCAS) MON (Monument)
Monument Type MSF29131 Undated dark soil and bone scatter (Human?) (Monument)
Monument Type MSF29596 Undated ditch and pottery finds at Hotel Taxiway, RAF LAKENHEATH (Monument)
Monument Type MSF37830 Undated ditches and pits, Land off Poplar Hill (MS) GEO (Monument)
Monument Type MSF6375 Water Hall Farm, Roman (Roman) (Monument)
Monument Type MSF24905 West Row Primary School, Mildenhall (Monument)
Monument Type MSF29324 Western Triangle (former Cranfield’s Mill garage), Star Lane/College Street, Ipswich, (IAS 5804). (Monument)
Monument Type MSF25592 Weymed Centre, Bury St Edmunds, (Medieval-Post Medieval) (SCCAS) EVAL (BRIT) EVAL (BRIT) EXC (Monument)
Monument Type MSF26870 Wixoe Roman Town (Monument)
Monument Type MSF34803 Woolpack Inn, Tuddenham Road, Ipswich, (IAS 8509). (Monument)
Monument Type MSF26793 Worlington Quarry, Worlington (Monument)