Thesaurus Term/Concept: EXTANT BUILDING

Identifier 97291
Status Preferred
Index? Yes
Scope Note Monument with roof or walls intact or substantially intact, significant survival of original features, even if building no longer in use for original function.

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Context Record
Evidence MXS18875 World War II strongpoint, comprising a pillbox and trench systems within barbed wire. (Monument)
Evidence MSF38331 1 & 2, The Score (Building)
Evidence MSF35300 1 Bolton Street (Building)
Evidence MSF37323 102-104 St. Helens Street, Ipswich (Building)
Evidence MSF37324 117-125 St. Helens Street, Ipswich (Building)
Evidence MSF37044 129 Fore Street, Ipswich (Monument)
Evidence MSF36959 1-3 Fore Street (Spread Eagle PH), Ipswich (Building)
Evidence MSF37311 1-3 Museum Street, Ipswich (Building)
Evidence MSF37465 13 Orwell Place, Ipswich (Building)
Evidence MSF38155 14 Market Place (Building)
Evidence MSF37319 14 Orwell Place, Ipswich (Building)
Evidence MSF29238 14 Tacket Street, Ipswich, (IAS 4506). (Monument)
Evidence MSF36964 15 Fore Street, Ipswich (Building)
Evidence MSF37308 15 Lower Brook Street, Ipswich (Building)
Evidence MSF37494 15 Silent Street, Ipswich (Building)
Evidence MSF25407 1-5 Westgate Street (Building)
Evidence MSF37484 15-17 St. Peters Street (Building)
Evidence MSF37309 16 Lower Brook Street, Ipswich (Building)
Evidence MSF27276 164, 166 & The Forge, High Street, Newmarket (Building)
Evidence MSF37795 16th century Stables, Hengrave Hall (Building)
Evidence MSF27644 17 and 19 Tye Green (Building)
Evidence MSF37538 17 Market Hill, Sudbury (Building)
Evidence MSF37492 17 Silent Street, Ipswich (Building)
Evidence MSF37493 17 St. Stephens Lane, Ipswich (Building)
Evidence MSF25665 17-19 Court Street, Nayland (Building)
Evidence MSF26562 17th century Coaching Inn, The King's Head, New Market, Beccles (Building)
Evidence MSF32118 18 Eastgate Street (Building)
Evidence MSF27228 18 Shilling Street (Building)
Evidence MSF26618 18th century Barn at Goodlands Farm, Boxford (Building)
Evidence MSF35399 18th century outbuilding at Carpenters (Building)
Evidence MSF36966 19, 21, and 23 Fore Street (Building)
Evidence MSF37485 19-21 St. Peters Street (Building)
Evidence MSF35424 19th century barn at Fishers Farm (Building)
Evidence MSF35428 19th century barn at Manor Farm (Building)
Evidence MSF38084 19th century barns, Newton Hall (Building)
Evidence MSF37679 19th century House, Benhall Lodge (Building)
Evidence MSF14948 19th century park, Benhall Lodge Park (Monument)
Evidence MSF25240 19the Century Farm Buildings, Street Farm (Building)
Evidence MSF37328 2 St. Nicholas Street Ipswich (Building)
Evidence MSF38129 20 Market Hill (Building)
Evidence MSF37312 21 Museum Street, Ipswich (Building)
Evidence MSF36967 24 Fore Street, Ipswich (Building)
Evidence MSF37325 24 St. Margarets Plain, Ipswich (Building)
Evidence MSF37486 25 St. Peters Street, Ipswich (Building)
Evidence MSF37970 2-6 Church Green (Building)
Evidence MSF37313 26-28 Northgate Street (Building)
Evidence MSF36968 27 and 29 Fore Street, Ipswich (Building)
Evidence MSF37487 27-29 St. Peters Street, Ipswich (Building)
Evidence MSF37504 29 Westgate Street, Ipswich (Building)
Evidence MSF26535 3 High Street (Building)
Evidence MSF38146 30 & 31 Church Road (Building)
Evidence MSF38128 30 Market Hill (Building)
Evidence MSF37488 31 St. Peters Street, Ipswich (Building)
Evidence MSF36969 31-37 Fore Street, Ipswich (Building)
Evidence MSF37399 33-39 St. Nicholas Street (Building)
Evidence MSF37490 33a St. Peters Street, Ipswich (Building)
Evidence MSF37773 3-5 Silent Street (Building)
Evidence MSF25663 36 The Street, Dalham (Building)
Evidence MSF38314 38 High Street (Building)
Evidence MSF37329 4 St. Nicholas Street, Ipswich (Building)
Evidence MSF38288 40-42 Church Street, Eye (Building)
Evidence MSF27661 40-42 High Street (Building)
Evidence MSF36973 42 Fore Street, Ipswich (Building)
Evidence MSF36982 44 Fore Street, Ipswich (Building)
Evidence MSF37463 47 St. Nicholas Street, Ipswich (LA) HA (Building)
Evidence MSF37990 5 Nayland Road (Building)
Evidence MSF36983 50-52 Fore Street, Ipswich (Building)
Evidence MSF36985 51, 53, 55 Fore Street, Ipswich (Building)
Evidence MSF5835 51/52 Water Street (Monument)
Evidence MSF26563 52 & 54 Bear Street (Building)
Evidence MSF36986 54-48 Fore Street, Ipswich (Building)
Evidence MSF37327 54-56 St. Matthew's Street Ipswich (Building)
Evidence MSF37467 5-7 St. Peter's Street, Ipswich (Building)
Evidence MSF37322 6 St. Helens Street, Ipswich (Building)
Evidence MSF36987 60-62 Fore Street, Ipswich (Building)
Evidence MSF37320 60-68 St. Helens Street, Ipswich (Building)
Evidence MSF37390 6-8, St. Nicholas Street (Building)
Evidence MSF37321 70 St. Helens Street, Ipswich (Building)
Evidence MSF21688 71/73 Fore Street, Ipswich, (IAS 6104). (Monument)
Evidence MSF37511 74 Upper Orwell Street, Ipswich (Building)
Evidence MSF35377 78-80 High Street (Building)
Evidence MSF37305 8 Lion Street, Ipswich (Building)
Evidence MSF26557 80 High Street (Building)
Evidence MSF24254 82/82A High Street, Lakenheath (Med-PMed) (Monument)
Evidence MSF36989 84 Fore Street, Ipswich (Building)
Evidence MSF25664 88 High Street (Building)
Evidence MSF36991 89-91 Fore Street, Ipswich (Building)
Evidence MSF37318 9 & 11 Orwell Place, Ipswich (Building)
Evidence MSF27657 91 High Street (Building)
Evidence MSF37468 9-13 St. Peter's Street, Ipswich (Building)
Evidence MSF36992 93-95 Fore Street, Ipswich (Building)
Evidence MSF36993 97 Fore Street, Ipswich (Building)
Evidence MXS18888 A number of wartime structures, of uncertain function, possibly including a radar set, visible west of Easton Wood.. (Monument)
Evidence MXS18927 A World War II strongpoint, visible east of Covehithe from 1940 until 1945. (Monument)
Evidence MSF27664 Abbey Farm (Building)
Evidence MSF900 Abbey Farm (Med) (Monument)
Evidence MSF811 Abbey Farm (Monument)
Evidence MSF27232 Abbot's Hall (Building)
Evidence MSF38154 Abbot's Hall (Building)
Evidence MSF4239 Abbot's Hall (Monument)
Evidence MSF12840 Abbot's Hall (PMed) (Monument)
Evidence MSF25341 Abbots Mead farmhouse (Building)
Evidence MSF14583 Acton Place (Monument)
Evidence MSF25565 Agricultural buildings at Abbey Farm (Building)
Evidence MSF25610 Agricultural buildings at Hestley Hall (Building)
Evidence MSF26556 Agricultural buildings at Hill Farm (Building)
Evidence MSF25601 Agricultural buildings at Middlegate Farm (Building)
Evidence MSF27215 Agricultural buildings at Mulberry Farm (Building)
Evidence MSF25780 Agricultural buildings at Park Farm (Building)
Evidence MSF25566 Agricultural buildings at Street Farm (Building)
Evidence MSF26640 Agricultural buildings at Vicarage Farm (Building)
Evidence MSF24852 Agricultural Buildings, White Hall Farm, Great Waldingfield (Building)
Evidence MSF11854 Aisled barn, Abbey Farm Barn (Building)
Evidence MSF2753 Alderton Hall (Monument)
Evidence MSF272 All Saints church (Med) (Monument)
Evidence MSF3305 All Saints Church (Med) (Monument)
Evidence MSF5543 All Saints Church (Med) (Monument)
Evidence MSF3413 All Saints Church (Monument)
Evidence MSF6228 All Saints Church (Monument)
Evidence MSF7302 All Saints Church (Monument)
Evidence MSF8881 All Saints Church (Monument)
Evidence MSF27205 All Saints Church Tower, Mettingham (Building)
Evidence MSF105 Alnesbourn Priory, Blessed Virgin Mary (Monument)
Evidence MSF17467 Alpheton Mill (Monument)
Evidence MSF26649 Alton Green Farm (Building)
Evidence MSF12240 Alton Watermill. (Monument)
Evidence MSF17094 Amor Hall (Monument)
Evidence MSF25617 Ancient House, Clare (Building)
Evidence MSF39470 Arters Barn (Building)
Evidence MSF27274 Ashlands Cottage (Building)
Evidence MSF28137 Ashmans Hall (Building)
Evidence MSF5698 Assington Hall (Monument)
Evidence MSF37948 Bacton Manor (Building)
Evidence MSF10938 Badley Hall (Monument)
Evidence MSF13081 Badley Hall (Monument)
Evidence MSF6137 Badmondisfield Hall (Monument)
Evidence MSF18348 Banham's brickworks (Monument)
Evidence MSF16624 Barking Mill (1880s); Bosmere Mill; Coddenham Road Mill (Monument)
Evidence MSF25243 Barn at 210 High Street Wickham Market (Building)
Evidence MSF25376 Barn at Abbot's Hall (Building)
Evidence MSF25370 Barn at Blackthorpe Farm (Building)
Evidence MSF38291 Barn at Borehouse Manor Farm, Groton Street (Building)
Evidence MSF26626 Barn at Brook Farm (Building)
Evidence MSF25267 Barn at Brundon Hall (Building)
Evidence MSF26532 Barn at Burnham Cottage (Building)
Evidence MSF25549 Barn at Charity Farm (Building)
Evidence MSF25367 Barn at Choppins Hill Farm (Building)
Evidence MSF25366 Barn at Church Farm (Building)
Evidence MSF25397 Barn at Church Farm (Building)
Evidence MSF38287 Barn at Cookley Farm (Building)
Evidence MSF37924 Barn at Crown Farm (Building)
Evidence MSF38264 Barn at Dairy Farm, Valley Farm (Building)
Evidence MSF25400 Barn at Denham Hall (Building)
Evidence MSF25365 Barn at Desning Hall Farm (Building)
Evidence MSF25548 Barn at East End Road (Building)
Evidence MSF27210 Barn at Elmer Farm (Building)
Evidence MSF25391 Barn at Exeter Stud (Building)
Evidence MSF35832 Barn at Ferry Farm (Building)
Evidence MSF25317 Barn at Framsden Hall (Building)
Evidence MSF27230 Barn at Glebe Farm (Building)
Evidence MSF27352 Barn at Glebe House (Building)
Evidence MSF38312 Barn at Greenlands Farm (Building)
Evidence MSF27256 Barn at Greenway Farm (Building)
Evidence MSF26614 Barn at Grove Farm (Building)
Evidence MSF25312 Barn at Hall Farm (Building)
Evidence MSF25430 Barn at Hall Farm (Building)
Evidence MSF25266 Barn at Halls Farm (Building)
Evidence MSF31373 Barn at Haygreen Farm (Building)
Evidence MSF37980 Barn at Hold Farm, Nayland Road (Building)
Evidence MSF25398 Barn at Holywell Farm (Building)
Evidence MSF26622 Barn at Kemball House (Building)
Evidence MSF25396 Barn at Kenny Hill Farm (Building)
Evidence MSF25494 Barn at Lake Farm (Building)
Evidence MSF37070 Barn at Lime Kiln Farm, Coddenham (Building)
Evidence MSF25293 Barn at Lower House Farm (Building)
Evidence MSF25311 Barn at Maltings Farm (Building)
Evidence MSF25323 Barn at Manor Farm (Building)
Evidence MSF25368 Barn at Manor Farm (Building)
Evidence MSF25324 Barn at Mill Green Farm (Building)
Evidence MSF26497 'Barn' at Moat House (Building)
Evidence MSF25369 Barn at Moor Hall (Building)
Evidence MSF25564 Barn at Page's Green Farm (Building)
Evidence MSF26496 Barn at Pannington Hall Farm (Building)
Evidence MSF25563 Barn at Pond Farm (Building)
Evidence MSF37898 Barn at Poplar Farm, Chapel Road (Building)
Evidence MSF27211 Barn at Potash Farm (Building)
Evidence MSF25371 Barn at Ravens Hall (Building)
Evidence MSF26551 Barn at Redgate Farm (Building)
Evidence MSF4005 Barn at Rook Hall (Monument)
Evidence MSF27223 Barn at Rookery Farm (Building)
Evidence MSF38290 Barn at Rookery Farm, Manor Road (Building)
Evidence MSF35236 Barn at Rosehill Farm (Building)
Evidence MSF26657 Barn at Rushbrooks Nursery (Building)
Evidence MSF25561 Barn at Shelland Hall (Building)
Evidence MSF38240 Barn at Simms Farm, Simms Lane (Building)
Evidence MSF38327 Barn at Smallbridge Farm, Bury Road (Building)
Evidence MSF25244 Barn at Smythies Farm (Building)
Evidence MSF25436 Barn at Sparrow Hall (Building)
Evidence MSF25316 Barn at Street Farm (Building)
Evidence MSF27209 Barn at Suffolk House (Building)
Evidence MSF38323 Barn at the Old Rectory (Building)
Evidence MSF37972 Barn at The Well House, Bugg's Lane (Building)
Evidence MSF25544 Barn at Ufford Hall Farm (Building)
Evidence MSF38358 Barn at Upper Langdales Farm, Mill Lane (Building)
Evidence MSF26663 Barn at Valley Farm Cottage (Building)
Evidence MSF38311 Barn at Vicarage Farm, Hoxne Road (Building)
Evidence MSF25399 Barn at Wamil Hall (Building)
Evidence MSF27208 Barn at White House Farm (Building)
Evidence MSF25461 Barn at Willow House (Building)
Evidence MSF35238 Barn NW of Hawks Mill House (Building)
Evidence MSF27642 Barn rear of 2-6 Little Lane (Building)
Evidence MSF5842 Barn Street (Monument)
Evidence MSF25242 Barn to the south of White House Farm (Building)
Evidence MSF37783 Barn to the SW of 'The Old Thatch' (Building)
Evidence MSF17763 Barnham Camp; Gorse Industrial Estate (Monument)
Evidence MSF13156 Barningham Park (Monument)
Evidence MSF37896 Barns at Dairy Farm (Building)
Evidence MSF31195 Barns at Green Farm (Building)
Evidence MSF25321 Barns at Little Stonham Hall (Building)
Evidence MSF26564 Barns at Manor Farm (Building)
Evidence MSF25326 Barns at Milden Hall Farm (Building)
Evidence MSF26665 Barns at Park Farm (Building)
Evidence MSF24733 Barns at Vale Farm, Sutton (Building)
Evidence MSF5253 Barrard's Hall (Monument)
Evidence MSF1032 Barsham Hall (Monument)
Evidence MSF28768 Bartlet Hospital (Building)
Evidence MSF25445 Baylham Hall (Building)
Evidence MSF26463 Bedfield Unitarian Chapel (Monument)
Evidence MSF25409 Bedingfield Hall (Building)
Evidence MSF3757 Beech Tree Farm (Monument)
Evidence MSF27337 Belle View (Building)
Evidence MSF4660 Belstead Hall (Building)
Evidence MSF37673 Benacre Hall (Building)
Evidence MSF37820 Benhall Place Barns (Building)
Evidence MSF38188 Benningham Grange, Benningham Green (Building)
Evidence MSF37954 Bentley Hall (Building)
Evidence MSF37953 Bentley Hall Barn (Building)
Evidence MSF24240 Beyton House (Monument)
Evidence MSF12615 Blackshore Mill (Monument)
Evidence MSF914 Bleach Farm (Monument)
Evidence MSF35726 Boarded Barn Farm (Building)
Evidence MSF38285 Bond Hall, Freston Street (Building)
Evidence MSF37841 Borough Offices, Angel Hill, Bury St Edmunds (Monument)
Evidence MSF11923 Boundary Farm (Monument)
Evidence MSF5668 Bower House (Monument)
Evidence MSF6164 Boxted Hall and park (PMed) (Monument)
Evidence MSF791 Bradfield Hall (Monument)
Evidence MSF14108 Bramford Hall; Bramford Park (Monument)
Evidence MSF34596 Brandeston Hall Barns (Building)
Evidence MSF3224 Brandiston Hall (Med) (Monument)
Evidence MSF14318 Brandon Park; Brandon Park House (Monument)
Evidence MSF13622 Bredfield House (site of) and Stable; Fitzgerald House (and (Watching Brief) BACKLOG) (Monument)
Evidence MSF35232 Bridge House (Building)
Evidence MSF27650 Broad End Farmhouse (Building)
Evidence MSF25660 Brockley Hall (Building)
Evidence MSF37977 Brockley Place, Gulling Green (Building)
Evidence MSF13479 Broke Hall and Park (Monument)
Evidence MSF12431 Brome Hall; Ling Hall (PMed) (Monument)
Evidence MSF27226 Brook Farm (Building)
Evidence MSF7541 Brook Farm (PMed) (Monument)
Evidence MSF33370 Brook House, Quay Street (Building)
Evidence MSF25277 Brown's Farm (Building)
Evidence MSF25346 Brundish Manor farmhouse (Building)
Evidence MSF35485 Buildings at Cowslip Farm (Building)
Evidence MSF27257 Buildings at Gulling Green Farm (Building)
Evidence MSF27653 Bulls Hall (Building)
Evidence MSF37949 Bungeons Farmhouse (Building)
Evidence MSF15801 Bures Mill (Monument)
Evidence MSF8348 Burgate Hall (Monument)
Evidence MSF35398 Burnaville Hall (Building)
Evidence MSF38186 Bury Lodge (Building)
Evidence MSF12534 Buttrums Mill, Burkitt Road. (Monument)
Evidence MSF25771 Buyright store, Calais Street, Hadleigh (Monument)
Evidence MSF34 Cargate Farm (Monument)
Evidence MSF25377 Cart shed at Boundary Farm (Building)
Evidence MSF26669 Cartshed at Stone Farm (Building)
Evidence MSF16684 Cavenham Heath (PMed) (Monument)
Evidence MSF16042 Cavenham Mill (Monument)
Evidence MSF34956 Centrifuge circa 1966 (Monument)
Evidence MSF6368 Chapel Farm (Monument)
Evidence MSF25236 Chapel House (Building)
Evidence MSF25654 Chapel House (Building)
Evidence MSF13484 Chapel of St Nicholas (Monument)
Evidence MSF5665 Chapel of St Stephen; Chapel Barn (Monument)
Evidence MSF27345 Chauntry Mills, Haverhill (Building)
Evidence MSF25637 Cheney Farm (Building)
Evidence MSF35479 Chestnut Farm, Barham (Building)
Evidence MSF38135 Chestnut Lodge (Building)
Evidence MSF3894 Chickering Corner Farm (Monument)
Evidence MSF23639 Chilton Hall (Monument)
Evidence MSF25662 Church and South Cottages (Building)
Evidence MSF25633 Church Cottage (Building)
Evidence MSF27662 Church Cottage (Building)
Evidence MSF25428 Church Farm (Building)
Evidence MSF31517 Church Farm (Building)
Evidence MSF1391 Church Farm (Monument)
Evidence MSF10005 Church Farm stable and barn (Monument)
Evidence MSF25755 Church Farmhouse (Building)
Evidence MSF27284 Church Farmhouse, Church Lane, Bradfield St Clare (Building)
Evidence MSF38160 Church Farmhouse, Church Road (Building)
Evidence MSF38253 Church Meeting Room, Ipswich Road (Building)
Evidence MSF13866 Church of All Saints & St Margaret, Pakefield (Monument)
Evidence MSF12808 Church of All Saints (Building)
Evidence MSF12851 Church of All Saints (Building)
Evidence MSF13322 Church of All Saints (Building)
Evidence MSF13641 Church of All Saints (Building)
Evidence MSF13896 Church of All Saints (Building)
Evidence MSF356 Church of All Saints (Building)
Evidence MSF11187 Church of All Saints (Med) (Monument)
Evidence MSF12814 Church of All Saints (Med) (Monument)
Evidence MSF12853 Church of All Saints (Med) (Monument)
Evidence MSF14002 Church of All Saints (Med) (Monument)
Evidence MSF14415 Church of All Saints (Med) (Monument)
Evidence MSF2572 Church of All Saints (Med) (Monument)
Evidence MSF2701 Church of All Saints (Med) (Monument)
Evidence MSF5711 Church of All Saints (Med) (Monument)
Evidence MSF684 Church of All Saints (Med) (Monument)
Evidence MSF730 Church of All Saints (Med) (Monument)
Evidence MSF1039 Church of All Saints (Monument)
Evidence MSF10795 Church of All Saints (Monument)
Evidence MSF11627 Church of All Saints (Monument)
Evidence MSF12805 Church of All Saints (Monument)
Evidence MSF12806 Church of All Saints (Monument)
Evidence MSF12810 Church of All Saints (Monument)
Evidence MSF12815 Church of All Saints (Monument)
Evidence MSF12823 Church of All Saints (Monument)
Evidence MSF12835 Church of All Saints (Monument)
Evidence MSF12849 Church of All Saints (Monument)
Evidence MSF13633 Church of All Saints (Monument)
Evidence MSF13646 Church of All Saints (Monument)
Evidence MSF13783 Church of All Saints (Monument)
Evidence MSF13870 Church of All Saints (Monument)
Evidence MSF13885 Church of All Saints (Monument)
Evidence MSF13898 Church of All Saints (Monument)
Evidence MSF13906 Church of All Saints (Monument)
Evidence MSF13911 Church of All Saints (Monument)
Evidence MSF13928 Church of All Saints (Monument)
Evidence MSF1401 Church of All Saints (Monument)
Evidence MSF14034 Church of All Saints (Monument)
Evidence MSF14037 Church of All Saints (Monument)
Evidence MSF14147 Church of All Saints (Monument)
Evidence MSF1439 Church of All Saints (Monument)
Evidence MSF14736 Church of All Saints (Monument)
Evidence MSF1534 Church of All Saints (Monument)
Evidence MSF1537 Church of All Saints (Monument)
Evidence MSF1684 Church of All Saints (Monument)
Evidence MSF2015 Church of All Saints (Monument)
Evidence MSF2016 Church of All Saints (Monument)
Evidence MSF2645 Church of All Saints (Monument)
Evidence MSF2648 Church of All Saints (Monument)
Evidence MSF2660 Church of All Saints (Monument)
Evidence MSF2695 Church of All Saints (Monument)
Evidence MSF2733 Church of All Saints (Monument)
Evidence MSF299 Church of All Saints (Monument)
Evidence MSF465 Church of All Saints (Monument)
Evidence MSF51 Church of All Saints (Monument)
Evidence MSF5134 Church of All Saints (Monument)
Evidence MSF5212 Church of All Saints (Monument)
Evidence MSF5482 Church of All Saints (Monument)
Evidence MSF755 Church of All Saints (Monument)
Evidence MSF13858 Church of All Saints, Wetheringsett (Monument)
Evidence MSF1679 Church of All Saints; Church of St Margaret (Monument)
Evidence MSF1019 Church of Holy Trinity (Med) (Monument)
Evidence MSF13909 Church of Holy Trinity (Monument)
Evidence MSF5461 Church of King Charles the Martyr (Med) (Monument)
Evidence MSF5462 Church of King Charles the Martyr (PMed) (Monument)
Evidence MSF12824 Church of Saint Andrew (Monument)
Evidence MSF12501 Church of St Andrew & St Eustachius (Monument)
Evidence MSF13333 Church of St Andrew (Building)
Evidence MSF13635 Church of St Andrew (Med) (Monument)
Evidence MSF1096 Church of St Andrew (Monument)
Evidence MSF11914 Church of St Andrew (Monument)
Evidence MSF12834 Church of St Andrew (Monument)
Evidence MSF12846 Church of St Andrew (Monument)
Evidence MSF13634 Church of St Andrew (Monument)
Evidence MSF13642 Church of St Andrew (Monument)
Evidence MSF13643 Church of St Andrew (Monument)
Evidence MSF13658 Church of St Andrew (Monument)
Evidence MSF13665 Church of St Andrew (Monument)
Evidence MSF13901 Church of St Andrew (Monument)
Evidence MSF13920 Church of St Andrew (Monument)
Evidence MSF13929 Church of St Andrew (Monument)
Evidence MSF13934 Church of St Andrew (Monument)
Evidence MSF13958 Church of St Andrew (Monument)
Evidence MSF14035 Church of St Andrew (Monument)
Evidence MSF14063 Church of St Andrew (Monument)
Evidence MSF14138 Church of St Andrew (Monument)
Evidence MSF14351 Church of St Andrew (Monument)
Evidence MSF1438 Church of St Andrew (Monument)
Evidence MSF14703 Church of St Andrew (Monument)
Evidence MSF1689 Church of St Andrew (Monument)
Evidence MSF189 Church of St Andrew (Monument)
Evidence MSF2027 Church of St Andrew (Monument)
Evidence MSF2659 Church of St Andrew (Monument)
Evidence MSF312 Church of St Andrew (Monument)
Evidence MSF7307 Church of St Andrew (Monument)
Evidence MSF9013 Church of St Andrew (Monument)
Evidence MSF2684 Church of St Andrew and St Patrick (Monument)
Evidence MSF5463 Church of St Augustine (Monument)
Evidence MSF11910 Church of St Bartholomew (Building)
Evidence MSF12826 Church of St Bartholomew (Monument)
Evidence MSF13948 Church of St Bartholomew (Monument)
Evidence MSF13987 Church of St Botolph (Monument)
Evidence MSF1547 Church of St Botolph (Monument)
Evidence MSF300 Church of St Botolph (Monument)
Evidence MSF13499 Church of St Catherine (Monument)
Evidence MSF13933 Church of St Catherine (Monument)
Evidence MSF30 Church of St Clare (Monument)
Evidence MSF2655 Church of St Denis (Monument)
Evidence MSF13823 Church of St Edmund (Building)
Evidence MSF12807 Church of St Edmund (Monument)
Evidence MSF13951 Church of St Edmund (Monument)
Evidence MSF1673 Church of St Edmund (Monument)
Evidence MSF796 Church of St Edmund (Monument)
Evidence MSF14142 Church of St Ethelbert (Monument)
Evidence MSF14145 Church of St Ethelbert (Monument)
Evidence MSF2021 Church of St Ethelbert (Monument)
Evidence MSF2686 Church of St Ethelbert (Monument)
Evidence MSF7194 Church of St Genevieve (Monument)
Evidence MSF12836 Church of St George (Monument)
Evidence MSF13324 Church of St George (Monument)
Evidence MSF13580 Church of St George (Monument)
Evidence MSF847 Church of St George, Sancroft (Monument)
Evidence MSF12811 Church of St Giles (Monument)
Evidence MSF13939 Church of St Gregory (Building)
Evidence MSF676 Church of St Gregory (Building)
Evidence MSF12602 Church of St Gregory (Med) (Monument)
Evidence MSF2699 Church of St James (Kenny Hill) (Monument)
Evidence MSF18360 Church of St James (Med) (Monument)
Evidence MSF12837 Church of St James (Monument)
Evidence MSF12843 Church of St James (Monument)
Evidence MSF13950 Church of St James (Monument)
Evidence MSF2702 Church of St James (Monument)
Evidence MSF5130 Church of St John (Monument)
Evidence MSF7385 Church of St John (Monument)
Evidence MSF12812 Church of St John Lateran (Building)
Evidence MSF11855 Church of St John the Baptist (Monument)
Evidence MSF13183 Church of St John the Baptist (Monument)
Evidence MSF13644 Church of St John the Baptist (Monument)
Evidence MSF13805 Church of St John the Baptist (Monument)
Evidence MSF13900 Church of St John the Baptist (Monument)
Evidence MSF13927 Church of St John the Baptist (Monument)
Evidence MSF13947 Church of St John the Baptist (Monument)
Evidence MSF14044 Church of St John the Baptist (Monument)
Evidence MSF14073 Church of St John the Baptist (Monument)
Evidence MSF14158 Church of St John the Baptist (Monument)
Evidence MSF1816 Church of St John the Baptist (Monument)
Evidence MSF2715 Church of St John the Baptist (Monument)
Evidence MSF6900 Church of St John the Divine (Monument)
Evidence MSF2698 Church of St John the Evangelist (Beck Row) (Monument)
Evidence MSF2656 Church of St Laurence (Monument)
Evidence MSF959 Church of St Lawrence (Med) (Monument)
Evidence MSF13949 Church of St Lawrence (Monument)
Evidence MSF5776 Church of St Lawrence (Monument)
Evidence MSF5790 Church of St Lawrence (Monument)
Evidence MSF13883 Church of St Lawrence (St Andrew) (Monument)
Evidence MSF11790 Church of St Leonard (Monument)
Evidence MSF12821 Church of St Leonard (Monument)
Evidence MSF431 Church of St Magdalene (Monument)
Evidence MSF18359 Church of St Margaret (Building)
Evidence MSF1134 Church of St Margaret (Monument)
Evidence MSF12803 Church of St Margaret (Monument)
Evidence MSF12804 Church of St Margaret (Monument)
Evidence MSF13608 Church of St Margaret (Monument)
Evidence MSF13647 Church of St Margaret (Monument)
Evidence MSF13833 Church of St Margaret (Monument)
Evidence MSF13865 Church of St Margaret (Monument)
Evidence MSF13921 Church of St Margaret (Monument)
Evidence MSF13953 Church of St Margaret (Monument)
Evidence MSF14062 Church of St Margaret (Monument)
Evidence MSF14716 Church of St Margaret (Monument)
Evidence MSF2653 Church of St Margaret (Monument)
Evidence MSF12028 Church of St Margaret; Sotterley Park (Monument)
Evidence MSF14131 Church of St Margaret; Linstead Chapel (1783) (Monument)
Evidence MSF2685 Church of St Martin (Monument)
Evidence MSF2688 Church of St Martin (Monument)
Evidence MSF13923 Church of St Mary & St Martin (Monument)
Evidence MSF13952 Church of St Mary (and St Lambert) (Monument)
Evidence MSF12831 Church of St Mary (Building)
Evidence MSF4426 Church of St Mary (Building)
Evidence MSF10019 Church of St Mary (Med) (Monument)
Evidence MSF11521 Church of St Mary (Med) (Monument)
Evidence MSF12523 Church of St Mary (Med) (Monument)
Evidence MSF13321 Church of St Mary (Med) (Monument)
Evidence MSF14052 Church of St Mary (Med) (Monument)
Evidence MSF14144 Church of St Mary (Med) (Monument)
Evidence MSF1676 Church of St Mary (Med) (Monument)
Evidence MSF1681 Church of St Mary (Med) (Monument)
Evidence MSF1688 Church of St Mary (Med) (Monument)
Evidence MSF1904 Church of St Mary (Med) (Monument)
Evidence MSF2019 Church of St Mary (Med) (Monument)
Evidence MSF2022 Church of St Mary (Med) (Monument)
Evidence MSF2025 Church of St Mary (Med) (Monument)
Evidence MSF2028 Church of St Mary (Med) (Monument)
Evidence MSF2513 Church of St Mary (Med) (Monument)
Evidence MSF352 Church of St Mary (Med) (Monument)
Evidence MSF3913 Church of St Mary (Med) (Monument)
Evidence MSF4210 Church of St Mary (Med) (Monument)
Evidence MSF471 Church of St Mary (Med) (Monument)
Evidence MSF6061 Church of St Mary (Med) (Monument)
Evidence MSF7576 Church of St Mary (Med) (Monument)
Evidence MSF8341 Church of St Mary (Med) (Monument)
Evidence MSF10596 Church of St Mary (Monument)
Evidence MSF10716 Church of St Mary (Monument)
Evidence MSF1074 Church of St Mary (Monument)
Evidence MSF10770 Church of St Mary (Monument)
Evidence MSF10834 Church of St Mary (Monument)
Evidence MSF10961 Church of St Mary (Monument)
Evidence MSF11519 Church of St Mary (Monument)
Evidence MSF11614 Church of St Mary (Monument)
Evidence MSF11911 Church of St Mary (Monument)
Evidence MSF11913 Church of St Mary (Monument)
Evidence MSF12268 Church of St Mary (Monument)
Evidence MSF12355 Church of St Mary (Monument)
Evidence MSF12433 Church of St Mary (Monument)
Evidence MSF12809 Church of St Mary (Monument)
Evidence MSF12813 Church of St Mary (Monument)
Evidence MSF12816 Church of St Mary (Monument)
Evidence MSF12832 Church of St Mary (Monument)
Evidence MSF12844 Church of St Mary (Monument)
Evidence MSF12845 Church of St Mary (Monument)
Evidence MSF12852 Church of St Mary (Monument)
Evidence MSF12901 Church of St Mary (Monument)
Evidence MSF13319 Church of St Mary (Monument)
Evidence MSF13328 Church of St Mary (Monument)
Evidence MSF13356 Church of St Mary (Monument)
Evidence MSF13475 Church of St Mary (Monument)
Evidence MSF13480 Church of St Mary (Monument)
Evidence MSF13482 Church of St Mary (Monument)
Evidence MSF13498 Church of St Mary (Monument)
Evidence MSF13575 Church of St Mary (Monument)
Evidence MSF13576 Church of St Mary (Monument)
Evidence MSF13606 Church of St Mary (Monument)
Evidence MSF13632 Church of St Mary (Monument)
Evidence MSF13636 Church of St Mary (Monument)
Evidence MSF13639 Church of St Mary (Monument)
Evidence MSF13648 Church of St Mary (Monument)
Evidence MSF13650 Church of St Mary (Monument)
Evidence MSF13651 Church of St Mary (Monument)
Evidence MSF13664 Church of St Mary (Monument)
Evidence MSF13673 Church of St Mary (Monument)
Evidence MSF13677 Church of St Mary (Monument)
Evidence MSF13681 Church of St Mary (Monument)
Evidence MSF13881 Church of St Mary (Monument)
Evidence MSF13889 Church of St Mary (Monument)
Evidence MSF13916 Church of St Mary (Monument)
Evidence MSF13926 Church of St Mary (Monument)
Evidence MSF13938 Church of St Mary (Monument)
Evidence MSF13944 Church of St Mary (Monument)
Evidence MSF13956 Church of St Mary (Monument)
Evidence MSF13959 Church of St Mary (Monument)
Evidence MSF13972 Church of St Mary (Monument)
Evidence MSF14061 Church of St Mary (Monument)
Evidence MSF14143 Church of St Mary (Monument)
Evidence MSF14146 Church of St Mary (Monument)
Evidence MSF14759 Church of St Mary (Monument)
Evidence MSF1675 Church of St Mary (Monument)
Evidence MSF1678 Church of St Mary (Monument)
Evidence MSF1680 Church of St Mary (Monument)
Evidence MSF1686 Church of St Mary (Monument)
Evidence MSF1687 Church of St Mary (Monument)
Evidence MSF214 Church of St Mary (Monument)
Evidence MSF2646 Church of St Mary (Monument)
Evidence MSF2647 Church of St Mary (Monument)
Evidence MSF2649 Church of St Mary (Monument)
Evidence MSF2658 Church of St Mary (Monument)
Evidence MSF2683 Church of St Mary (Monument)
Evidence MSF2689 Church of St Mary (Monument)
Evidence MSF2694 Church of St Mary (Monument)
Evidence MSF2696 Church of St Mary (Monument)
Evidence MSF430 Church of St Mary (Monument)
Evidence MSF4483 Church of St Mary (Monument)
Evidence MSF4511 Church of St Mary (Monument)
Evidence MSF4644 Church of St Mary (Monument)
Evidence MSF4663 Church of St Mary (Monument)
Evidence MSF5087 Church of St Mary (Monument)
Evidence MSF5275 Church of St Mary (Monument)
Evidence MSF5281 Church of St Mary (Monument)
Evidence MSF5452 Church of St Mary (Monument)
Evidence MSF5555 Church of St Mary (Monument)
Evidence MSF5695 Church of St Mary (Monument)
Evidence MSF5794 Church of St Mary (Monument)
Evidence MSF5826 Church of St Mary (Monument)
Evidence MSF6796 Church of St Mary (Monument)
Evidence MSF6935 Church of St Mary (Monument)
Evidence MSF7156 Church of St Mary (Monument)
Evidence MSF7591 Church of St Mary (Monument)
Evidence MSF2652 Church of St Mary (Naughton) (Monument)
Evidence MSF2661 Church of St Mary (Nedging) (Monument)
Evidence MSF1694 Church of St Mary (PMed) (Monument)
Evidence MSF18355 Church of St Mary (Sax) (Monument)
Evidence MSF976 Church of St Mary and remains of Benedictine nunnery (Building)
Evidence MSF14119 Church of St Mary and St Peter (Monument)
Evidence MSF14064 Church of St Mary Magdalene (Monument)
Evidence MSF685 Church of St Mary Magdalene, Withersdale (Monument)
Evidence MSF4917 Church of St Mary Magdelene, Westerfield, Ipswich, (IAS 8402). (Monument)
Evidence MSF13891 Church of St Mary of Grace (Monument)
Evidence MSF10481 Church of St Mary the Virgin (Monument)
Evidence MSF1683 Church of St Mary the Virgin (Monument)
Evidence MSF8187 Church of St Mary the Virgin (Monument)
Evidence MSF13274 Church of St Mary the Virgin, Walton. (Monument)
Evidence MSF10939 Church of St Mary, Badley. (Monument)
Evidence MSF442 Church of St Mary, Mildenhall. (Med) (Monument)
Evidence MSF8199 Church of St Mary; Church of St Thomas & St Mary (Monument)
Evidence MSF4984 Church of St Mary-le-Tower, Tower Street, Ipswich, (IAS 0902). (Monument)
Evidence MSF4391 Church of St Mary's (Monument)
Evidence MSF4699 Church of St Mary's (Monument)
Evidence MSF10256 Church of St Michael & All Angels (Monument)
Evidence MSF1376 Church of St Michael (Building)
Evidence MSF1710 Church of St Michael (Building)
Evidence MSF13932 Church of St Michael (Med) (Monument)
Evidence MSF13649 Church of St Michael (Monument)
Evidence MSF13931 Church of St Michael (Monument)
Evidence MSF13935 Church of St Michael (Monument)
Evidence MSF13971 Church of St Michael (Monument)
Evidence MSF14046 Church of St Michael (Monument)
Evidence MSF14110 Church of St Michael (Monument)
Evidence MSF1674 Church of St Michael (Monument)
Evidence MSF7610 Church of St Michael (Monument)
Evidence MSF13645 Church of St Nicholas (Med) (Monument)
Evidence MSF12436 Church of St Nicholas (Monument)
Evidence MSF13962 Church of St Nicholas (Monument)
Evidence MSF2024 Church of St Nicholas (Monument)
Evidence MSF2690 Church of St Nicholas (Monument)
Evidence MSF2691 Church of St Nicholas (Monument)
Evidence MSF5217 Church of St Nicholas (Monument)
Evidence MSF6533 Church of St Nicholas (Monument)
Evidence MSF16069 Church of St Nicholas, Landwade (Monument)
Evidence MSF12848 Church of St Peter & St Paul (Building)
Evidence MSF6015 Church of St Peter & St Paul (Med) (Monument)
Evidence MSF2679 Church of St Peter (and St Paul) (Med) (Monument)
Evidence MSF14130 Church of St Peter (Building)
Evidence MSF11879 Church of St Peter (Med) (Monument)
Evidence MSF1925 Church of St Peter (Med) (Monument)
Evidence MSF4456 Church of St Peter (Med) (Monument)
Evidence MSF7179 Church of St Peter (Med) (Monument)
Evidence MSF11077 Church of St Peter (Monument)
Evidence MSF11616 Church of St Peter (Monument)
Evidence MSF12818 Church of St Peter (Monument)
Evidence MSF12833 Church of St Peter (Monument)
Evidence MSF13481 Church of St Peter (Monument)
Evidence MSF13809 Church of St Peter (Monument)
Evidence MSF13874 Church of St Peter (Monument)
Evidence MSF13875 Church of St Peter (Monument)
Evidence MSF13892 Church of St Peter (Monument)
Evidence MSF13899 Church of St Peter (Monument)
Evidence MSF13905 Church of St Peter (Monument)
Evidence MSF13915 Church of St Peter (Monument)
Evidence MSF14001 Church of St Peter (Monument)
Evidence MSF14045 Church of St Peter (Monument)
Evidence MSF14109 Church of St Peter (Monument)
Evidence MSF14121 Church of St Peter (Monument)
Evidence MSF14148 Church of St Peter (Monument)
Evidence MSF14344 Church of St Peter (Monument)
Evidence MSF2017 Church of St Peter (Monument)
Evidence MSF2230 Church of St Peter (Monument)
Evidence MSF2650 Church of St Peter (Monument)
Evidence MSF2651 Church of St Peter (Monument)
Evidence MSF2677 Church of St Peter (Monument)
Evidence MSF2678 Church of St Peter (Monument)
Evidence MSF4652 Church of St Peter (Monument)
Evidence MSF5809 Church of St Peter (Monument)
Evidence MSF5822 Church of St Peter (Monument)
Evidence MSF3843 Church of St Peter (Rectory) (Monument)
Evidence MSF2654 Church of St Peter (remains) (Monument)
Evidence MSF18354 Church of St Peter (Sax) (Monument)
Evidence MSF18356 Church of St Peter (Sax) (Monument)
Evidence MSF2700 Church of St Peter (West Row) (Monument)
Evidence MSF13998 Church of St Peter and Paul (Monument)
Evidence MSF10981 Church of St Peter and St Mary (& St Paul) (Med) (Monument)
Evidence MSF13917 Church of St Peter and St Paul (Med) (Monument)
Evidence MSF13676 Church of St Peter and St Paul (Monument)
Evidence MSF1682 Church of St Peter and St Paul (Monument)
Evidence MSF14058 Church of St Peter, Blaxhall (Building)
Evidence MSF14059 Church of St Peter, Carlton (Monument)
Evidence MSF1696 Church of St Peter, Gunton (Monument)
Evidence MSF13674 Church of St Peter, Monk Soham (Building)
Evidence MSF12825 Church of St Peter, Nowton (Building)
Evidence MSF13954 Church of St Peter, Wenhaston (Monument)
Evidence MSF8295 Church of St Peter. (Med) (Monument)
Evidence MSF2692 Church of St Thomas a Becket (Monument)
Evidence MSF13472 Church of St. Mary (Monument)
Evidence MSF16928 Church of St. Mary at the Elms, Elm Street, Ipswich, (IAS 1706). (Monument)
Evidence MSF16930 Church of St. Mary at the Quay, Foundation Street, Ipswich (IAS 5802). (Monument)
Evidence MSF4931 Church of St. Mary, Stoke, Ipswich, (IAS 7101) (Monument)
Evidence MSF14132 Church of the Holy Trinity, Middleton; Holy Trinity, Fordley (Monument)
Evidence MSF13483 Church of the Holy Trinity; (Monument)
Evidence MSF1662 Church of the Most Holy Trinity (Building)
Evidence MSF24259 Churchgate Farm, Lakenheath (PMed) (Monument)
Evidence MSF34343 Churchyard of St. Mary Le Tower Church, Tower Street, Ipswich, (IAS 1201) (Monument)
Evidence MSF13656 Churchyard of the Church of St Andrew (Monument)
Evidence MSF14159 Churchyard, Church of St Andrew, (Monument)
Evidence MSF38320 Clamp Farmhouse, Mill Lane (Building)
Evidence MSF38044 Clock House Barn, Clockhouse Lane (Building)
Evidence MSF6301 Clopton Hall (Monument)
Evidence MSF37513 Coach & Horses, 41 Upper Brook Street, Ipswich (Building)
Evidence MSF27299 Coach House and Stables, Beyton House (Building)
Evidence MSF35228 Coach House rear of Lushington House 119 High Street (Building)
Evidence MSF27663 Coach House, High Hall (Building)
Evidence MSF26660 Coach House, Poslingford House (Building)
Evidence MSF27229 Cobbler's Cottage (Building)
Evidence MSF17541 Cobbolds Mill (Monument)
Evidence MSF34990 Cobra mist (Monument)
Evidence MSF37510 Cock & Pye, 13 Upper Brook Street, Ipswich (Building)
Evidence MSF28441 Cockfield Railway Station (Monument)
Evidence MSF13228 Cocks Hill (PMed) (Monument)
Evidence MSF28293 Coddenahm Hall (Building)
Evidence MSF9991 Coldham Cottage (RC Chapel) (Monument)
Evidence MSF11891 Coldham Hall (PMed) (Monument)
Evidence MSF25651 College Barn (Building)
Evidence MSF25661 Colt's Hall (Building)
Evidence MSF27231 Colts Hall Barn (Building)
Evidence MSF5377 Columbine Hall (Monument)
Evidence MSF34959 Control Room circa 1960 (Monument)
Evidence MSF34970 Control Room, circa 1956 (Monument)
Evidence MSF25640 Control tower at Lavenham Airfield (Building)
Evidence MSF6249 Convent of Crutched Friars (site of) (Monument)
Evidence MSF18139 Copdock Mill; Belstead Brook (Monument)
Evidence MSF25551 Cordell Hall Farm (Building)
Evidence MSF27260 Cordwainers (Building)
Evidence MSF8244 Corn Mills marked on OS map of 1890 (S1) (R1). (Monument)
Evidence MSF25656 Corner House (Building)
Evidence MSF27343 Cottage Farm (Building)
Evidence MSF25645 Cottage Farmhouse (Building)
Evidence MSF10906 County Gaol; The Fort (Monument)
Evidence MSF14968 Cove Bottom Brickworks (Monument)
Evidence MSF37963 Cox Farmhouse, Cox Hill (Building)
Evidence MSF38180 Crabbes Farm (Farmstead)
Evidence MSF22621 Cransford Lodge; Wood Lodge (Monument)
Evidence MSF25348 Crooked Cottage (Building)
Evidence MSF27659 Crown House (Building)
Evidence MSF4151 Crows Hall (Monument)
Evidence MSF11046 Culford Hall; Culford School (Monument)
Evidence MSF31374 Cumberland House, 17 Cumberland Street (Building)
Evidence MSF13620 Dagworth Hall farmstead (PMed) (Monument)
Evidence MSF27258 Dairy Farm (Building)
Evidence MSF14012 Dalham Hall and Park (Monument)
Evidence MSF26755 Dalham Hall Stables (Building)
Evidence MSF27649 Darsham Methodist Chapel (Building)
Evidence MSF14934 Darsham Old Hall (Monument)
Evidence MSF25658 Dashes Farm (Building)
Evidence MSF5193 Deanery Tower and ice-house (Monument)
Evidence MSF13123 Debenham Hall or Goslings Hall (Monument)
Evidence MSF11551 Debenham Mill (Monument)
Evidence MSF13829 Denston Hall; Denston Park (PMed) (Monument)
Evidence MSF31496 Dial Farm, Coddenham Green (Building)
Evidence MSF38302 Dingle Stone House, Dingle Hill (Building)
Evidence MSF20088 Disused Post Medieval windmill. (Monument)
Evidence MSF20089 Disused Post Medieval windmill. (Monument)
Evidence MXS18749 Diver Strip Diver Battery S11 & SC11 (Monument)
Evidence MXS18752 Diver Strip Diver Battery S16 (Monument)
Evidence MSF37677 Dovecote and Summer House (Building)
Evidence MSF6001 Dovecote NW of Parish Church (Building)
Evidence MSF25187 Dovecote, Polstead Ponds Farm (Monument)
Evidence MSF26656 Downbridge Barn (Building)
Evidence MSF6345 Drinkstone Post Mill (Building)
Evidence MSF16049 Drinkstone Smock Mill (Monument)
Evidence MSF27667 Dukes Farm Barns (Building)
Evidence MSF3194 Earl Soham Lodge (Monument)
Evidence MSF26560 East House (Building)
Evidence MSF25071 Easton Farm Park (Monument)
Evidence MSF5428 Ebb's Farm, Bildeston Road (Monument)
Evidence MSF31376 Ebbs farmhouse and barn (Building)
Evidence MSF5393 Edgars Farm (Monument)
Evidence MSF34964 Electrical Sub Station 2 circa 1961 (Monument)
Evidence MSF24221 Elm Farm; Elm Hall (Monument)
Evidence MSF25497 Elms Farm Barn (Building)
Evidence MSF24400 Elmswell Almhouses (Monument)
Evidence MSF6895 Elmswell Hall (Monument)
Evidence MSF8586 Elveden Hall (Monument)
Evidence MSF25279 Ennals Farmhouse (Building)
Evidence MSF27237 Eriswell Hall (Building)
Evidence MXS20383 Erwarton Hall (Monument)
Evidence MSF13154 Euston Hall; Hall Bridge (Monument)
Evidence MSF22650 Euston Park (Monument)
Evidence MSF3997 Eye Priory Guesthouse (Building)
Evidence MSF37956 Farm Building at Brook Farm (Building)
Evidence MSF25278 Farm building at Dale Farm (Building)
Evidence MSF25330 Farm building at Doveshill Farm (Building)
Evidence MSF25291 Farm buildings at Badley Hall (Building)
Evidence MSF25546 Farm buildings at Barrow Hall Farm (Building)
Evidence MSF26561 Farm buildings at Bears Farm (Building)
Evidence MSF25296 Farm buildings at Beck Lodge Farm (Building)
Evidence MSF25378 Farm buildings at Boundary Farm (Building)
Evidence MSF25314 Farm buildings at Brickhouse Farm (Building)
Evidence MSF25246 Farm buildings at Bryers Farm (Building)
Evidence MSF25305 Farm buildings at Burt's Farm (Building)
Evidence MSF25283 Farm buildings at Causeway House Farm (Building)
Evidence MSF25300 Farm buildings at Chadacre Home Farm (Building)
Evidence MSF25306 Farm buildings at Chevers Farm (now known as the Laurels) (Building)
Evidence MSF25387 Farm buildings at Church Farm (Building)
Evidence MSF25297 Farm buildings at Cocks Green Farm (Building)
Evidence MSF25292 Farm buildings at Cranley Hall (Building)
Evidence MSF25431 Farm buildings at Falcon's Hall (Building)
Evidence MSF25280 Farm buildings at Fenn Farm (Building)
Evidence MSF25286 Farm buildings at Gallowgate Farm (Building)
Evidence MSF25351 Farm buildings at Grange Farm (Building)
Evidence MSF25380 Farm buildings at Grange Farm (Building)
Evidence MSF25359 Farm buildings at Green Farm (Building)
Evidence MSF25329 Farm buildings at Greenwood Farm (Building)
Evidence MSF25294 Farm buildings at Hall Farm (Building)
Evidence MSF25382 Farm buildings at Hall Farm (Building)
Evidence MSF25287 Farm buildings at Hawkedon Hall Farm (Building)
Evidence MSF25285 Farm buildings at High Trees Farm (Building)
Evidence MSF25373 Farm buildings at Hill Farm (Building)
Evidence MSF37782 Farm buildings at Home Farm (Building)
Evidence MSF25299 Farm buildings at Lackford Hall (Building)
Evidence MSF25562 Farm buildings at Lane Farm (Building)
Evidence MSF25269 Farm buildings at Luckey's farm (Building)
Evidence MSF25021 Farm buildings at Manor Farm, Barham (Building)
Evidence MSF37333 Farm buildings at Marsh Farm (Building)
Evidence MSF25545 Farm buildings at Moat Farm (Building)
Evidence MSF25357 Farm buildings at Norton Hall (Building)
Evidence MSF25360 Farm buildings at Onehouse Hall (Building)
Evidence MSF25303 Farm buildings at Park Farm (Building)
Evidence MSF25282 Farm buildings at Peppertree farm (Building)
Evidence MSF38033 Farm Buildings at Pettistree Hall (Barn Complex A) (Building)
Evidence MSF25315 Farm buildings at Place Farm (Building)
Evidence MSF25810 Farm buildings at Rashbrooks Farm (Monument)
Evidence MSF25611 Farm buildings at Rookery Farm (Building)
Evidence MSF25320 Farm buildings at Roydon Hall (Building)
Evidence MSF25274 Farm buildings at Scotland Place Farm (Building)
Evidence MSF25415 Farm buildings at Searson's Farm (Building)
Evidence MSF25381 Farm buildings at Shelley Dairy (Building)
Evidence MSF37076 Farm buildings at Sotherton Hall, King's Lane (Building)
Evidence MSF25444 Farm buildings at Sotterley Park (Building)
Evidence MSF25304 Farm buildings at Street Farm (Building)
Evidence MSF38034 Farm Buildings at Sutton Hall (Building)
Evidence MSF25290 Farm buildings at Swans Hall (Building)
Evidence MSF25273 Farm buildings at Tendring Hall Farm (Building)
Evidence MSF25550 Farm buildings at the Rookery (Building)
Evidence MSF25289 Farm buildings at Thurston Hall (Building)
Evidence MSF25307 Farm buildings at Tostock House Farm (Building)
Evidence MSF25412 Farm buildings at Tudor Grange (LA) HA (Building)
Evidence MSF25390 Farm buildings at Wangford Hall (Building)
Evidence MSF38030 Farm Buildings at West Farm House Farm (Building)
Evidence MSF35545 Farm Buildings at White House Farm (Building)
Evidence MSF37962 Farm Buildings at White House Farm, Rackham's Corner (Building)
Evidence MSF25284 Farm buildings at Whitehouse Farm (Building)
Evidence MSF37072 Farm Buildings at Whitehouse Farm (Building)
Evidence MSF25318 Farm buildings at Winston Hall Farm (Building)
Evidence MSF25374 Farm buildings at World's End Farm (Building)
Evidence MSF25443 Farm buildings at Wrenshall Farm (Building)
Evidence MSF25022 Farm buildings, Malt Office Farm, Metfield (Building)
Evidence MSF25018 Farm buildings, Retreat Farm, Flixton (Building)
Evidence MSF25271 Farmhouse and outbuildings at Mill Farm (Building)
Evidence MSF38891 Farmhouse: Chantry Farm (Park House) (Farmstead)
Evidence MSF39159 Farmstead Offhand Farm (Farmstead)
Evidence MSF24646 Farmstead, Buces Farm, Mendlesham (Farmstead)
Evidence MSF39374 Farmstead: (Cracklands Farm) (Farmstead)
Evidence MSF38754 Farmstead: (Fernhill Farm) (Farmstead)
Evidence MSF39388 Farmstead: (Home pightle house & yard) (Farmstead)
Evidence MSF39390 Farmstead: (Low Farm) (Farmstead)
Evidence MSF39167 Farmstead: (Unknown) (Farmstead)
Evidence MSF38471 Farmstead: (Yewtree Farm) (Farmstead)
Evidence MSF38747 Farmstead: 37 Tye Green (Rectory) (Farmstead)
Evidence MSF24703 Farmstead: Abbey Farm (Farmstead)
Evidence MSF39326 Farmstead: Abbey Farm (Farmstead)
Evidence MSF39544 Farmstead: Abbey Farm (Farmstead)
Evidence MSF39573 Farmstead: Abbey Farm (Farmstead)
Evidence MSF39597 Farmstead: Abbey Farm (Farmstead)
Evidence MSF39835 Farmstead: Abbey Farm (Farmstead)
Evidence MSF39049 Farmstead: Akenham Hall Farm (Farmstead)
Evidence MSF38534 Farmstead: Alderton Hall (Farmstead)
Evidence MSF39546 Farmstead: Aldhurst Farm (Rookwood Farm) (Farmstead)
Evidence MSF38506 Farmstead: Aldridge's Farm (Farmstead)
Evidence MSF39773 Farmstead: Appletree Farm (Farmstead)
Evidence MSF38925 Farmstead: Ash Farm (Farmstead)
Evidence MSF38893 Farmstead: Ash Green Farm (Farmstead)
Evidence MSF39179 Farmstead: Ashbocking Hall (Farmstead)
Evidence MSF38585 Farmstead: Ashes Farm (Cutts & Corbetts Farm) (Farmstead)
Evidence MSF39157 Farmstead: Ashfield Hall (Farmstead)
Evidence MSF39268 Farmstead: Ashfield Hall (Farmstead)
Evidence MSF37784 Farmstead: Ashfield Lodge, Clowe's Corner (Farmstead)
Evidence MSF39154 Farmstead: Ashfield Place (Farmstead)
Evidence MSF39502 Farmstead: Ashgrove Farm (Farmstead)
Evidence MSF38889 Farmstead: Ashmoor Hall (Ashmere Hall) (Farmstead)
Evidence MSF37836 Farmstead: Aspall Hall (Farmstead)
Evidence MSF39387 Farmstead: Aspall House (Farmstead)
Evidence MSF39394 Farmstead: Athelington Hall (Farmstead)
Evidence MSF39002 Farmstead: Avenue Farm (Farmstead)
Evidence MSF39404 Farmstead: Bacton Hall (Farmstead)
Evidence MSF39402 Farmstead: Bacton Old Hall (Farmstead)
Evidence MSF39401 Farmstead: Badwell Green Farm (Farmstead)
Evidence MSF39563 Farmstead: Bane's Farm (Farmstead)
Evidence MSF39319 Farmstead: Barn Farm (Farmstead)
Evidence MSF38550 Farmstead: Batt's Farm (Farmstead)
Evidence MSF38549 Farmstead: Bawdsey Hall (Farmstead)
Evidence MSF35039 Farmstead: Beaconhill Farm (Farmstead)
Evidence MSF38610 Farmstead: Bealings Hall (Farmstead)
Evidence MSF38580 Farmstead: Bears Farm (Barrack Farmhouse) (Farmstead)
Evidence MSF39559 Farmstead: Bedwell's Farm (Farmstead)
Evidence MSF39476 Farmstead: Beech Tree Farmhouse (Farmstead)
Evidence MSF39064 Farmstead: Beechlane Farm (Farmstead)
Evidence MSF24709 Farmstead: Bendalls Farm (Farmstead)
Evidence MSF37357 Farmstead: Bentries Farm (Farmstead)
Evidence MSF25264 Farmstead: Bernersfield Farm (Farmstead)
Evidence MSF39522 Farmstead: Billeaford Hall (Farmstead)
Evidence MSF25019 Farmstead: Blackbarn Farm (Farmstead)
Evidence MSF38652 Farmstead: Blaxhall Hall (Farmstead)
Evidence MSF39640 Farmstead: Bloomfields Farm (Farmstead)
Evidence MSF39325 Farmstead: Bloomville Hall (Farmstead)
Evidence MSF39177 Farmstead: Bloss's Barn (Farmstead)
Evidence MSF38524 Farmstead: Blue House (Farmstead)
Evidence MSF38469 Farmstead: Boats Hall (Farmstead)
Evidence MSF27273 Farmstead: Bond's Manor (Redhouse Farm) (Farmstead)
Evidence MSF39151 Farmstead: Borrett's Farm (Farmstead)
Evidence MSF39272 Farmstead: Botany Farm (Farmstead)
Evidence MSF39603 Farmstead: Botany Farm (Farmstead)
Evidence MSF39709 Farmstead: Botany Farm (Farmstead)
Evidence MSF38725 Farmstead: Boundary Farm (Farmstead)
Evidence MSF39142 Farmstead: Boundary Farm (Farmstead)
Evidence MSF39227 Farmstead: Boundary Farm (Farmstead)
Evidence MSF39232 Farmstead: Boundary Farm (Farmstead)
Evidence MSF39475 Farmstead: Boundary Farm (Farmstead)
Evidence MSF39087 Farmstead: Bourne Lodge (Farmstead)
Evidence MSF39048 Farmstead: Bower Farm (Farmstead)
Evidence MSF38567 Farmstead: Bowling Green Farm (Farmstead)
Evidence MSF38749 Farmstead: Boyton Hall Farm (Farmstead)
Evidence MSF38685 Farmstead: Bramfield Folly (Page's Folly) (Farmstead)
Evidence MSF38757 Farmstead: Brandeston Hall (Farmstead)
Evidence MSF24695 Farmstead: Brick Kiln Farm (Farmstead)
Evidence MSF38587 Farmstead: Brick Kiln Farm (Farmstead)
Evidence MSF39759 Farmstead: Brickwall Farm (Farmstead)
Evidence MSF24706 Farmstead: Bridge Farm (Farmstead)
Evidence MSF38756 Farmstead: Bridge Farm (Farmstead)
Evidence MSF38923 Farmstead: Bridge Farm (Farmstead)
Evidence MSF38966 Farmstead: Bridge Farm (Farmstead)
Evidence MSF39572 Farmstead: Bridge Farm (Farmstead)
Evidence MSF39608 Farmstead: Bridge Farm (Farmstead)
Evidence MSF39706 Farmstead: Bridge Farm (Farmstead)
Evidence MSF39488 Farmstead: Bridge Farm (Glebe Farm) (Farmstead)
Evidence MSF38689 Farmstead: Bridge Farm (Hillhouse Farm) (Farmstead)
Evidence MSF39321 Farmstead: Bridge House Farm (Farmstead)
Evidence MSF39472 Farmstead: Brightmere Farm (Farmstead)
Evidence MSF38695 Farmstead: Bright's Farm (Farmstead)
Evidence MSF38630 Farmstead: Brightwell Hall (Farmstead)
Evidence MSF27222 Farmstead: Broad Oak Farm (Farmstead)
Evidence MSF39772 Farmstead: Broadoak Farm (Farmstead)
Evidence MSF39255 Farmstead: Broadwater (Farmstead)
Evidence MSF39257 Farmstead: Broadwater Farm (Farmstead)
Evidence MSF39609 Farmstead: Brokehall Farm (Farmstead)
Evidence MSF38903 Farmstead: Brook Farm (Farmstead)
Evidence MSF38978 Farmstead: Brook Farm (Farmstead)
Evidence MSF39085 Farmstead: Brook Farm (Farmstead)
Evidence MSF39235 Farmstead: Brook Farm (Farmstead)
Evidence MSF39461 Farmstead: Brook Farm (Farmstead)
Evidence MSF38679 Farmstead: Brook Hall (Farmstead)
Evidence MSF39639 Farmstead: Brook House Farm (Farmstead)
Evidence MSF38753 Farmstead: Broom Farm (Farmstead)
Evidence MSF39115 Farmstead: Brown's Farm (Farmstead)
Evidence MSF38772 Farmstead: Bruisyard Hall (Farmstead)
Evidence MSF39455 Farmstead: Brunswick Farm (Farmstead)
Evidence MSF39069 Farmstead: Brussel's Green Farm (Farmstead)
Evidence MSF38982 Farmstead: Buck's Farm (Farmstead)
Evidence MSF38635 Farmstead: Bulcamp House (Bulcamp Farm) (Farmstead)
Evidence MSF39277 Farmstead: Bull's Hall Farm (Farmstead)
Evidence MSF38690 Farmstead: Bunkers Hill Farm (Farmstead)
Evidence MSF38884 Farmstead: Burgh Farm (Brickwall Farm) (Farmstead)
Evidence MSF25102 Farmstead: Burgh Farm (Farmstead)
Evidence MSF38967 Farmstead: Burnt Farm/Regal House (Unknown/Regall House) (Farmstead)
Evidence MSF39274 Farmstead: Burnt House Farm (Farmstead)
Evidence MSF39828 Farmstead: Burrowshill Farm (Farmstead)
Evidence MSF38972 Farmstead: Bush Hill Farm (Farmstead)
Evidence MSF38808 Farmstead: Butley Abbey Farm (Farmstead)
Evidence MSF38802 Farmstead: Butleyferry Farm (Farmstead)
Evidence MSF38906 Farmstead: Buttons Farm (Farmstead)
Evidence MSF39518 Farmstead: Buxlow Manor (Redhouse Farm) (Farmstead)
Evidence MSF39791 Farmstead: Byng Hall (Farmstead)
Evidence MSF25263 Farmstead: Canada Farm (Farmstead)
Evidence MSF39406 Farmstead: Canhams Farm (Canham's Green Farm) (Farmstead)
Evidence MSF39027 Farmstead: Cantley Farm (Farmstead)
Evidence MSF39499 Farmstead: Carlton Green Farm (Farmstead)
Evidence MSF39222 Farmstead: Castle Farm (Farmstead)
Evidence MSF38570 Farmstead: Castle Farm (Mottshall Farm) (Farmstead)
Evidence MSF38688 Farmstead: Castle Meadow (Castle Farm) (Farmstead)
Evidence MSF39724 Farmstead: Castlehill Farm (Farmstead)
Evidence MSF38944 Farmstead: Catts Hill Farmhouse (Farmstead)
Evidence MSF38961 Farmstead: Chalk Farm (Farmstead)
Evidence MSF38732 Farmstead: Chalk Hall Farm (Larling Farm) (Farmstead)
Evidence MSF39670 Farmstead: Chantry Farm (Farmstead)
Evidence MSF25628 Farmstead: Chapel Farm (Farmstead)
Evidence MSF38623 Farmstead: Chapel Farm (Farmstead)
Evidence MSF39714 Farmstead: Chapel Farm (Farmstead)
Evidence MSF39358 Farmstead: Chapel House/Nebbits Barn (Elmswell Road Farm) (Farmstead)
Evidence MSF38821 Farmstead: Charity Farm (Farmstead)
Evidence MSF39689 Farmstead: Charity Farm (Farmstead)
Evidence MSF39225 Farmstead: Charnwood (Wood's Farm) (Farmstead)
Evidence MSF38613 Farmstead: Cherry Tree Farm (Farmstead)
Evidence MSF39525 Farmstead: Cherry Tree Farm (Farmstead)
Evidence MSF38560 Farmstead: Cherry Tree Farm (Trust Farm) (Farmstead)
Evidence MSF38488 Farmstead: Cherry Tree Farm (Unknown) (Farmstead)
Evidence MSF38591 Farmstead: Cherry Tree Farm (Unknown) (Farmstead)
Evidence MSF39236 Farmstead: Cherrytree Farm (Farmstead)
Evidence MSF37971 Farmstead: Chesnut Tree Farm (Farmstead)
Evidence MSF38494 Farmstead: Chesnut Tree Farm (Farmstead)
Evidence MSF38936 Farmstead: Chillesford Lodge (Farmstead)
Evidence MSF39444 Farmstead: Chivers Farm (Farmstead)
Evidence MSF38298 Farmstead: Church Fam (Farmstead)
Evidence MSF26555 Farmstead: Church Farm (Farmstead)
Evidence MSF38626 Farmstead: Church Farm (Farmstead)
Evidence MSF38633 Farmstead: Church Farm (Farmstead)
Evidence MSF38701 Farmstead: Church Farm (Farmstead)
Evidence MSF38714 Farmstead: Church Farm (Farmstead)
Evidence MSF38823 Farmstead: Church Farm (Farmstead)
Evidence MSF38887 Farmstead: Church Farm (Farmstead)
Evidence MSF38922 Farmstead: Church Farm (Farmstead)
Evidence MSF38935 Farmstead: Church Farm (Farmstead)
Evidence MSF38979 Farmstead: Church Farm (Farmstead)
Evidence MSF38996 Farmstead: Church Farm (Farmstead)
Evidence MSF39039 Farmstead: Church Farm (Farmstead)
Evidence MSF39093 Farmstead: Church Farm (Farmstead)
Evidence MSF39124 Farmstead: Church Farm (Farmstead)
Evidence MSF39156 Farmstead: Church Farm (Farmstead)
Evidence MSF39306 Farmstead: Church Farm (Farmstead)
Evidence MSF39327 Farmstead: Church Farm (Farmstead)
Evidence MSF39395 Farmstead: Church Farm (Farmstead)
Evidence MSF39431 Farmstead: Church Farm (Farmstead)
Evidence MSF39460 Farmstead: Church Farm (Farmstead)
Evidence MSF39509 Farmstead: Church Farm (Farmstead)
Evidence MSF39566 Farmstead: Church Farm (Farmstead)
Evidence MSF39781 Farmstead: Church Farm (Farmstead)
Evidence MSF39825 Farmstead: Church Farm (Farmstead)
Evidence MSF39122 Farmstead: Church Farm (Hospital Farm) (Farmstead)
Evidence MSF38584 Farmstead: Church Farm (Lodge Farm) (Farmstead)
Evidence MSF39436 Farmstead: Church Farm (Red House Farm) (Farmstead)
Evidence MSF38771 Farmstead: Church Farm (Rookery Farm) (Farmstead)
Evidence MSF39005 Farmstead: Church Farm (Westhall Farm) (Farmstead)
Evidence MSF38743 Farmstead: Churchgate Farm (Farmstead)
Evidence MSF39096 Farmstead: Clayhill Farm (Farmstead)
Evidence MSF24663 Farmstead: Cliff House (Farmstead)
Evidence MSF38748 Farmstead: Clockhouse Farm (Farmstead)
Evidence MSF38963 Farmstead: Clopton Hall (Farmstead)
Evidence MSF39514 Farmstead: Clouting's Farm (Farmstead)
Evidence MSF38773 Farmstead: College Farm (Farmstead)
Evidence MSF38985 Farmstead: College Farm (Farmstead)
Evidence MSF38589 Farmstead: Colston Hall (Farmstead)
Evidence MSF39554 Farmstead: Common Farm (Farmstead)
Evidence MSF39586 Farmstead: Common Farm (Farmstead)
Evidence MSF38975 Farmstead: Cookley Grange Farm (Farmstead)
Evidence MSF25350 Farmstead: Cookley Green Farm (Farmstead)
Evidence MSF38937 Farmstead: Cook's Barn (Farmstead)
Evidence MSF39031 Farmstead: Coppings (Farmstead)
Evidence MSF38490 Farmstead: Corner Farm (Banyard's Green Farm) (Farmstead)
Evidence MSF39312 Farmstead: Corner Farm (Farmstead)
Evidence MSF39367 Farmstead: Corner Farm (Farmstead)
Evidence MSF39829 Farmstead: Corner Farm (Rottenend Farm) (Farmstead)
Evidence MSF39507 Farmstead: Corporation Farm (Farmstead)
Evidence MSF39713 Farmstead: Corporation Farm (Farmstead)
Evidence MSF38736 Farmstead: Cottage Farm (Farmstead)
Evidence MSF38825 Farmstead: Coulton Farm (Farmstead)
Evidence MSF39218 Farmstead: Countess Wells Farm (Farmstead)
Evidence MSF38752 Farmstead: Court Farm (Farmstead)
Evidence MSF39191 Farmstead: Cowpasture Farm (Farmstead)
Evidence MSF39016 Farmstead: Cratfield Hall (Farmstead)
Evidence MSF39044 Farmstead: Cratfield Lodge (Farmstead)
Evidence MSF39001 Farmstead: Cretingham Lodge (Farmstead)
Evidence MSF39511 Farmstead: Croft Farm (Farmstead)
Evidence MSF39553 Farmstead: Crown Farm (Farmstead)
Evidence MSF39223 Farmstead: Culpho Farm (Farmstead)
Evidence MSF39060 Farmstead: Culpho Hall (Farmstead)
Evidence MSF24699 Farmstead: Dairy Farm (Farmstead)
Evidence MSF39214 Farmstead: Dairy Farm (Farmstead)
Evidence MSF39130 Farmstead: Dale Farm (Farmstead)
Evidence MSF39077 Farmstead: Dallinghoo Hall (Farmstead)
Evidence MSF39070 Farmstead: Darsham Hall (Farmstead)
Evidence MSF39073 Farmstead: Debach House (Farmstead)
Evidence MSF39203 Farmstead: Deben Lodge (Farmstead)
Evidence MSF24693 Farmstead: Decoy Farm (Farmstead)
Evidence MSF39285 Farmstead: Decoy Farm (Farmstead)
Evidence MSF35052 Farmstead: Dennington Hall Farm (Farmstead)
Evidence MSF39108 Farmstead: Dennington Lodge (Farmstead)
Evidence MSF39090 Farmstead: Dennington Place (Farmstead)
Evidence MSF39478 Farmstead: Dennys Farm (Farmstead)
Evidence MSF38624 Farmstead: Dewells Farm House (Farmstead)
Evidence MSF38693 Farmstead: Dew's Farm (Dice's Farm) (Farmstead)
Evidence MSF38297 Farmstead: Dial Farm (Farmstead)
Evidence MSF39123 Farmstead: Dingle Farm (Farmstead)
Evidence MSF38751 Farmstead: Dock Farm (Farmstead)
Evidence MSF39628 Farmstead: Dovehouse Farm (Farmstead)
Evidence MSF39006 Farmstead: Dove's Farm (Farmstead)
Evidence MSF38504 Farmstead: Dowsing Farm (Farmstead)
Evidence MSF39377 Farmstead: Dunnett's Farm (Farmstead)
Evidence MSF39239 Farmstead: D'urbans Farm (Farmstead)
Evidence MSF38780 Farmstead: Eade's Farm (Farmstead)
Evidence MSF39134 Farmstead: Earl Soham Lodge (Farmstead)
Evidence MSF38691 Farmstead: Earlsway Farm (Farmstead)
Evidence MSF39477 Farmstead: East Green Farm (Farmstead)
Evidence MSF39187 Farmstead: Eastend Farm (Farmstead)
Evidence MSF39479 Farmstead: Eastgreen Farm (The Firs) (Farmstead)
Evidence MSF39164 Farmstead: Easton Farm Park (Model Farm) (Farmstead)
Evidence MSF39248 Farmstead: Edward's Farm (Farmstead)
Evidence MSF39095 Farmstead: Elm Hall (Farmstead)
Evidence MSF39259 Farmstead: Elm Tree Farm (Farmstead)
Evidence MSF39320 Farmstead: Elm Tree Farm (Farmstead)
Evidence MSF39441 Farmstead: Elm Tree Farm (Farmstead)
Evidence MSF38179 Farmstead: Elm Tree Farm (Green Farm) (Farmstead)
Evidence MSF39569 Farmstead: Elms Farm (Farmstead)
Evidence MSF38495 Farmstead: Elms Farm (Wells Corner) (Farmstead)
Evidence MSF38710 Farmstead: Elms Farmhouse (Street Farm) (Farmstead)
Evidence MSF39412 Farmstead: Elmtree Farm (Farmstead)
Evidence MSF25298 Farmstead: Exhibition Farm (Farmstead)
Evidence MSF39449 Farmstead: Facon's Bottom Farm (Farmstead)
Evidence MSF39104 Farmstead: Fair Oaks Farm (Farmstead)
Evidence MSF39270 Farmstead: Farnham Hall (Farmstead)
Evidence MSF39162 Farmstead: Felgates (Felgate Farm) (Farmstead)
Evidence MSF39617 Farmstead: Fenn Farm (Farmstead)
Evidence MSF39184 Farmstead: Feoffee Farm (Farmstead)
Evidence MSF38999 Farmstead: Fiddler's Hall (Farmstead)
Evidence MSF38588 Farmstead: Fir Tree Farm (Farmstead)
Evidence MSF39468 Farmstead: Fir Tree Farm (Farmstead)
Evidence MSF39655 Farmstead: Firs Farm (Farmstead)
Evidence MSF39280 Farmstead: Firs Farm (Pound Farm) (Farmstead)
Evidence MSF38648 Farmstead: Firtree Farm (Farmstead)
Evidence MSF39547 Farmstead: Fisher's Farm (Farmstead)
Evidence MSF38600 Farmstead: Fisk's Farm (Farmstead)
Evidence MSF38544 Farmstead: Five Acre Barn (Road Farm) (Farmstead)
Evidence MSF39186 Farmstead: Fleet House Farm (Laurel Farm) (Farmstead)
Evidence MSF37801 Farmstead: Fordley Hall (Farmstead)
Evidence MSF39411 Farmstead: Fords Green (Cherrytree Farmhouse) (Farmstead)
Evidence MSF39286 Farmstead: Foxhall Hall (Farmstead)
Evidence MSF39291 Farmstead: Foxhall Lodge (Farmstead)
Evidence MSF39665 Farmstead: Fox's Farm (Farmstead)
Evidence MSF39213 Farmstead: Framlingham Hall (Farmstead)
Evidence MSF38727 Farmstead: Friary Cottage/Thatchers Cottage (Unknown) (Farmstead)
Evidence MSF39149 Farmstead: Friesland Farm (Friesland House) (Farmstead)
Evidence MSF39279 Farmstead: Friston Hall (Farmstead)
Evidence MSF25358 Farmstead: Further Hall Farm (Farmstead)
Evidence MSF38977 Farmstead: Further Hill Farm (Farmstead)
Evidence MSF38616 Farmstead: Fynn Bridge Farm (Bridge Farm) (Farmstead)
Evidence MSF38885 Farmstead: Fynn Hoo Farm (Farmstead)
Evidence MSF39171 Farmstead: Gables Farm (Gablehouse Farm) (Farmstead)
Evidence MSF39775 Farmstead: Gales Farm (Farmstead)
Evidence MSF38525 Farmstead: Gatehouse Farm (Farmstead)
Evidence MSF39117 Farmstead: Gayhouse Farm (Farmstead)
Evidence MSF39295 Farmstead: Gedgrave Hall (Farmstead)
Evidence MSF26536 Farmstead: Gippeswyck Hall (Farmstead)
Evidence MSF38582 Farmstead: Glebe Farm (Farmstead)
Evidence MSF38994 Farmstead: Glebe Farm (Farmstead)
Evidence MSF39045 Farmstead: Glebe Farm (Farmstead)
Evidence MSF39092 Farmstead: Glebe Farm (Farmstead)
Evidence MSF37960 Farmstead: Glebe Farmhouse (Farmstead)
Evidence MSF39328 Farmstead: Glevering Hall Farm (Farmstead)
Evidence MSF39447 Farmstead: Godwins Place (Goodwins Place) (Farmstead)
Evidence MSF39685 Farmstead: Goldsmith Farm (Farmstead)
Evidence MSF38957 Farmstead: Gooderham's Farm (Farmstead)
Evidence MSF39754 Farmstead: Goodwin's Farm (Farmstead)
Evidence MSF39204 Farmstead: Goseford Hall (Farmstead)
Evidence MSF39357 Farmstead: Gothic Farm (Farmstead)
Evidence MSF39217 Farmstead: Grange Farm (Dennington Farm) (Farmstead)
Evidence MSF26668 Farmstead: Grange Farm (Farmstead)
Evidence MSF38532 Farmstead: Grange Farm (Farmstead)
Evidence MSF38916 Farmstead: Grange Farm (Farmstead)
Evidence MSF39283 Farmstead: Grange Farm (Farmstead)
Evidence MSF39679 Farmstead: Grange Farm (Farmstead)
Evidence MSF39536 Farmstead: Grange Farm (Hall Farm) (Farmstead)
Evidence MSF37776 Farmstead: Grange Farm (Red House) (Farmstead)
Evidence MSF39299 Farmstead: Great Glemham Hall (Farmstead)
Evidence MSF39212 Farmstead: Great Lodge (Farmstead)
Evidence MSF26537 Farmstead: Green Farm (Farmstead)
Evidence MSF26566 Farmstead: Green Farm (Farmstead)
Evidence MSF35799 Farmstead: Green Farm (Farmstead)
Evidence MSF38627 Farmstead: Green Farm (Farmstead)
Evidence MSF39068 Farmstead: Green Farm (Farmstead)
Evidence MSF39699 Farmstead: Green Farm (Farmstead)
Evidence MSF39764 Farmstead: Green Farm (Farmstead)
Evidence MSF39778 Farmstead: Green Farm (Farmstead)
Evidence MSF39181 Farmstead: Green Farm (unknown) (Farmstead)
Evidence MSF38615 Farmstead: Grotto Farm (Farmstead)
Evidence MSF38620 Farmstead: Grove Farm (Farmstead)
Evidence MSF38649 Farmstead: Grove Farm (Farmstead)
Evidence MSF38769 Farmstead: Grove Farm (Farmstead)
Evidence MSF38912 Farmstead: Grove Farm (Farmstead)
Evidence MSF39011 Farmstead: Grove Farm (Farmstead)
Evidence MSF39028 Farmstead: Grove Farm (Farmstead)
Evidence MSF39084 Farmstead: Grove Farm (Farmstead)
Evidence MSF39168 Farmstead: Grove Farm (Farmstead)
Evidence MSF39354 Farmstead: Grove Farm (Farmstead)
Evidence MSF39391 Farmstead: Grove Farm (Farmstead)
Evidence MSF39560 Farmstead: Grove Farm (Farmstead)
Evidence MSF39578 Farmstead: Grove Farm (Farmstead)
Evidence MSF39827 Farmstead: Grove Farm (Farmstead)
Evidence MSF38783 Farmstead: Grove Farm (Peto's Farm) (Farmstead)
Evidence MSF38943 Farmstead: Grove Farm (Poplar Grove Farm) (Farmstead)
Evidence MSF38586 Farmstead: Grove Farm, Mendlesham (Farmstead)
Evidence MSF39083 Farmstead: Gull Farm (Farmstead)
Evidence MSF39687 Farmstead: Gull Farm (Farmstead)
Evidence MSF39176 Farmstead: Gulper Farm (Farmstead)
Evidence MSF36336 Farmstead: Hall Barn (Farmstead)
Evidence MSF25379 Farmstead: Hall Farm (Farmstead)
Evidence MSF38676 Farmstead: Hall Farm (Farmstead)
Evidence MSF38697 Farmstead: Hall Farm (Farmstead)
Evidence MSF39194 Farmstead: Hall Farm (Farmstead)
Evidence MSF39365 Farmstead: Hall Farm (Farmstead)
Evidence MSF39588 Farmstead: Hall Farm (Farmstead)
Evidence MSF39782 Farmstead: Hall Farm (Farmstead)
Evidence MSF38526 Farmstead: Hall's Farm (Farmstead)
Evidence MSF38820 Farmstead: Hanchet Hall (Farmstead)
Evidence MSF38968 Farmstead: Harrington Court House and Stables (The Lodge) (Farmstead)
Evidence MSF38640 Farmstead: Haw Wood Farm (Farmstead)
Evidence MSF27300 Farmstead: Hawkins Farm (Farmstead)
Evidence MSF39552 Farmstead: Hawsell's Farm (Farmstead)
Evidence MSF39627 Farmstead: Hawthorn Farm (Farmstead)
Evidence MSF38632 Farmstead: Hawthorne Farm (Farmstead)
Evidence MSF39282 Farmstead: Hazelwood Hall Farm (Farmstead)
Evidence MSF27204 Farmstead: Heath Farm (Farmstead)
Evidence MSF38814 Farmstead: Heath House (Farmstead)
Evidence MSF39233 Farmstead: Heatherley House Farm (Farmstead)
Evidence MSF39438 Farmstead: Hemley Hall (Farmstead)
Evidence MSF38919 Farmstead: Herne Hill Farm (Farmstead)
Evidence MSF38776 Farmstead: Hernsey Wood Farm (Hanseywood Farm) (Farmstead)
Evidence MSF26576 Farmstead: High Ash Farm (Farmstead)
Evidence MSF39684 Farmstead: High House (Farmstead)
Evidence MSF39702 Farmstead: High House (Farmstead)
Evidence MSF35410 Farmstead: High House Farm (Farmstead)
Evidence MSF38571 Farmstead: High House Farm (Farmstead)
Evidence MSF38735 Farmstead: High House Farm (Farmstead)
Evidence MSF38991 Farmstead: High House Farm (Farmstead)
Evidence MSF39433 Farmstead: High House Farm (Farmstead)
Evidence MSF39746 Farmstead: High House Farm (Farmstead)
Evidence MSF39752 Farmstead: High House Farm (Farmstead)
Evidence MSF39512 Farmstead: High House Farm (Fristonmoor) (Farmstead)
Evidence MSF39375 Farmstead: High House Farm (Huntingfield High House) (Farmstead)
Evidence MSF39794 Farmstead: High House Farm (Park Farm) (Farmstead)
Evidence MSF38592 Farmstead: High Tree Farm (Town Farm) (Farmstead)
Evidence MSF39197 Farmstead: Highbrow Farm (Farmstead)
Evidence MSF39082 Farmstead: Highgate Farm (Farmstead)
Evidence MSF38945 Farmstead: Highnoon Farm (Farmstead)
Evidence MSF39155 Farmstead: Highrow Farm (Farmstead)
Evidence MSF39660 Farmstead: Hill farm (Farmstead)
Evidence MSF24681 Farmstead: Hill Farm (Farmstead)
Evidence MSF37358 Farmstead: Hill Farm (Farmstead)
Evidence MSF38476 Farmstead: Hill Farm (Farmstead)
Evidence MSF38593 Farmstead: Hill Farm (Farmstead)
Evidence MSF38607 Farmstead: Hill Farm (Farmstead)
Evidence MSF38681 Farmstead: Hill Farm (Farmstead)
Evidence MSF38755 Farmstead: Hill Farm (Farmstead)
Evidence MSF38914 Farmstead: Hill Farm (Farmstead)
Evidence MSF38917 Farmstead: Hill Farm (Farmstead)
Evidence MSF38934 Farmstead: Hill Farm (Farmstead)
Evidence MSF38959 Farmstead: Hill Farm (Farmstead)
Evidence MSF38980 Farmstead: Hill Farm (Farmstead)
Evidence MSF38989 Farmstead: Hill Farm (Farmstead)
Evidence MSF39040 Farmstead: Hill Farm (Farmstead)
Evidence MSF39062 Farmstead: Hill Farm (Farmstead)
Evidence MSF39112 Farmstead: Hill Farm (Farmstead)
Evidence MSF39137 Farmstead: Hill Farm (Farmstead)
Evidence MSF39250 Farmstead: Hill Farm (Farmstead)
Evidence MSF39273 Farmstead: Hill Farm (Farmstead)
Evidence MSF39317 Farmstead: Hill Farm (Farmstead)
Evidence MSF39373 Farmstead: Hill Farm (Farmstead)
Evidence MSF39448 Farmstead: Hill Farm (Farmstead)
Evidence MSF39454 Farmstead: Hill Farm (Farmstead)
Evidence MSF39485 Farmstead: Hill Farm (Farmstead)
Evidence MSF39545 Farmstead: Hill Farm (Farmstead)
Evidence MSF39570 Farmstead: Hill Farm (Farmstead)
Evidence MSF39619 Farmstead: Hill Farm (Farmstead)
Evidence MSF39643 Farmstead: Hill Farm (Farmstead)
Evidence MSF39767 Farmstead: Hill Farm (Farmstead)
Evidence MSF39812 Farmstead: Hill Farm (Farmstead)
Evidence MSF39834 Farmstead: Hill Farm (Farmstead)
Evidence MSF39453 Farmstead: Hill Farm (Rookery Farm) (Farmstead)
Evidence MSF39800 Farmstead: Hill Farm (Whitehouse Farm) (Farmstead)
Evidence MSF39386 Farmstead: Hill House (Farmstead)
Evidence MSF39818 Farmstead: Hill House (Farmstead)
Evidence MSF39054 Farmstead: Hill House (Hill Farm) (Farmstead)
Evidence MSF38733 Farmstead: Hill House Farm (Farmstead)
Evidence MSF39174 Farmstead: Hill House Farm (Farmstead)
Evidence MSF38774 Farmstead: Hill Top Farm (Hill Farm) (Farmstead)
Evidence MSF38761 Farmstead: Hillhouse Farm (Farmstead)
Evidence MSF38880 Farmstead: Hillside Farm (Baxter's Farm) (Farmstead)
Evidence MSF38639 Farmstead: Hinton Hall (Farmstead)
Evidence MSF38638 Farmstead: Hinton High House Farm (Farmstead)
Evidence MSF38637 Farmstead: Hinton High Poplars (Farmstead)
Evidence MSF38641 Farmstead: Hinton Lodge (Farmstead)
Evidence MSF39422 Farmstead: Hollesley Grove (Farmstead)
Evidence MSF38581 Farmstead: Hollow Lane Farm (Farmstead)
Evidence MSF37968 Farmstead: Holly Tree Farm (Farmstead)
Evidence MSF39026 Farmstead: Hollytree Farm (Farmstead)
Evidence MSF14028 Farmstead: Home Farm (Farmstead)
Evidence MSF25302 Farmstead: Home Farm (Farmstead)
Evidence MSF25418 Farmstead: Home Farm (Farmstead)
Evidence MSF38739 Farmstead: Home Farm (Farmstead)
Evidence MSF39059 Farmstead: Home Farm (Farmstead)
Evidence MSF39080 Farmstead: Home Farm (Farmstead)
Evidence MSF39161 Farmstead: Home Farm (Farmstead)
Evidence MSF39462 Farmstead: Home Farm (Farmstead)
Evidence MSF39696 Farmstead: Home Farm (Farmstead)
Evidence MSF39445 Farmstead: Home Farm (Hoo Farm) (Farmstead)
Evidence MSF24690 Farmstead: Hoo Hall (Farmstead)
Evidence MSF39446 Farmstead: Hoo House Farm (Poplar Farm) (Farmstead)
Evidence MSF39644 Farmstead: Howe's Farm (Farmstead)
Evidence MSF38468 Farmstead: Hulvertree Farm (Farmstead)
Evidence MSF39790 Farmstead: Hungarian Hall (Farmstead)
Evidence MSF39380 Farmstead: Huntingfield Hall (Farmstead)
Evidence MSF39450 Farmstead: Iken Hall (Farmstead)
Evidence MSF39510 Farmstead: Innocence Farm (Farmstead)
Evidence MSF39497 Farmstead: Ivy Farm (Farmstead)
Evidence MSF38521 Farmstead: Ivy House Farm (Farmstead)
Evidence MSF39596 Farmstead: Ivy House Farm (Farmstead)
Evidence MSF39443 Farmstead: Ivy Lodge Farm (Farmstead)
Evidence MSF39100 Farmstead: Jackson's Farm (Glenfield House) (Farmstead)
Evidence MSF38886 Farmstead: Jolly's Farm (Farmstead)
Evidence MSF39075 Farmstead: Keen's Farm (Farmstead)
Evidence MSF39465 Farmstead: Kelsale Lodge (Farmstead)
Evidence MSF39490 Farmstead: Kelsale Manor (Manor Farm) (Farmstead)
Evidence MSF39498 Farmstead: Kelsale Trust Farm (Farmstead)
Evidence MSF39625 Farmstead: Kelsale Trust Farm (Farmstead)
Evidence MSF38768 Farmstead: Kembroke Hall (Farmstead)
Evidence MSF39410 Farmstead: Kerry's Cottages (Kerry's Farm) (Farmstead)
Evidence MSF38696 Farmstead: Kersey's Farm (Farmstead)
Evidence MSF39463 Farmstead: Kettleburgh New Hall (Farmstead)
Evidence MSF38611 Farmstead: Kiln Farm (Farmstead)
Evidence MSF39366 Farmstead: Kiln Farm (Farmstead)
Evidence MSF39693 Farmstead: Kiln Farm (Farmstead)
Evidence MSF38899 Farmstead: King's Farm (Farmstead)
Evidence MSF39508 Farmstead: Kirton Hall (Farmstead)
Evidence MSF37245 Farmstead: Knodishall Hall (Farmstead)
Evidence MSF39252 Farmstead: Lampardbrook Farm (Farmstead)
Evidence MSF39253 Farmstead: Lampards Farm (Farmstead)
Evidence MSF38954 Farmstead: Landwade Farm (Farmstead)
Evidence MSF38953 Farmstead: Landwade Hall (Farmstead)
Evidence MSF39025 Farmstead: Larters Farm (Farmstead)
Evidence MSF39055 Farmstead: Laurel Farm (Farmstead)
Evidence MSF39056 Farmstead: Laurel Farm (Farmstead)
Evidence MSF39178 Farmstead: Laurel Farm (Farmstead)
Evidence MSF39466 Farmstead: Laurel Farm (Farmstead)
Evidence MSF38804 Farmstead: Law Farm (Lower Farm) (Farmstead)
Evidence MSF38946 Farmstead: Lawn Farm (Blackstreet Farm) (Farmstead)
Evidence MSF38461 Farmstead: Laxfield House (Wood Farm) (Farmstead)
Evidence MSF39769 Farmstead: Le Chalet (Farmstead)
Evidence MSF39264 Farmstead: Lea Cottages (Fenn's Farm) (Farmstead)
Evidence MSF39265 Farmstead: Lea Farm (Farmstead)
Evidence MSF38931 Farmstead: Leggat's Farm (Legget's Farm) (Farmstead)
Evidence MSF39557 Farmstead: Leiston Hall (Farmstead)
Evidence MSF39548 Farmstead: Leiston House Farm (Farmstead)
Evidence MSF38822 Farmstead: Lilley Farm (Farmstead)
Evidence MSF39594 Farmstead: Lime House (Lime Tree Farm) (Farmstead)
Evidence MSF37961 Farmstead: Lime Tree Farm (Farmstead)
Evidence MSF38574 Farmstead: Lime Tree Farm (Farmstead)
Evidence MSF38744 Farmstead: Lime Tree Farm (Farmstead)
Evidence MSF39323 Farmstead: Lime Tree Farm (Farmstead)
Evidence MSF38505 Farmstead: Limetree Farm (Farmstead)
Evidence MSF37515 Farmstead: Linstead Farm (Farmstead)
Evidence MSF39568 Farmstead: Linstead Hall (Farmstead)
Evidence MSF39224 Farmstead: Little Lodge Farm (Farmstead)
Evidence MSF39694 Farmstead: Little Lonely Farm (Farmstead)
Evidence MSF39513 Farmstead: Little Moor Farm (Farmstead)
Evidence MSF39721 Farmstead: Little Roundwood (Farmstead)
Evidence MSF39014 Farmstead: Littletown Farm (Farmstead)
Evidence MSF27390 Farmstead: Lodge Farm (Farmstead)
Evidence MSF38499 Farmstead: Lodge Farm (Farmstead)
Evidence MSF38819 Farmstead: Lodge Farm (Farmstead)
Evidence MSF39133 Farmstead: Lodge Farm (Farmstead)
Evidence MSF39456 Farmstead: Lodge Farm (Farmstead)
Evidence MSF39604 Farmstead: Lodge Farm (Farmstead)
Evidence MSF39648 Farmstead: Lodge Farm (Farmstead)
Evidence MSF39506 Farmstead: Lodge Farm (Kirton Sluice Farm) (Farmstead)
Evidence MSF39496 Farmstead: Lonely Farm (Farmstead)
Evidence MSF38810 Farmstead: Looms Farm (Farmstead)
Evidence MSF39786 Farmstead: Loudham Hall (Farmstead)
Evidence MSF25103 Farmstead: Low Farm (Farmstead)
Evidence MSF38367 Farmstead: Low Farm (Farmstead)
Evidence MSF38888 Farmstead: Low Farm (Farmstead)
Evidence MSF39076 Farmstead: Low Farm (Farmstead)
Evidence MSF39125 Farmstead: Low Farm (Farmstead)
Evidence MSF39329 Farmstead: Low Farm (Farmstead)
Evidence MSF39378 Farmstead: Low Farm (Farmstead)
Evidence MSF38699 Farmstead: Low Farm (Low Sink Farm) (Farmstead)
Evidence MSF38474 Farmstead: Low Farm House (Low Farm) (Farmstead)
Evidence MSF39165 Farmstead: Low House Farm (Unknown) (Farmstead)
Evidence MSF39540 Farmstead: Lower Abbey Farm (Farmstead)
Evidence MSF38927 Farmstead: Lower Grove Farm (Chediston Grove) (Farmstead)
Evidence MSF39567 Farmstead: Lower Hall Farm (Linsteadhall Farm) (Farmstead)
Evidence MSF27848 Farmstead: Low's Farm (Howe's Farm) (Farmstead)
Evidence MSF39692 Farmstead: Lux Farm (Farmstead)
Evidence MSF39263 Farmstead: Lynghs Farm Barn (Lyngh's Farm) (Farmstead)
Evidence MSF38645 Farmstead: Lyon's Farm (Farmstead)
Evidence MSF39565 Farmstead: Magna Farm (Farmstead)
Evidence MSF26661 Farmstead: Malting Farm (Farmstead)
Evidence MSF39370 Farmstead: Manor Farm (Calver's Farm) (Farmstead)
Evidence MSF39249 Farmstead: Manor Farm (Colesgreen Farm) (Farmstead)
Evidence MSF38149 Farmstead: Manor Farm (Farmstead)
Evidence MSF38470 Farmstead: Manor Farm (Farmstead)
Evidence MSF38621 Farmstead: Manor Farm (Farmstead)
Evidence MSF38684 Farmstead: Manor Farm (Farmstead)
Evidence MSF38746 Farmstead: Manor Farm (Farmstead)
Evidence MSF39050 Farmstead: Manor Farm (Farmstead)
Evidence MSF39520 Farmstead: Manor Farm (Farmstead)
Evidence MSF39616 Farmstead: Manor Farm (Farmstead)
Evidence MSF39755 Farmstead: Manor Farm (Farmstead)
Evidence MSF39817 Farmstead: Manor Farm (Walnut Tree Farm) (Farmstead)
Evidence MSF38547 Farmstead: Manor House Farm (Farmstead)
Evidence MSF38617 Farmstead: Manor House Farm (Farmstead)
Evidence MSF38171 Farmstead: Manorhouse Farm (Farmstead)
Evidence MSF39483 Farmstead: Maple Farm (Farmstead)
Evidence MSF38969 Farmstead: Marsh Stables (Unknown) (Farmstead)
Evidence MSF35396 Farmstead: Martlesham Hall (Farmstead)
Evidence MSF39642 Farmstead: Martlesham House (Hill House Farm) (Farmstead)
Evidence MSF39153 Farmstead: Martley Hall (Farmstead)
Evidence MSF39368 Farmstead: Mary's Lane Farm (Farmstead)
Evidence MSF39393 Farmstead: Meadow Farm (Farmstead)
Evidence MSF39363 Farmstead: Meadow Farm (Unknown) (Farmstead)
Evidence MSF39516 Farmstead: Meadow Farm (Workhouse Farm) (Farmstead)
Evidence MSF38706 Farmstead: Mendlesham Hall (Farmstead)
Evidence MSF38596 Farmstead: Mendlesham House (Hill Farm) (Farmstead)
Evidence MSF38702 Farmstead: Mendlesham Lodge (Farmstead)
Evidence MSF38724 Farmstead: Mendlesham Manor and Mendlesham Barn (Park Farm) (Farmstead)
Evidence MSF39219 Farmstead: Merriewinds Farm (Farmstead)
Evidence MSF39086 Farmstead: Merton Farm (Martin Farm) (Farmstead)
Evidence MSF38368 Farmstead: Michaelmas Farm (Low Barn) (Farmstead)
Evidence MSF39762 Farmstead: Middlegate Farm (Farmstead)
Evidence MSF39595 Farmstead: Milestone House (Farmstead)
Evidence MSF38631 Farmstead: Mill Farm (Farmstead)
Evidence MSF39015 Farmstead: Mill Farm (Farmstead)
Evidence MSF28544 Farmstead: Mill Hill Farm (Farmstead)
Evidence MSF38599 Farmstead: Mill's Farm (Farmstead)
Evidence MSF38465 Farmstead: Mills Farmhouse (Bonniswell's Farm) (Farmstead)
Evidence MSF39009 Farmstead: Mitchell's Farm (Farmstead)
Evidence MSF38185 Farmstead: Moat Farm (Farmstead)
Evidence MSF38497 Farmstead: Moat Farm (Farmstead)
Evidence MSF38628 Farmstead: Moat Farm (Farmstead)
Evidence MSF38711 Farmstead: Moat Farm (Farmstead)
Evidence MSF38811 Farmstead: Moat Farm (Farmstead)
Evidence MSF39004 Farmstead: Moat Farm (Farmstead)
Evidence MSF39019 Farmstead: Moat Farm (Farmstead)
Evidence MSF39034 Farmstead: Moat Farm (Farmstead)
Evidence MSF39078 Farmstead: Moat Farm (Farmstead)
Evidence MSF39114 Farmstead: Moat Farm (Farmstead)
Evidence MSF39352 Farmstead: Moat Farm (Farmstead)
Evidence MSF39592 Farmstead: Moat Farm (Farmstead)
Evidence MSF39234 Farmstead: Moat Farm (Framlingham Farm) (Farmstead)
Evidence MSF25636 Farmstead: Moat Farm House (Cutcheys Farm) (Farmstead)
Evidence MSF39145 Farmstead: Moat House (Hill House Farm) (Farmstead)
Evidence MSF39500 Farmstead: Moat House Farm (Farmstead)
Evidence MSF25614 Farmstead: Model Farm (Farmstead)
Evidence MSF25195 Farmstead: Mollett's Farm (Farmstead)
Evidence MSF39662 Farmstead: Monewden Hall (Farmstead)
Evidence MSF39275 Farmstead: Moor Farm (Farmstead)
Evidence MSF39611 Farmstead: Moor Farm (Farmstead)
Evidence MSF39613 Farmstead: Moor Farm (Farmstead)
Evidence MSF38938 Farmstead: Most Hall Farm (Farmstead)
Evidence MSF38942 Farmstead: Moulton's Farm (Farmstead)
Evidence MSF24732 Farmstead: Mount Pleasant Farm (Farmstead)
Evidence MSF38960 Farmstead: Mount Pleasant Farm (Farmstead)
Evidence MSF24712 Farmstead: Mount Pleasant Farm (Hill Farm) (Farmstead)
Evidence MSF39229 Farmstead: Mount Pleasant Farm (Newstreet Farm) (Farmstead)
Evidence MSF38928 Farmstead: Mountpleasant Farmhouse (Winter's Farm) (Farmstead)
Evidence MSF39793 Farmstead: Naunton Hall (Farmstead)
Evidence MSF39360 Farmstead: Nebbits Farm (Nebts Farm) (Farmstead)
Evidence MSF38806 Farmstead: Neutral Farm (Farmstead)
Evidence MSF27336 Farmstead: New Street Farm (Farmstead)
Evidence MSF35397 Farmstead: New Street Farm (Farmstead)
Evidence MSF39364 Farmstead: Newall Hall Farm (Farmstead)
Evidence MSF39211 Farmstead: Newbourne Hall (Farmstead)
Evidence MSF39667 Farmstead: Newton Farm (Farmstead)
Evidence MSF38970 Farmstead: No. 13 Church Street (The Yews) (Farmstead)
Evidence MSF39020 Farmstead: North Green Farm (Farmstead)
Evidence MSF39471 Farmstead: North Green Farm (Farmstead)
Evidence MSF38962 Farmstead: Northmore Stud Farm (Northend Farm) (Farmstead)
Evidence MSF26569 Farmstead: Noyes Farm (Noy's Farm) (Farmstead)
Evidence MSF27282 Farmstead: Oak Farm (Farmstead)
Evidence MSF39143 Farmstead: Oak Farm (Farmstead)
Evidence MSF39695 Farmstead: Oak Farm (Farmstead)
Evidence MSF39033 Farmstead: Oak Farm (Hole Farm) (Farmstead)
Evidence MSF39215 Farmstead: Oak Farm (Pepper's Wash Farm) (Farmstead)
Evidence MSF38296 Farmstead: Oak Hill Farm (Farmstead)
Evidence MSF39484 Farmstead: Oak Tree Farm (Clayhill Farm) (Farmstead)
Evidence MSF39052 Farmstead: Oaks Farm (Farmstead)
Evidence MSF39241 Farmstead: Oak's Farm (Farmstead)
Evidence MSF39107 Farmstead: Office Farm (Farmstead)
Evidence MSF39599 Farmstead: Office Farm (Farmstead)
Evidence MSF38606 Farmstead: Okenhill Hall (Farmstead)
Evidence MSF39088 Farmstead: Old Camrbidge Farm (Farmstead)
Evidence MSF38650 Farmstead: Old Farm (Farmstead)
Evidence MSF39196 Farmstead: Old Hall farm (Farmstead)
Evidence MSF39017 Farmstead: Old Hall Farm (Farmstead)
Evidence MSF39598 Farmstead: Old Hall Farm (Farmstead)
Evidence MSF39144 Farmstead: Old Hall Farm House (Churchyard's Farm) (Farmstead)
Evidence MSF39562 Farmstead: Orchard Farm (Cratfieldlane Farm) (Farmstead)
Evidence MSF38575 Farmstead: Orchard Farm (Farmstead)
Evidence MSF38964 Farmstead: Orchard Farm (Farmstead)
Evidence MSF39482 Farmstead: Orchard Farm (Farmstead)
Evidence MSF39688 Farmstead: Otley Bottom (Farmstead)
Evidence MSF38921 Farmstead: Packway Farm (Farmstead)
Evidence MSF39626 Farmstead: Packway Farm (Farmstead)
Evidence MSF38595 Farmstead: Palgrave Farm (Farmstead)
Evidence MSF38924 Farmstead: Paradise Farm (Farmstead)
Evidence MSF39712 Farmstead: Parham Hall (Farmstead)
Evidence MSF39254 Farmstead: Parham House Farm (Farmstead)
Evidence MSF39707 Farmstead: Parham New Hall (Farmstead)
Evidence MSF39710 Farmstead: Parham Old Hall (Farmstead)
Evidence MSF38742 Farmstead: Park Farm (Farmstead)
Evidence MSF38892 Farmstead: Park Farm (Farmstead)
Evidence MSF38896 Farmstead: Park Farm (Farmstead)
Evidence MSF39189 Farmstead: Park Farm (Farmstead)
Evidence MSF39278 Farmstead: Park Farm (Farmstead)
Evidence MSF39322 Farmstead: Park Farm (Farmstead)
Evidence MSF39600 Farmstead: Park Farm (Farmstead)
Evidence MSF39666 Farmstead: Park Farm (Farmstead)
Evidence MSF39701 Farmstead: Park Farm (Farmstead)
Evidence MSF39785 Farmstead: Park Farm (Grove Farm) (Farmstead)
Evidence MSF39491 Farmstead: Park Gate Farm (Farmstead)
Evidence MSF38450 Farmstead: Parkfield Farm (Farmstead)
Evidence MSF39094 Farmstead: Parkgate Farm (Farmstead)
Evidence MSF39582 Farmstead: Parkgate Farm (Farmstead)
Evidence MSF38543 Farmstead: Partable Barn (Farmstead)
Evidence MSF38625 Farmstead: Partridge Farm (Farmstead)
Evidence MSF39515 Farmstead: Pattle's Farm (Farmstead)
Evidence MSF39305 Farmstead: Paul's Grove Farm (Farmstead)
Evidence MSF39480 Farmstead: Peakhill Farm (Farmstead)
Evidence MSF38908 Farmstead: Pear Tree Farm (Farmstead)
Evidence MSF38981 Farmstead: Pear Tree Farm (Farmstead)
Evidence MSF39163 Farmstead: Pear Tree Farm (Farmstead)
Evidence MSF38956 Farmstead: Peartree Farm (Farmstead)
Evidence MSF39309 Farmstead: Peartree Farm (Farmstead)
Evidence MSF39519 Farmstead: Peartree Farm (Farmstead)
Evidence MSF39686 Farmstead: Peartree Farm (Farmstead)
Evidence MSF39749 Farmstead: Peasenhall Lodge (Farmstead)
Evidence MSF38554 Farmstead: Perkins Farm (Farmstead)
Evidence MSF38501 Farmstead: Philamores Farm (Farmstead)
Evidence MSF38816 Farmstead: Pinnocks Farm (Unknown) (Farmstead)
Evidence MSF39113 Farmstead: Pipe's Farm (Farmstead)
Evidence MSF38741 Farmstead: Place Farm (Farmstead)
Evidence MSF38950 Farmstead: Plantation Stud (Plantation Farm) (Farmstead)
Evidence MSF39690 Farmstead: Playford Mount (Farmstead)
Evidence MSF39691 Farmstead: Pogson's Farm (Farmstead)
Evidence MSF38572 Farmstead: Pollards Farmstead (Farmstead)
Evidence MSF35830 Farmstead: Pond Barn, (Farmstead)
Evidence MSF38984 Farmstead: Pond Farm (Farmstead)
Evidence MSF39744 Farmstead: Pond Hall (Farmstead)
Evidence MSF24697 Farmstead: Poplar Farm (Farmstead)
Evidence MSF37109 Farmstead: Poplar Farm (Farmstead)
Evidence MSF37356 Farmstead: Poplar Farm (Farmstead)
Evidence MSF38629 Farmstead: Poplar Farm (Farmstead)
Evidence MSF38712 Farmstead: Poplar Farm (Farmstead)
Evidence MSF38941 Farmstead: Poplar Farm (Farmstead)
Evidence MSF39023 Farmstead: Poplar Farm (Farmstead)
Evidence MSF39175 Farmstead: Poplar Farm (Farmstead)
Evidence MSF39314 Farmstead: Poplar Farm (Farmstead)
Evidence MSF39426 Farmstead: Poplar Farm (Farmstead)
Evidence MSF39593 Farmstead: Poplar Farm (Farmstead)
Evidence MSF39656 Farmstead: Poplar Farm (Farmstead)
Evidence MSF39677 Farmstead: Poplar Farm (Farmstead)
Evidence MSF38603 Farmstead: Poplar Farm (Goddard's Farm) (Farmstead)
Evidence MSF39804 Farmstead: Poplar Hall (Farmstead)
Evidence MSF39202 Farmstead: Poplar Lodge (Farmstead)
Evidence MSF38905 Farmstead: Poplarhill (Farmstead)
Evidence MSF39362 Farmstead: Poplar's Farm (Farmstead)
Evidence MSF26584 Farmstead: Potash Farm (Farmstead)
Evidence MSF27206 Farmstead: Potash Farm (Farmstead)
Evidence MSF38951 Farmstead: Potash Farm (Farmstead)
Evidence MSF39612 Farmstead: Potash Farm (Farmstead)
Evidence MSF38726 Farmstead: Potter's Farm (Farmstead)
Evidence MSF39298 Farmstead: Pound Farm (Farmstead)
Evidence MSF39072 Farmstead: Priors Roses (Brook Farm) (Farmstead)
Evidence MSF38559 Farmstead: Priory Farm (Farmstead)
Evidence MSF38779 Farmstead: Priory Farm (Farmstead)
Evidence MSF39067 Farmstead: Priory Farm (Farmstead)
Evidence MSF39198 Farmstead: Priory Farm (Farmstead)
Evidence MSF38930 Farmstead: Priory Farm (Prairie Farm) (Farmstead)
Evidence MSF38904 Farmstead: Prospect Farm (Prospect Place) (Farmstead)
Evidence MSF38890 Farmstead: Quill Farm (Farmstead)
Evidence MSF39169 Farmstead: Quintons Farm (Unkown) (Farmstead)
Evidence MSF39807 Farmstead: Ramsholt Lodge (Farmstead)
Evidence MSF39615 Farmstead: Reckford Farm (Farmstead)
Evidence MSF39007 Farmstead: Rectory Farm (Farmstead)
Evidence MSF39458 Farmstead: Rectory Farm (Farmstead)
Evidence MSF38597 Farmstead: Red Barn Farm (Farmstead)
Evidence MSF39467 Farmstead: Red House (Farmstead)
Evidence MSF39558 Farmstead: Red House (Farmstead)
Evidence MSF24667 Farmstead: Red House Farm (Farmstead)
Evidence MSF38653 Farmstead: Red House Farm (Farmstead)
Evidence MSF38911 Farmstead: Red House Farm (Farmstead)
Evidence MSF39047 Farmstead: Red House Farm (Farmstead)
Evidence MSF39419 Farmstead: Red House Farm (Farmstead)
Evidence MSF39452 Farmstead: Red House Farm (Farmstead)
Evidence MSF39653 Farmstead: Red House Farm (Farmstead)
Evidence MSF39792 Farmstead: Red House Farm (Farmstead)
Evidence MSF38952 Farmstead: Red House Stud (New Farm) (Farmstead)
Evidence MSF39353 Farmstead: Redbarn Farm (Farmstead)
Evidence MSF38546 Farmstead: Redhouse Farm (Farmstead)
Evidence MSF38564 Farmstead: Redhouse Farm (Farmstead)
Evidence MSF38601 Farmstead: Redhouse Farm (Farmstead)
Evidence MSF38703 Farmstead: Redhouse Farm (Farmstead)
Evidence MSF38881 Farmstead: Redhouse Farm (Farmstead)
Evidence MSF38909 Farmstead: Redhouse Farm (Farmstead)
Evidence MSF38997 Farmstead: Redhouse Farm (Farmstead)
Evidence MSF39180 Farmstead: Redhouse Farm (Farmstead)
Evidence MSF39242 Farmstead: Redhouse Farm (Farmstead)
Evidence MSF39307 Farmstead: Redhouse Farm (Farmstead)
Evidence MSF39385 Farmstead: Redhouse Farm (Farmstead)
Evidence MSF39403 Farmstead: Redhouse Farm (Farmstead)
Evidence MSF39474 Farmstead: Redhouse Farm (Farmstead)
Evidence MSF39607 Farmstead: Redhouse Farm (Farmstead)
Evidence MSF39720 Farmstead: Redhouse Farm (Farmstead)
Evidence MSF39267 Farmstead: Redhouse Farm (High Pastures) (Farmstead)
Evidence MSF38730 Farmstead: Redneck Farm (Farmstead)
Evidence MSF39826 Farmstead: Rendham Barnes Farm (Redhouse Farm) (Farmstead)
Evidence MSF39813 Farmstead: Rendham Hall (Farmstead)
Evidence MSF39798 Farmstead: Rendlesham Hall Farm (Farmstead)
Evidence MSF39668 Farmstead: Reydon Hall (Farmstead)
Evidence MSF39294 Farmstead: Richmond Farm (Farmstead)
Evidence MSF38974 Farmstead: Rockstone Manor Farm(Rock Farm) (Farmstead)
Evidence MSF35823 Farmstead: Rookery Farm (Breakneck Farm) (Farmstead)
Evidence MSF35421 Farmstead: Rookery Farm (Farmstead)
Evidence MSF35551 Farmstead: Rookery Farm (Farmstead)
Evidence MSF37899 Farmstead: Rookery Farm (Farmstead)
Evidence MSF38286 Farmstead: Rookery Farm (Farmstead)
Evidence MSF38472 Farmstead: Rookery Farm (Farmstead)
Evidence MSF38778 Farmstead: Rookery Farm (Farmstead)
Evidence MSF39036 Farmstead: Rookery Farm (Farmstead)
Evidence MSF39243 Farmstead: Rookery Farm (Farmstead)
Evidence MSF39258 Farmstead: Rookery Farm (Farmstead)
Evidence MSF39495 Farmstead: Rookery Farm (Farmstead)
Evidence MSF39823 Farmstead: Rookery Farm (Farmstead)
Evidence MSF38716 Farmstead: Ropers Farm (Farmstead)
Evidence MSF38758 Farmstead: Rose Farm (Farmstead)
Evidence MSF39041 Farmstead: Rose Farm (Farmstead)
Evidence MSF39614 Farmstead: Rose Farm (Farmstead)
Evidence MSF39152 Farmstead: Rose Farm (Unknown) (Farmstead)
Evidence MSF39216 Farmstead: Rose Farm (Warren's Farm) (Farmstead)
Evidence MSF38965 Farmstead: Rose Hall (Farmstead)
Evidence MSF38971 Farmstead: Rossdales Equine Hospital/Glanelly Rest Home (Exning House Farm(?)) (Farmstead)
Evidence MSF39405 Farmstead: Rowell Farm (Farmstead)
Evidence MSF39473 Farmstead: Rubblestone Farm (Farmstead)
Evidence MSF39281 Farmstead: Rushmere Lodge Farm (Farmstead)
Evidence MSF28792 Farmstead: RUSSELLS FARM (Farmstead)
Evidence MSF25571 Farmstead: Sancroft Manor Farm (Farmstead)
Evidence MSF38770 Farmstead: Sandpit Farmhouse (Farmstead)
Evidence MSF39120 Farmstead: Sandylane Farm (Farmstead)
Evidence MSF39226 Farmstead: Saxtead Lodge Farm (Farmstead)
Evidence MSF39261 Farmstead: Schoolhouse Farm (Farmstead)
Evidence MSF38475 Farmstead: Scogging's Farm (Debenham's Farm) (Farmstead)
Evidence MSF38614 Farmstead: Seckford Hall (Farmstead)
Evidence MSF39747 Farmstead: Segmore Farm (Yewtree Farm) (Farmstead)
Evidence MSF39602 Farmstead: Seven Spar Farm (Farmstead)
Evidence MSF38347 Farmstead: Shackerland Hall (Farmstead)
Evidence MSF39131 Farmstead: Sheepfold (Farmstead)
Evidence MSF39774 Farmstead: Shelley's Farm (Farmstead)
Evidence MSF38734 Farmstead: Shingle Farm (Farmstead)
Evidence MSF38939 Farmstead: Shop Farm (Clopton Farm) (Farmstead)
Evidence MSF38902 Farmstead: Shrubbery Farm (Farmstead)
Evidence MSF39013 Farmstead: Shrubbery Farm (Farmstead)
Evidence MSF39676 Farmstead: Shrubbery Farm (Farmstead)
Evidence MSF38793 Farmstead: Silver Street Farm (Farmstead)
Evidence MSF39708 Farmstead: Silverlace Farm (Farmstead)
Evidence MSF27285 Farmstead: Sink Farm (Farmstead)
Evidence MSF39127 Farmstead: Sink Farm (Farmstead)
Evidence MSF39424 Farmstead: Sink Farm (Farmstead)
Evidence MSF39551 Farmstead: Sizewell Farm (Farmstead)
Evidence MSF38750 Farmstead: Skates Hill House (Skateshill Farm) (Farmstead)
Evidence MSF39269 Farmstead: Slough Farm (Farmstead)
Evidence MSF39505 Farmstead: Sluice Farm (Farmstead)
Evidence MSF39635 Farmstead: Sluice Farm (Farmstead)
Evidence MSF38948 Farmstead: Snipe Farm (Farmstead)
Evidence MSF35237 Farmstead: Snow's Hall (Farmstead)
Evidence MSF39022 Farmstead: South Cottage (Farmstead)
Evidence MSF39833 Farmstead: South Grange (Farmstead)
Evidence MSF38694 Farmstead: South Manor Farm (Manor Farm) (Farmstead)
Evidence MSF39003 Farmstead: Sparke's Farm (Farmstead)
Evidence MSF39493 Farmstead: Sparke's Farm (Farmstead)
Evidence MSF35628 Farmstead: Sparrows Nest (Sparrowe's Farm) (Farmstead)
Evidence MSF38729 Farmstead: Spinks Lodge (Warren Lodge) (Farmstead)
Evidence MSF39024 Farmstead: Sponge Farm (Farmstead)
Evidence MSF38794 Farmstead: Spring Grove Farm (Farmstead)
Evidence MSF27640 Farmstead: St. Jacob's Hall (Jacob's Farm) (Farmstead)
Evidence MSF38498 Farmstead: Stadhaugh Manor Farm (Farmstead)
Evidence MSF39313 Farmstead: Stanaway Farm (Farmstead)
Evidence MSF38557 Farmstead: Stannard's Farm (Farmstead)
Evidence MSF25567 Farmstead: Stanny House Farm (Brickkiln Farm) (Farmstead)
Evidence MSF38651 Farmstead: Stone Farm (Farmstead)
Evidence MSF39301 Farmstead: Stone Farm (Yepper's Farm) (Farmstead)
Evidence MSF39788 Farmstead: Stone Hall Farm (Farmstead)
Evidence MSF39170 Farmstead: Stonehouse Farm (Farmstead)
Evidence MSF39581 Farmstead: Stratford Hall Farm (Farmstead)
Evidence MSF38473 Farmstead: Street Farm (Farmstead)
Evidence MSF38683 Farmstead: Street Farm (Farmstead)
Evidence MSF38818 Farmstead: Street Farm (Farmstead)
Evidence MSF39139 Farmstead: Street Farm (Farmstead)
Evidence MSF39210 Farmstead: Street Farm (Farmstead)
Evidence MSF39304 Farmstead: Street Farm (Farmstead)
Evidence MSF39399 Farmstead: Street Farm (Farmstead)
Evidence MSF37508 Farmstead: Street Farm (Whitton Farm) (Farmstead)
Evidence MSF39768 Farmstead: Streetgrove Farm (Farmstead)
Evidence MSF39150 Farmstead: Stud Farm (Farmstead)
Evidence MSF39577 Farmstead: Stud Farm (Farmstead)
Evidence MSF38527 Farmstead: Studholme Farm (Poplar Farm) (Farmstead)
Evidence MSF38731 Farmstead: Summerpit Farm (Farmstead)
Evidence MSF38466 Farmstead: Sunflower Farm (Gilbert's Farm) (Farmstead)
Evidence MSF39035 Farmstead: Swan Green Farm (Farmstead)
Evidence MSF39683 Farmstead: Swiss Cottage Farm (Farmstead)
Evidence MSF28793 Farmstead: Swiss Farm (Farmstead)
Evidence MSF38552 Farmstead: Tan Office Farm House (Unknown) (Farmstead)
Evidence MSF38551 Farmstead: Tan Office Farm House and Barn (Unknown) (Farmstead)
Evidence MSF39057 Farmstead: Tangham Farm (Farmstead)
Evidence MSF39158 Farmstead: Thatch End/Ashgrove (Unknown) (Farmstead)
Evidence MSF38533 Farmstead: The Cedars (Farmstead)
Evidence MSF38728 Farmstead: The Cedars (Unknown) (Farmstead)
Evidence MSF39659 Farmstead: The Chestnuts (Farmstead)
Evidence MSF39262 Farmstead: The Coach House/White Gates (Gate Farm) (Farmstead)
Evidence MSF39021 Farmstead: The Gables (Farmstead)
Evidence MSF39816 Farmstead: The Grange (Farmstead)
Evidence MSF39256 Farmstead: The Grove (Farmstead)
Evidence MSF39302 Farmstead: The Grove (Farmstead)
Evidence MSF39809 Farmstead: The Grove (Farmstead)
Evidence MSF39376 Farmstead: The Limes (Farmstead)
Evidence MSF39182 Farmstead: The Manor House (Manor House) (Farmstead)
Evidence MSF35423 Farmstead: The Moat Farm (Farmstead)
Evidence MSF39489 Farmstead: The Old Manor House (Church Farm) (Farmstead)
Evidence MSF38553 Farmstead: The Poplars (Little Awe) (Farmstead)
Evidence MSF38759 Farmstead: The Priory (Firtree Farm) (Farmstead)
Evidence MSF38261 Farmstead: The Rookery (Farmstead)
Evidence MSF39138 Farmstead: The Rookery (Farmstead)
Evidence MSF39680 Farmstead: The Shrubbery (Farmstead)
Evidence MSF38545 Farmstead: The Stables (Off Farm) (Farmstead)
Evidence MSF39584 Farmstead: The Willows (Farmstead)
Evidence MSF39711 Farmstead: The Willows (Farmstead)
Evidence MSF38809 Farmstead: Thistleton Hall (Farmstead)
Evidence MSF39160 Farmstead: Thorpe Hall (Farmstead)
Evidence MSF39811 Farmstead: Thurston's Farm (Farmstead)
Evidence MSF27758 Farmstead: Tiptofts Farm (Farmstead)
Evidence MSF39029 Farmstead: Tithe Farm (Farmstead)
Evidence MSF38598 Farmstead: Tollgate Farm (Farmstead)
Evidence MSF38929 Farmstead: Town Farm (Farmstead)
Evidence MSF39018 Farmstead: Town Farm (Farmstead)
Evidence MSF31540 Farmstead: Trust Farm (Farmstead)
Evidence MSF39071 Farmstead: Trustan's Farm (Farmstead)
Evidence MSF39051 Farmstead: Turkey Hall (Farmstead)
Evidence MSF38565 Farmstead: Twin Oak Farm (Farmstead)
Evidence MSF38644 Farmstead: Union Farm (Farmstead)
Evidence MSF39008 Farmstead: Unnamed Farm (Farmstead)
Evidence MSF39735 Farmstead: Unnamed Farm (Farmstead)
Evidence MSF38682 Farmstead: Unnamed Farmstead Thorington Road (Farmstead)
Evidence MSF39287 Farmstead: Unnamed Fieldbarn (Farmstead)
Evidence MSF39053 Farmstead: Upham House and Lower Upham (Wood Farm) (Farmstead)
Evidence MSF38949 Farmstead: Uplands Farm (Farmstead)
Evidence MSF39543 Farmstead: Upper Abbey Farm (Farmstead)
Evidence MSF38920 Farmstead: Upper Farm (Farmstead)
Evidence MSF39429 Farmstead: Vale Farm (Blackditch) (Farmstead)
Evidence MSF39622 Farmstead: Vale Farm (Farmstead)
Evidence MSF39748 Farmstead: Vale Farm (Farmstead)
Evidence MSF39501 Farmstead: Vale Farm (Trust Farm) (Farmstead)
Evidence MSF26756 Farmstead: Valley Farm (Farmstead)
Evidence MSF37254 Farmstead: Valley Farm (Farmstead)
Evidence MSF38467 Farmstead: Valley Farm (Farmstead)
Evidence MSF38680 Farmstead: Valley Farm (Farmstead)
Evidence MSF38807 Farmstead: Valley Farm (Farmstead)
Evidence MSF38983 Farmstead: Valley Farm (Farmstead)
Evidence MSF39290 Farmstead: Valley Farm (Farmstead)
Evidence MSF39372 Farmstead: Valley Farm (Farmstead)
Evidence MSF39425 Farmstead: Valley Farm (Farmstead)
Evidence MSF39574 Farmstead: Valley Farm (Farmstead)
Evidence MSF39650 Farmstead: Valley Farm (Farmstead)
Evidence MSF39777 Farmstead: Valley Farm (Farmstead)
Evidence MSF39805 Farmstead: Valley Farm (Farmstead)
Evidence MSF38940 Farmstead: Valley Farm (Sinkhole Farm) (Farmstead)
Evidence MSF37966 Farmstead: Valley Farmhouse (Farmstead)
Evidence MSF38709 Farmstead: Vicarage Farm (Farmstead)
Evidence MSF39571 Farmstead: Vicarage Farm (Farmstead)
Evidence MSF38184 Farmstead: Villa Farm (Farmstead)
Evidence MSF25404 Farmstead: Villa Farm (Rushmere Villa) (Farmstead)
Evidence MSF39417 Farmstead: Virtue's Farm (Farmstead)
Evidence MSF39427 Farmstead: Walk Farm (Farmstead)
Evidence MSF38740 Farmstead: Wallnut Tree Farm (Farmstead)
Evidence MSF38976 Farmstead: Walnut Tree Farm (Farmstead)
Evidence MSF39183 Farmstead: Walnut Tree Farm (Farmstead)
Evidence MSF38563 Farmstead: Walnut Tree Farm (Glovergreen's Farm) (Farmstead)
Evidence MSF38915 Farmstead: Walnut Tree Farm (Low Farm) (Farmstead)
Evidence MSF39409 Farmstead: Walnut Tree Farmhouse (Farmstead)
Evidence MSF39046 Farmstead: Walnut-tree Farm (Farmstead)
Evidence MSF39430 Farmstead: Walnut-tree Farm (Farmstead)
Evidence MSF39193 Farmstead: Walton Hall (Farmstead)
Evidence MSF39398 Farmstead: Warren Farm (Farmstead)
Evidence MSF39674 Farmstead: Warren's Farm (Farmstead)
Evidence MSF39098 Farmstead: Wash Farm (Farmstead)
Evidence MSF38677 Farmstead: Waterloo Farm (Farmstead)
Evidence MSF39610 Farmstead: Watermill farm (Farmstead)
Evidence MSF39010 Farmstead: Weatherhill Farm (Farmstead)
Evidence MSF38895 Farmstead: Well Farm (Farmstead)
Evidence MSF39000 Farmstead: West Farm (Farmstead)
Evidence MSF38760 Farmstead: West Hill Farm (Hill Farm) (Farmstead)
Evidence MSF39719 Farmstead: Westerfield House Farm (Farmstead)
Evidence MSF38520 Farmstead: Westgate's Farm (Farmstead)
Evidence MSF38678 Farmstead: Westley's Farm (Farmstead)
Evidence MSF25356 Farmstead: Westwood Lodge (Blythburgh Lodge) (Farmstead)
Evidence MSF39066 Farmstead: White House (Farmstead)
Evidence MSF39303 Farmstead: White House (Farmstead)
Evidence MSF38642 Farmstead: White House Farm (Butcher's Farm) (Farmstead)
Evidence MSF38522 Farmstead: White House Farm (Farmstead)
Evidence MSF38745 Farmstead: White House Farm (Farmstead)
Evidence MSF38882 Farmstead: White House Farm (Farmstead)
Evidence MSF39220 Farmstead: White House Farm (Farmstead)
Evidence MSF39486 Farmstead: White House Farm (Farmstead)
Evidence MSF39716 Farmstead: White House Farm (Farmstead)
Evidence MSF38692 Farmstead: White Post Farm (Farmstead)
Evidence MSF38713 Farmstead: Whitehouse Farm (Farmstead)
Evidence MSF39037 Farmstead: Whitehouse Farm (Farmstead)
Evidence MSF39079 Farmstead: Whitehouse Farm (Farmstead)
Evidence MSF39091 Farmstead: Whitehouse Farm (Farmstead)
Evidence MSF39132 Farmstead: Whitehouse Farm (Farmstead)
Evidence MSF39318 Farmstead: Whitehouse Farm (Farmstead)
Evidence MSF39359 Farmstead: Whitehouse Farm (Farmstead)
Evidence MSF39379 Farmstead: Whitehouse Farm (Farmstead)
Evidence MSF39606 Farmstead: Whitehouse Farm (Farmstead)
Evidence MSF39705 Farmstead: Whitehouse Farm (Farmstead)
Evidence MSF39783 Farmstead: Whitehouse Farm (Farmstead)
Evidence MSF39831 Farmstead: Whitehouse Farm (Farmstead)
Evidence MSF38987 Farmstead: Whitehouse Farmhouse (Farmstead)
Evidence MSF25344 Farmstead: Whitings Farm (Farmstead)
Evidence MSF38707 Farmstead: Wick's Farm (Farmstead)
Evidence MSF39651 Farmstead: Wilford Farm (Farmstead)
Evidence MSF38698 Farmstead: Willow Farm (Farmstead)
Evidence MSF39356 Farmstead: Willow Farm (Low Farm) (Farmstead)
Evidence MSF39266 Farmstead: Willow Farm (Nowhere Farm) (Farmstead)
Evidence MSF39408 Farmstead: Willow Farm (Willow Place) (Farmstead)
Evidence MSF38926 Farmstead: Willow Farmhouse (Farmstead)
Evidence MSF38815 Farmstead: Willow Tree Farm (Unknown) (Farmstead)
Evidence MSF39407 Farmstead: Willowmere Barn (Unknown) (Farmstead)
Evidence MSF39038 Farmstead: Windsor Green Farm (Farmstead)
Evidence MSF39649 Farmstead: Witchpit Farm (Farmstead)
Evidence MSF27666 Farmstead: Wood Farm (Farmstead)
Evidence MSF38556 Farmstead: Wood Farm (Farmstead)
Evidence MSF38777 Farmstead: Wood Farm (Farmstead)
Evidence MSF38883 Farmstead: Wood Farm (Farmstead)
Evidence MSF39058 Farmstead: Wood Farm (Farmstead)
Evidence MSF39097 Farmstead: Wood Farm (Farmstead)
Evidence MSF39549 Farmstead: Wood Farm (Farmstead)
Evidence MSF39561 Farmstead: Wood Farm (Farmstead)
Evidence MSF39678 Farmstead: Wood Farm (Farmstead)
Evidence MSF39770 Farmstead: Wood Farm (Farmstead)
Evidence MSF39832 Farmstead: Wood Farm (Farmstead)
Evidence MSF39681 Farmstead: Wood Farm, Ipswich Road (Farmstead)
Evidence MSF39776 Farmstead: Woodlands Farm (Girlings Farm) (Farmstead)
Evidence MSF38590 Farmstead: Wood's Farm (Farmstead)
Evidence MSF39276 Farmstead: Woodside Farm (Farmstead)
Evidence MSF39555 Farmstead: Works Farm (Farmstead)
Evidence MSF39652 Farmstead: Wright's Farm (Farmstead)
Evidence MSF39106 Farmstead: Wynney's Farm (Farmstead)
Evidence MSF38528 Farmstead: Yew Tree Farm (Farmstead)
Evidence MSF39012 Farmstead: Yew Tree Farm (Farmstead)
Evidence MSF39146 Farmstead: Yew Tree Farm (Farmstead)
Evidence MSF39105 Farmtead: Red House Farm (Farmstead)
Evidence MSF39121 Farnstead: Bridge Farm (Farmstead)
Evidence MSF5448 Fasbourn Hall (Copinger Hall) (Monument)
Evidence MSF27338 Fen Farm (Building)
Evidence MSF25646 Fen Farmhouse (Building)
Evidence MSF26559 Fenn Hall farm buildings (Building)
Evidence MSF14990 Ferry Farm, formerly Stockerland (Monument)
Evidence MSF39646 Field Barn: Block's Barn (Farmstead)
Evidence MSF39310 Field Barn: Bugs Barn (Farmstead)
Evidence MSF38319 Field Barn: Garnhams Barn (Farmstead)
Evidence MSF39810 Field Barn: Hernsey Wood Barn (Farmstead)
Evidence MSF39663 Field Barn: Highfield Barn (Farmstead)
Evidence MSF39757 Field Barn: Hubbard's Barn (Farmstead)
Evidence MSF39638 Field Barn: Lamb Barn (Farmstead)
Evidence MSF39605 Field Barn: Potsford Barn (Farmstead)
Evidence MSF38643 Field Barn: Redcap Farm (Hinton Barn) (Farmstead)
Evidence MSF38775 Field Barn: Risings Barn (Farmstead)
Evidence MSF39119 Field Barn: Unnamed Field Barn (Farmstead)
Evidence MSF39664 Field Barn: Walk Barn (Farmstead)
Evidence MSF39538 Fieldbarn: Bell Barn Lane Barn (Farmstead)
Evidence MSF39296 Fieldbarn: Ferry Barn (Farmstead)
Evidence MSF27636 Fieldbarn: Green Barn (Farmstead)
Evidence MSF39237 Fieldbarn: Lincoln's Barn (Farmstead)
Evidence MSF38594 Fieldbarn: Low Barn (Farmstead)
Evidence MSF39442 Fieldbarn: Low Barn (Farmstead)
Evidence MSF38548 Fieldbarn: Middle Barn (Farmstead)
Evidence MSF39246 Fieldbarn: Stouks Barn (New Barn) (Farmstead)
Evidence MSF38605 Fieldbarn: Sweetwater Barn (Farmstead)
Evidence MSF39209 Fieldbarn: Unnamed fieldbarn (Farmstead)
Evidence MSF39141 Fieldbarn: Unnamed Fieldbarn (Farmstead)
Evidence MSF39166 Fieldbarn: Unnamed Fieldbarn (Farmstead)
Evidence MSF39284 Fieldbarn: Unnamed Fieldbarn (Farmstead)
Evidence MSF27225 Finningham Gospel Hall (Building)
Evidence MSF27277 Fir Trees Cottage (Building)
Evidence MSF37372 First World War buildings in Elveden Estate Village (Monument)
Evidence MSF23940 First World War pillbox (Monument)
Evidence MSF23941 First World War pillbox (Monument)
Evidence MSF4077 Fleming's Hall (Monument)
Evidence MSF35240 Flint Cottage (Building)
Evidence MSF902 Flixton Hall, Flixton Park (Monument)
Evidence MSF27631 Fodder Fen pumping station (Building)
Evidence MSF35381 Folly Cottage (Building)
Evidence MSF38284 Forge Cottage, Freston Hill (Building)
Evidence MSF27212 Former 19th century Cottages and Packing Sheds, Eves Orchard (Monument)
Evidence MSF24861 Former Flax Factory, Hardwick Industrial Estate, Bury St Edmunds (20th C) (Monument)
Evidence MSF24028 Former Ipswich Airport, Ipswich. (Monument)
Evidence MSF37702 Former manor house, Old Hall, Letheringham (Building)
Evidence MSF35535 Former Police Station, Grundisburgh Road (Building)
Evidence MSF35014 Former RFC Officers' Mess and AWRE canteen building (Monument)
Evidence MSF25238 Former service range at Valley Farm (Building)
Evidence MSF37901 Former stable block at Lavinia Cottages (Building)
Evidence MSF25600 Former Village Hall at Withersdale (Building)
Evidence MXS18872 Four World War II pillboxes. (Monument)
Evidence MSF9993 Fox & Goose Inn (PMed) (Monument)
Evidence MSF9992 Fox and Goose Inn (Med) (Monument)
Evidence MSF3364 Foxhall Farm (Med) (Monument)
Evidence MSF3421 Foxhall Farm (PMed) (Monument)
Evidence MSF3238 Framsden Hall (Monument)
Evidence MSF2841 Fressingfield Hall (Monument)
Evidence MSF11078 Freston Tower (Monument)
Evidence MSF11865 Friends Meeting House, Holywell Row (Monument)
Evidence MSF27248 Frog Hall; Frogs Hall, Colethorpe Lane (Monument)
Evidence MSF16253 Fullers Mill (Monument)
Evidence MSF25560 Garage at the former Woolpit Interiors premises (Building)
Evidence MSF37796 Garden Room, Hengrave Hall (Building)
Evidence MSF24746 Garden Walls and Outbuildings at Westgate Brewery, Bury St Edmunds (Building)
Evidence MSF25547 Gardener's Cottage (Building)
Evidence MSF25647 Gatehouse Cottage (Building)
Evidence MSF25235 Gedding Windmill (Monument)
Evidence MSF33186 George Inn, Wickham Market (Building)
Evidence MSF5192 George Street (Monument)
Evidence MSF6134 Giffords Hall (Monument)
Evidence MSF7551 Girling's Mill now Mill House (Monument)
Evidence MSF18074 Glemham Hall (Monument)
Evidence MSF16806 Glemham House - dovecote (Monument)
Evidence MSF27224 Glemsford Pump House (Building)
Evidence MSF27635 Glemsford Silk Mills (Building)
Evidence MSF12897 Glevering Hall (Monument)
Evidence MSF37897 Goose Acre, Lower Street (Building)
Evidence MSF26586 Gospel Hall (Building)
Evidence MSF3949 Goswold Hall (PMed) (Monument)
Evidence MSF27236 Goulding's Farm (Building)
Evidence MSF37033 Granary & Stable at Church Farm (Building)
Evidence MSF31377 Granary and Cart Lodge, Cranmer Farm) (Building)
Evidence MSF25505 Granary and cartlodge at Vale Farm (Building)
Evidence MSF27234 Granary and Cartlodge, Oak Tree Farm (Building)
Evidence MSF26593 Granary at Hoxne Place (Building)
Evidence MSF26666 Granary at Wood Farm (Building)
Evidence MSF30555 Granary Barn, Church Common (Building)
Evidence MSF23837 Grange Farm (Monument)
Evidence MSF25624 Grange Farmhouse (Building)
Evidence MSF20510 Great Glemham Wood (PMed) (Monument)
Evidence MSF25427 Green Farm (Building)
Evidence MSF35387 Green Farm (Building)
Evidence MSF35078 Green Farm, The Green (Building)
Evidence MSF6000 Grenville College; Stoke College; Stoke Priory (Building)
Evidence MSF8093 Grimston Hall; Trimley Park (Monument)
Evidence MSF2043 Grove Farm (PMed) (Monument)
Evidence MSF35239 Grove Farmhouse and Barns (Building)
Evidence MSF14898 Grove Park; The Grove; Burtons (Monument)
Evidence MSF37598 Groves Garage, High Street, Hadleigh (Building)
Evidence MSF10572 Grundisburgh Hall and park (formerly Sigers or Seagers) (Monument)
Evidence MSF25615 Grundle House (Building)
Evidence MSF5191 Guildhall (Med) (Monument)
Evidence MSF5837 Guildhall (Monument)
Evidence MSF34335 Guildhall Feoffment School HORSA Huts (Building)
Evidence MSF6739 H Braham & Co Offices, 86-87 Risbygate Street (Monument)
Evidence MSF27646 Halesworth Guildhall (Building)
Evidence MSF38329 Half Moon House, 2 High Street (Building)
Evidence MSF38282 Hall Cottage (Building)
Evidence MSF25434 Hall Farm (Building)
Evidence MSF33 Hall Farm (Monument)
Evidence MSF26662 Hall Farm Barns (Building)
Evidence MSF25493 Hall Farm, Bruisyard Hall (Monument)
Evidence MSF14619 Hardwick Manor House (Monument)
Evidence MSF25433 Harleston Hall dairy (Building)
Evidence MSF27283 Hatherley House (Building)
Evidence MSF37683 Haughly Park House and garden wall (Building)
Evidence MSF14626 Hengrave Hall (Building)
Evidence MSF6864 Henham Hall (site of) (Monument)
Evidence MSF37695 Heveningham Hall (Building)
Evidence MSF38267 High Green Farm, High Green (Building)
Evidence MSF7573 High Hall (PMed) (Monument)
Evidence MSF4137 High House (Monument)
Evidence MSF25495 High Wood Farm (Building)
Evidence MSF25463 Hill Farm Barn (Building)
Evidence MSF25650 Hill Farmhouse (Building)
Evidence MSF25410 Hines Farmhouse (Building)
Evidence MSF11949 Hintlesham Hall; Hintlesham Park (Monument)
Evidence MSF12239 Holbrook Mill (Monument)
Evidence MSF37991 Hold Farmhouse (Building)
Evidence MSF38020 Holly Tree Cottage, The Street (Building)
Evidence MSF25471 Holton Lodge (Building)
Evidence MSF15050 Holton Post Mill (Monument)
Evidence MSF12605 Holy Trinity Church (Monument)
Evidence MSF25425 Holyoak Farm (Building)
Evidence MSF25383 Home Farm (Building)
Evidence MSF26568 Home Farm Barn (Building)
Evidence MSF35374 Home Farm Barns (Building)
Evidence MSF27251 Horsecroft Hall [and park] (Monument)
Evidence MSF1991 Hospital of Holy Trinity ; Maison Dieu Hospital (Monument)
Evidence MSF11253 Icehouse Plantation; Fornham Park (Monument)
Evidence MSF11251 Icehouse, Herringswell House; Icehouse Wood (Monument)
Evidence MSF37653 Icehouse, Woolverstone Hall (Building)
Evidence MSF11262 Icewell Plantation; Euston Park (Monument)
Evidence MSF7742 Ickworth House; Ickworth Park (Monument)
Evidence MSF7743 Ickworth Lodge (Monument)
Evidence MSF34973 Impact Facility circa 1963-1964 (Monument)
Evidence MSF35521 Inghams Barn, Little Blakenham (Building)
Evidence MSF17945 Ipswich Generating Station, Constantine Road, Talk Electric Centre, Ipswich. (Building)
Evidence MSF34993 Ipswich to Bury St Edmunds railway line (Monument)
Evidence MSF34992 Ipswich to Colchester railway line (Monument)
Evidence MSF24875 Ironworks site, Hamlet Road, Haverhill (Building)
Evidence MSF17194 Ivy Lodge (Monument)
Evidence MSF13669 Ixworth Mill (Monument)
Evidence MSF24157 Jacob's Hall ; Jacob's Farm (1880's) (Monument)
Evidence MSF31381 Jasmine Farm Barn, Wickham Road (Building)
Evidence MSF26599 Kedges End/Cressland (Building)
Evidence MSF38239 Kelsale Court, Main Road (Building)
Evidence MSF14640 Kelsale Lodge (Monument)
Evidence MSF4081 Kenton Hall (Med) (Monument)
Evidence MSF29464 Kersey Mill (Building)
Evidence MSF5225 Kersey Priory (Med) (Monument)
Evidence MSF6367 Kettlebaston Hall (Monument)
Evidence MSF30395 Kiln Farm (Building)
Evidence MSF27656 Kimbers Court (Building)
Evidence MSF38177 King's Farm Barn (Building)
Evidence MSF35231 King's Head (Building)
Evidence MSF14122 Kings Staunch (Cow Gravel); River Lark (Monument)
Evidence MSF34968 Laboratory 1 Large Vibration, circa 1956 (Monument)
Evidence MSF34966 Laboratory 2 Centrifuge, circa 1957 (Monument)
Evidence MSF34967 Laboratory 3 Climatic Testing, circa 1956 (Monument)
Evidence MSF34969 Laboratory Store, circa 1956 (Monument)
Evidence MSF535 Lambert's Farm (Med) (Monument)
Evidence MSF7647 Lambert's Farm (PMed) (Monument)
Evidence MSF35227 Land to the Rear of 91-93 High Street (Building)
Evidence MSF3005 Landguard Fort complex, post 1720 (PMed) (Monument)
Evidence MSF26526 Landguard Fort Pre 1720 (Monument)
Evidence MSF16735 Landwade Hall (Monument)
Evidence MSF37792 Langham Hall (Building)
Evidence MSF11552 Large seven storey Post Medieval tower mill. (Monument)
Evidence MSF38316 Late 15th/early 16th century detached kitchen or bakehouse, Clay Hall (Building)
Evidence MSF5839 Lavenham Hall (Monument)
Evidence MSF24158 Lawshall Hall (Monument)
Evidence MSF18022 Layham Mill (Monument)
Evidence MSF25643 Leffey Hall (Building)
Evidence MSF2340 Leiston Abbey, Abbey Farm. (Monument)
Evidence MSF12895 Letheringham Abbey (PMed) (Monument)
Evidence MSF3255 Letheringham Lodge (Monument)
Evidence MSF12452 Letheringham Water Mill (PMed) (Monument)
Evidence MSF38233 Leys House, Church Hill (Building)
Evidence MSF16669 Lineage Wood (Monument)
Evidence MSF26600 Little Manor (Building)
Evidence MSF26493 Lodge Barns, Chilton Hall (Building)
Evidence MSF25408 Lodge Farm (Building)
Evidence MSF26594 Lodge Farm (Building)
Evidence MSF29627 Long Melford Railway Station (Monument)
Evidence MSF24225 Longland's Hall; Longland Farm (1880s) (Monument)
Evidence MSF16981 Lothingland Hospital; Oulton Poor Law Institution; Union Workhouse (Monument)
Evidence MSF15214 Loudham Hall & Park (Monument)
Evidence MSF15308 Lower Windmill (Monument)
Evidence MSF34960 Magazine circa 1962 (Monument)
Evidence MSF37294 Malletts Cottage, Orford (Building)
Evidence MSF37981 Malting Cottage, Nayland Road (Building)
Evidence MSF37955 Malting Farmhouse (Building)
Evidence MSF35443 Maltings Cottage (Building)
Evidence MSF5817 Manor Farm (Monument)
Evidence MSF27221 Manor Farm Stables (Building)
Evidence MSF38293 Manor Farm, East End (Building)
Evidence MSF27255 Manor Farmhouse (Building)
Evidence MSF37922 Manor Farmhouse (Building)
Evidence MSF30014 Marlesford Hall (Building)
Evidence MSF27660 Marlow House (Building)
Evidence MSF2774 Martello Tower AA (No. 2), Shingle Street (Monument)
Evidence MSF8499 Martello Tower 'L' (Monument)
Evidence MSF8500 Martello Tower 'M' (Monument)
Evidence MSF3003 Martello Tower T on Woodbridge Haven Golf course (No 7) (Monument)
Evidence MSF3002 Martello Tower U, at Felixstowe Ferry (No 6) (Monument)
Evidence MSF2775 Martello Tower Y (No.4), Bawdsey Beach (Monument)
Evidence MSF38108 Maypole Farm, Rectory Road (Building)
Evidence MSF25626 Meadow Cottage (Building)
Evidence MSF14578 Medieval church recorded in the Domesday Survey. (Monument)
Evidence MSF24531 Medieval foundations, Rear elevations, Guildhall, Bury St Edmunds (Monument)
Evidence MSF1713 Medieval house, Dickersons Corner (Monument)
Evidence MSF3285 Medieval Moat and 17th century barns, Loom's Farm (Monument)
Evidence MSF27302 Medieval wall paintings in Street Farmhouse, High Street (Building)
Evidence MSF11256 Melford Hall; Melford Park (PMed) (Monument)
Evidence MSF16978 Melton House of Industry; St Audry's Hospital (Monument)
Evidence MSF11921 Mendham Priory (Monument)
Evidence MSF34975 Mess Room circa 1956 (Monument)
Evidence MSF26597 Messuage Farm Barn (Building)
Evidence MSF1025 Mettingham Hall/The Hall (Monument)
Evidence MSF37902 Middle Barn (Fomerly Lower Farm) (Building)
Evidence MSF7552 Middle Mill now The Roundhouse (Monument)
Evidence MSF28243 Mildenhall Railway Station (Building)
Evidence MSF34542 Military camp associated with RAF Butley/Bentwaters Airfield (Monument)
Evidence MSF13672 Mill Farm (Monument)
Evidence MSF11542 Mill Hill (Monument)
Evidence MSF16025 Mill Hotel, Walnut Tree Lane (PMed) (Monument)
Evidence MSF17468 Mill House, Alpheton (Monument)
Evidence MSF21482 Mill River (Monument)
Evidence MSF35559 Mill Villa (Building)
Evidence MSF5426 Moat Farm (Monument)
Evidence MSF5657 Moat Farm (Monument)
Evidence MSF1318 Moat Hall (formerly Old Hall) (Monument)
Evidence MSF2159 Moated Site SE of Linstead Hall (Monument)
Evidence MSF25250 Model Farm buildings at Amor Hall Farm (Building)
Evidence MSF37802 Monk Soham Hall (Building)
Evidence MSF27648 Monram Cottage, Penny Cottage and Holly Tree Cottage (Building)
Evidence MSF35233 Moor's Farm Stable Range (Building)
Evidence MSF2541 Moot Hall (Building)
Evidence MSF26558 Moreves Manor (Building)
Evidence MSF26667 Mousehall Barn (Building)
Evidence MSF27298 Mullets Farm (Building)
Evidence MSF36990 Neptune Inn, 86-88 Fore Street, Ipswich (Building)
Evidence MSF13235 Nettlestead Chace formerly Nettlestead Hall (Building)
Evidence MSF35833 News Hill Barn (Building)
Evidence MSF35395 No. 2 Friar's Street (Building)
Evidence MSF25023 North barn, Bridgefield Farm, Cowlinge (Building)
Evidence MSF16688 North Cove Hall (Monument)
Evidence MSF37676 North Lodge, Benacre Park (Building)
Evidence MSF25342 Nos. 92-94 Ipswich Road (Building)
Evidence MSF25649 Oak Cottage (Building)
Evidence MSF26658 Oak Farm (Building)
Evidence MSF26492 Oak Farm Cottages (Building)
Evidence MSF11440 Oak Farmhouse (Monument)
Evidence MSF26567 Oak Hill Farm (Building)
Evidence MSF3432 Oakley Park Stables; Hoxne Hall (PMed) (Monument)
Evidence MSF26565 Old Ale House (Building)
Evidence MSF25281 Old Bloxhall House (Building)
Evidence MSF26577 Old Hall Farm (Building)
Evidence MSF25630 Old Manor Cottage (Building)
Evidence MSF37982 Old Milking Parlour at Lodge Farmhouse (Building)
Evidence MSF37805 Old Raydon Hall (Building)
Evidence MSF5252 Old Rectory (Monument)
Evidence MSF26664 Old Smithy (Building)
Evidence MSF26552 Old Thatches (Building)
Evidence MSF37698 Orangery, Heveningham Hall (Building)
Evidence MSF13478 Orwell Park School; Orwell Park (Monument)
Evidence MSF26534 Orwell Park Water Tower (Building)
Evidence MSF4132 Otley Hall (Monument)
Evidence MSF14245 Ousden Hall dovecote (Monument)
Evidence MSF39063 Out Barn: Unnamed Outbarn (Farmstead)
Evidence MSF38826 Out Farm: Off Barn (Farmstead)
Evidence MSF38907 Outbarn: Black Barn (Farmstead)
Evidence MSF38451 Outbarn: Parkfield Farm (Farmstead)
Evidence MSF38460 Outbarn: Potash Barn (Farmstead)
Evidence MSF38500 Outbarn: The Old Barn House (Farmstead)
Evidence MSF26498 Outbuilding at Bargate Farm (Building)
Evidence MSF33933 Outbuilding at Guildhall Farm (Building)
Evidence MSF26753 Outbuilding at Hill House (Building)
Evidence MSF25218 Outbuilding at Money Pot Farm, Redgrave (Monument)
Evidence MSF34991 Outbuilding at Stone House, Great Gemham (Building)
Evidence MSF27643 Outbuilding at The Olde Bungalow (Building)
Evidence MSF26750 Outbuilding at Valley Farm (Building)
Evidence MSF25405 Outbuilding to the Smithy (Building)
Evidence MSF25020 Outbuilding, Wood Farm, Gipping (Building)
Evidence MSF38161 Outbuildings at Church Farm, Church Road (Building)
Evidence MSF27351 Outbuildings at Gables Farm (Building)
Evidence MSF37951 Outbuildings at Ingate House, London Road (Building)
Evidence MSF38328 Outbuildings at Moat Hall Barn, Martins Lane (Building)
Evidence MSF27389 Outbuildings at Rushbrook Farm (Building)
Evidence MSF38294 Outbuildings at The Gables, The Street (Building)
Evidence MSF27275 Outbuildings at The Woodlands (Building)
Evidence MSF25193 Outbuildings at Wolsey House Farm, Yoxford (Building)
Evidence MSF35229 Outbuildings within the grounds of Stoke college, Ashen Lane (Building)
Evidence MSF26602 Outbuildings, Redwood (Building)
Evidence MSF39136 Outfarm Unnamed Out Farm (Farmstead)
Evidence MSF38700 Outfarm: (Hoggars Barn) (Farmstead)
Evidence MSF24648 Outfarm: Barningham Barn (Farmstead)
Evidence MSF38622 Outfarm: Blue Barn Farm (Bluehouse Barn) (Farmstead)
Evidence MSF38817 Outfarm: Broom Barn (Farmstead)
Evidence MSF39300 Outfarm: Cobbin's Barn (Farmstead)
Evidence MSF39389 Outfarm: Green Barn (Farmstead)
Evidence MSF39787 Outfarm: Low Farm (Farmstead)
Evidence MSF38705 Outfarm: Mishop's Barn (Farmstead)
Evidence MSF39760 Outfarm: Mutton Barn (Farmstead)
Evidence MSF39103 Outfarm: New Barn (Farmstead)
Evidence MSF39763 Outfarm: Old Barn (Farmstead)
Evidence MSF38704 Outfarm: Old Farm (Farmstead)
Evidence MSF39645 Outfarm: Rudd's Barm (Farmstead)
Evidence MSF38993 Outfarm: Top Field Barn (Farmstead)
Evidence MSF38955 Outfarm: Unknown (Farmstead)
Evidence MSF39140 Outfarm: Unnamed outfarm (Farmstead)
Evidence MSF39418 Outfarm: Unnamed Outfarm (Farmstead)
Evidence MSF39271 Outfarm: Walk Barn (Farmstead)
Evidence MSF38555 Outfarm: White Oak Farm (Clarke's Barn) (Farmstead)
Evidence MSF37491 Oxborrows Hotel, St. Peters Street, Ipswich (Building)
Evidence MSF25613 Pakenham windmill (Building)
Evidence MSF6186 Palmer's Farm (Monument)
Evidence MSF26603 Palmers, No. 36 Buttermarket and Nos. 4-9 Abbeygate Street (Building)
Evidence MSF26583 Paradise Farm (Building)
Evidence MSF12822 Parish church of St Mary (Monument)
Evidence MSF25435 Park Farm (Building)
Evidence MSF25295 Park Farm model farm (Building)
Evidence MSF3895 Park Farm; Hoxne Old Park (Monument)
Evidence MSF37808 Park Lodge (Building)
Evidence MSF27259 Park Lodge, Hengrave Park (Building)
Evidence MSF37865 Pear Tree Farm (Building)
Evidence MSF27634 Pink Cottage (Building)
Evidence MSF28 Pitcher's Green (Monument)
Evidence MSF25301 Planned farm at Home Farm (Building)
Evidence MSF3333 Playford Hall (Monument)
Evidence MSF34974 Plinth E circa 1950s (Monument)
Evidence MSF34971 Plinth F circa 1956 (Monument)
Evidence MSF17782 Plomesgate Union Workhouse; Deben Court (Monument)
Evidence MSF26553 Plumbers Arms (Building)
Evidence MSF37806 Polstead Hall (Building)
Evidence MSF25183 Polstead Mill (Monument)
Evidence MSF14699 Polstead Park (Monument)
Evidence MSF25632 Poole's Farmhouse (Building)
Evidence MSF38189 Poplar Farmhouse, Low Street (Building)
Evidence MSF632 Poppys Farm (Monument)
Evidence MSF34552 Possible Second World War pillbox (Monument)
Evidence MSF13080 Post Medieval dovecote on the edge of a stable complex. (Monument)
Evidence MSF11555 Post Medieval post mill, moved from CRM 023 before1880, converted into a dovecote circa 1860. (Monument)
Evidence MSF11558 Post Medieval six storey tower mill built in 1837. (Monument)
Evidence MSF11560 Post Medieval tower mill, ceased to work by wind in 1925 and was power driven for some years. (Monument)
Evidence MSF16633 Post Medieval watermill and leat. (PMed) (Monument)
Evidence MSF13662 Post Medieval watermill. (Monument)
Evidence MSF12514 Post mill with two storey roundhouse. (Monument)
Evidence MSF14528 Post-medieval Deer Park and Landscape Park, Benacre Park (Monument)
Evidence MSF24537 Post-medieval matling building and medieval well, Eelsey's Yard (Monument)
Evidence MSF697 Post-medieval Quaker meeting house and cemetery (Monument)
Evidence MSF16101 Post-medieval six-storey tower mill (Monument)
Evidence MSF38242 Potters Row, High Street (Building)
Evidence MSF25426 Poutney Hall (Building)
Evidence MSF25602 Preston Manor (Building)
Evidence MSF1115 Priory church of Saints Peter and Paul, Wangford (Monument)
Evidence MXS18850 Probable World War II pillbox. (Monument)
Evidence MXS18852 Probable World War II strongpoint, visible in 1941 and cleared by 1952. (Monument)
Evidence MSF34965 Pump House circa 1961 (Monument)
Evidence MSF25666 Purton Green Farm (Building)
Evidence MSF37464 Pykenham's Gatehouse, Northgate Street, Ipswich (Building)
Evidence MSF24474 Pykenham's House, Ipswich and Suffolk County Club, Ipswich. (Building)
Evidence MSF30873 Quay Church (Building)
Evidence MSF25345 Read Hall farmhouse (Building)
Evidence MSF10869 Rebuilding of brick wall of old Smithy revealed wall construction was of clay lump (circa 9"x9"x18" blocks) on brick plinth (Monument)
Evidence MSF37950 Red Lion Cottage (Building)
Evidence MSF11908 Redisham Hall & Park; Screw Park; Home Park (Monument)
Evidence MSF35434 Redisham Hall (Building)
Evidence MSF4025 Redlingfield Nunnery (Monument)
Evidence MSF35550 River House, Church Hill (Building)
Evidence MSF14111 River Lark; Barton Mills Lock (Monument)
Evidence MSF26533 River's Farm Barn (Building)
Evidence MSF5458 Rockyll's Hall (Med) (Monument)
Evidence MSF35037 RooK Tree Farm (Building)
Evidence MSF11824 Rookery Farm; formerly Battlesea Hall (Monument)
Evidence MSF31375 Rookery Farmhouse (Building)
Evidence MSF27246 Rookyard Farm; Rookyards, Stone Street (Monument)
Evidence MSF1177 Roos Hall (Monument)
Evidence MSF35552 Roper's Farm (Building)
Evidence MSF35245 Rose Cottage (Building)
Evidence MSF38280 Rosery Cottage (Building)
Evidence MSF25569 Saviours Barn (Building)
Evidence MSF25413 Sawyer's Farm (Building)
Evidence MSF6140 'Saxon' sculpture of a man at All saints' church (Monument)
Evidence MSF3170 Saxtead Green Windmill (Monument)
Evidence MXS19538 Second World War "civil starfish" and "Civil QL" bombing decoys (Monument)
Evidence MSF27377 Second World War Diver Strip Battery G12 (Monument)
Evidence MSF37212 Second World War military camp, Brandon (Monument)
Evidence MSF34475 Second World War pillbox (Monument)
Evidence MSF26236 Second World War Pillbox, Barnham Camp (Monument)
Evidence MSF31524 Selwyn House, Woodbridge (Building)
Evidence MSF15383 Semer Poor Law Institution; Cosford Union Workhouse (Monument)
Evidence MSF5140 Shelley Hall, located near SHY 001 moat. Scheduled (Monument)
Evidence MSF23795 Shepherds Grove; Hepworth Airfield: Stanton airfield (Monument)
Evidence MSF16979 Shipmeadow Poultry Farm;Wangford Union Workhouse;House of Industry (Monument)
Evidence MSF3549 Shire Hall, Market Hill (Monument)
Evidence MSF1714 Shrubland Hall; Shrubland Park (Monument)
Evidence MSF3433 Shrubland Old Hall (Monument)
Evidence MSF26589 Shrubland Old Hall Farm Buildings (Building)
Evidence MSX27764 Site of two World War Two pillboxes (Monument)
Evidence MSF8208 Site of windmill. (Monument)
Evidence MSX27598 Site of World War Two barbed wire defences, gun pits and possible structures (Monument)
Evidence MSX27213 Site of World War Two military training area, probably related to Herringfleet military camp (Monument)
Evidence MSX27214 Site of World War Two military training area, probably related to Herringfleet military camp (Monument)
Evidence MSX27599 Site of World War Two type 22 pillbox, gun emplacement and trenches (Monument)
Evidence MSF27227 Slough Farmhouse (Building)
Evidence MSF11546 Small tower windmill, Fort Green (Building)
Evidence MSF5655 Smallbridge Hall (Monument)
Evidence MSF25275 Smallbridge Hall Farm (Building)
Evidence MSF35219 Solcotts, The Street (Building)
Evidence MSF11909 Somerleyton Hall & Park (Monument)
Evidence MSF11920 Sotterley Hall; Sotterley Park (PMed) (Monument)
Evidence MSF37675 South Lodge, Benacre Park (Building)
Evidence MSF16607 Southfields Pumping Station (Monument)
Evidence MSF25659 Southview (Building)
Evidence MSF27286 Southwood Farm Barn (Building)
Evidence MSF26659 Sparrows Hall (Building)
Evidence MSF24224 Sparrows Hall (Monument)
Evidence MSF25652 Spring Farmhouse (Building)
Evidence MSF24163 Sproughton Mill, River Gipping (Monument)
Evidence MSF25641 Squadron offices and technical site at Lavenham airfield (Building)
Evidence MSF4204 St Andrew's Church (Monument)
Evidence MSF6910 St Andrew's Church (Monument)
Evidence MSF26598 St Andrew's Hall Barn (Building)
Evidence MSF5719 St Bartholomew's Chapel; St Bartholomew's Priory (Monument)
Evidence MSF5798 St Bartholomew's Church (Monument)
Evidence MSF37967 St Clare Hall (Building)
Evidence MSF24 St Clare Hall (Monument)
Evidence MSF6921 St George's Church (Med) (Monument)
Evidence MSF4359 St Gregory's Church (Med) (Monument)
Evidence MSF18358 St Gregory's Church (Sax) (Monument)
Evidence MSF5801 St James' Chapel (Monument)
Evidence MSF13264 St Johns, now Park House (Monument)
Evidence MSF960 St Lawrence Hall Farm; St Lawrence Hall Cottages (Monument)
Evidence MSF7795 St Margaret's Church (Med) (Monument)
Evidence MSF4076 St Margaret's Church (Monument)
Evidence MSF4958 St Margaret's Church, Ipswich. (IAS 7806) (Monument)
Evidence MSF2748 St Margaret's Church; Halgestowe (Monument)
Evidence MSF27245 St Margarets Priory, Hightown Green (Monument)
Evidence MSF4376 St Martin's Church (Monument)
Evidence MSF3873 St Martin's Church (Rectory) (Monument)
Evidence MSF8105 St Martin's Church (Rectory) (Monument)
Evidence MSF6248 St Mary Magdalene's Churchyard, Little Whelnetham. (Monument)
Evidence MSF7746 St Mary's Church (Building)
Evidence MSF5094 St Mary's Church (Med) (Monument)
Evidence MSF8061 St Mary's Church (Med) (Monument)
Evidence MSF12454 St Mary's Church (Monument)
Evidence MSF4517 St Mary's Church (Monument)
Evidence MSF5282 St Mary's Church (Monument)
Evidence MSF5288 St Mary's Church (Monument)
Evidence MSF5984 St Mary's Church (Monument)
Evidence MSF8142 St Mary's Church (Monument)
Evidence MSF8737 St Mary's Church (Monument)
Evidence MSF4345 St Mary's Church, (Easton?) (Med) (Monument)
Evidence MSF18357 St Mary's Church, (Easton?) (Sax) (Monument)
Evidence MSF36958 St Mary's Cottage, Elm Street, Ipswich (Building)
Evidence MSF16976 St Mary's Hospital; Samford Poor Law Institution (Monument)
Evidence MSF6917 St Michael's Church (Med) (Monument)
Evidence MSF2830 St Peter and St Paul's Church (Monument)
Evidence MSF5731 St Peter's Church (Med) (Monument)
Evidence MSF7625 St Peter's Church (Monument)
Evidence MSF895 St Peter's Hall (Monument)
Evidence MSF4953 St. Helen's Church, Ipswich, (IAS 8805). (Monument)
Evidence MSF37470 St. Helen's Lodge, St. Helen's Street, Ipswich (Building)
Evidence MSF4945 St. Matthews Church, Ipswich, (IAS 7706). (Monument)
Evidence MSF16925 St. Peter's Church, Ipswich, (IAS 5304). (Monument)
Evidence MSF37466 St. Peter's Street, Ipswich (general) (Building)
Evidence MSF16929 St. Stephen's Church, Ipswich, (IAS 3203). (Monument)
Evidence MSF27235 Stable and Coach House, Suddon Hall (Building)
Evidence MSF25328 Stable at Barley House Farm (Building)
Evidence MSF27632 Stable at Wood Hall (Building)
Evidence MSF32254 Stable Block, Holywells Park, Ipswich. (Building)
Evidence MSF31378 Stable Range at Belstead Hall (Building)
Evidence MSF37900 Stables at Grove Farm (Building)
Evidence MSF37674 Stables, Benacre Hall (Building)
Evidence MSF37696 Stables, Heveningham Hall (Building)
Evidence MSF38202 Stackwood Cottage (Building)
Evidence MSF25347 Stanchils Farm (Building)
Evidence MSF836 Stanton Upthorpe Windmill (Monument)
Evidence MSF25657 Starhouse Farmhouse (Building)
Evidence MSF38232 Stone House, The Street (Building)
Evidence MSF37979 Stow Park Farmhouse (Building)
Evidence MSF16977 Stow Union Workhouse; Stow Lodge Hospital; Stow Poor Law Institution (Monument)
Evidence MSF25411 Street Farm (Building)
Evidence MSF27652 Street Farm (Building)
Evidence MSF38295 Street Farm (Building)
Evidence MSF38051 Strickland House, 25 Park Lane (Building)
Evidence MSF27289 Stud Farm Barn (Building)
Evidence MSF14909 Stutton Hall (Monument)
Evidence MSF38143 Styles Piece, Little Green (Building)
Evidence MSF25653 Sun View Cottage (Building)
Evidence MSF25655 Sunny View (Building)
Evidence MSF24724 Sunnyside Farm Barn, Gorham Mill Lane, Laxfield (Building)
Evidence MSF31427 Sunnyside House, Walsham-le Willows (Building)
Evidence MSF37495 'Tankard Inn', 13 Tacket Street, Ipswich (Building)
Evidence MSF8251 Tattingstone Hall (PMed) (Monument)
Evidence MSF14815 Tattingstone Wonder (Monument)
Evidence MSF38170 Thatchers House, Bower House Tye (Building)
Evidence MSF3539 The Abbey - Grammar School (PMed) (Monument)
Evidence MSF10894 The Ancient House, Corner of Buttermarket and St. Stephens Lane, Ipswich, (IAS 3202). (Monument)
Evidence MSF31428 The Angel Inn, Debenham (Building)
Evidence MSF26748 The Barn, Ashtree Farm (Building)
Evidence MSF34375 The Barn, Athelington Hall (Building)
Evidence MSF26530 The Barn, Burstall Hall (Building)
Evidence MSF25462 The Barn, Harraton Court Stables (Building)
Evidence MSF26754 The Barn, Yew Tree Farm (Building)
Evidence MSF26494 The Barns, Rodbridge House (Building)
Evidence MSF31522 The Black Barn, Brown's Place Farm (Building)
Evidence MSF38125 The Bridewell, 91-93 New Street (Building)
Evidence MSF27654 The Bull Hotel (Building)
Evidence MSF38126 The Captain's Lodge, 95 Throughfare (Building)
Evidence MSF37895 The Cartshed at Hill Farm (Building)
Evidence MSF37978 The Chantry (Building)
Evidence MSF38289 The Chequers (Building)
Evidence MSF32326 The Engine House (Building)
Evidence MSF24702 The Farm Buildings, Rise Hall, Akenham (Farmstead)
Evidence MSF38303 The Gables, Rattlesden Road (Building)
Evidence MSF38268 The Granary, Squirrells Farm (Building)
Evidence MSF25116 The Granary, Squirrel's Farm, Great Bricett (Monument)
Evidence MSF18560 The Great White Horse Hotel, 37-47 Tavern Street, Ipswich, (IAS 1302). (Monument)
Evidence MSF6740 The Guildhall, Bury St Edmunds (Monument)
Evidence MSF38330 The Guildhall, Guildhall Street (Building)
Evidence MSF18197 The Gun Site, Aldeburgh (Monument)
Evidence MSF27651 The Hermitage (Building)
Evidence MSF34595 The Hollies, Chilton Corner (Building)
Evidence MSF13493 The Icepit; Elveden Park (Monument)
Evidence MSF35828 The Kings Head (Building)
Evidence MSF5235 The Little Manor, Woodbine Cottage (Monument)
Evidence MSF23317 The Lodge, Bradfield Combust (Building)
Evidence MSF37965 The Lodge, Stone Street (Building)
Evidence MSF27344 The Maltings (Building)
Evidence MSF32696 The Maltings at Street Farm, Redgrave (Building)
Evidence MSF16946 The Manor House (site of); The Village Hall; The Street (Monument)
Evidence MSF11302 The Manor House, Honey Hill. (Monument)
Evidence MSF38037 The Mill Hotel, Walnut Tree Lane (Building)
Evidence MSF25570 The Mission Hall (Building)
Evidence MSF35533 The Oakmere Hotel (Building)
Evidence MSF27213 The Old Auction House (Building)
Evidence MSF37989 The Old Bakery, The Croft (Building)
Evidence MSF27645 The Old Guildhall (LA) HBS (Building)
Evidence MSF38322 The Old Hall (Building)
Evidence MSF35558 The Old House (Building)
Evidence MSF25568 The Old Maltings (Building)
Evidence MSF38031 The Old Manor, Prety Road (Building)
Evidence MSF14050 The Old Mill House (Monument)
Evidence MSF38249 The Old Post Office, Upper Street (Building)
Evidence MSF37774 The Old Rectory (Building)
Evidence MSF14970 The Old Rectory (PMed) (Monument)
Evidence MSF31429 The Old Rectory, Claydon (Building)
Evidence MSF38110 The Old Rectory, Mellis Road (Building)
Evidence MSF25635 The Old School House (Building)
Evidence MSF27278 The Old Smithy (Building)
Evidence MSF25496 The Old Workhouse (Building)
Evidence MSF38028 The Olgilvie Hall, Thorpeness (Building)
Evidence MSF31289 The Ordnance Hotel, Felixstowe (Building)
Evidence MSF37958 The Outbuilding 147 The High Street (Building)
Evidence MSF38281 The Outbuildings, High Pastures (Building)
Evidence MSF27335 The Paddocks (Building)
Evidence MSF27655 The Posting House (LA) HSY (Building)
Evidence MSF5786 The Priory, Church Road. (Monument)
Evidence MSF37969 The Queen's Head Inn, The Street (Building)
Evidence MSF38292 The Round House, Santuary Road (Building)
Evidence MSF38221 The Silence Chamber, All Saints Church (Building)
Evidence MSF32557 The Stables, Darsham House (Building)
Evidence MSF25634 The Swan (Building)
Evidence MSF12449 The Temple or Banqueting House, Euston Park (Monument)
Evidence MSF25644 The Thatches (Building)
Evidence MSF35244 The White Cottage (Building)
Evidence MSF25631 The White House (Building)
Evidence MSF27761 The Wurlie (Building)
Evidence MSF37713 Theberton Hall (Building)
Evidence MSF17780 Thingoe Union Workhouse (Monument)
Evidence MSF27220 Thorington Hall stables (Building)
Evidence MSF27647 Thorpe Chapel (Building)
Evidence MSF12592 Thorpeness Mill (Building)
Evidence MSF38241 Threshing Barn (Plot 3), Dover Farm (Building)
Evidence MSF37391 Timber-framed building Survey of Ipswich, 10-16 St. Nicholas Street (Building)
Evidence MSF37392 Timber-framed building Survey of Ipswich, 14 St. Nicholas Street outbuilding (Building)
Evidence MSF37396 Timber-framed building Survey of Ipswich, 19-21 St. Nicholas Street (Building)
Evidence MSF37395 Timber-framed building Survey of Ipswich, 20 St. Nicholas Street (Building)
Evidence MSF37394 Timber-framed building Survey of Ipswich, 20-22 St. Nicholas Street (Building)
Evidence MSF37397 Timber-framed building Survey of Ipswich, 25 St. Nicholas Street (Building)
Evidence MSF37398 Timber-framed building Survey of Ipswich, 27 and 29 St. Nicholas Street (Building)
Evidence MSF2846 Tithe Farm (Monument)
Evidence MSF34962 Toilet circa 1955 (Monument)
Evidence MSF6738 Took's (formerly Oliver's Grocery Shop), Abbeygate Street (Monument)
Evidence MSF38313 Top Barn, Aspall Road (Building)
Evidence MSF6892 Tostock Old Hall (Monument)
Evidence MSF11557 Tower Mill Road (Monument)
Evidence MSF27641 Town Farm (Building)
Evidence MSF35822 Trinity Hall Farm, Moulton (Monument)
Evidence MSF14205 Trinity Hospital (Monument)
Evidence MSF17719 Tudor Cottage (PMed) (Monument)
Evidence MSF37957 Tudor Cottage, 44 High Street (Building)
Evidence MSF31380 Turk's Head Public House, Hasketon (Building)
Evidence MSF15017 Tutelina Mills; Clarkes Mill (Building)
Evidence MSF7724 Two post mills. (Monument)
Evidence MSF2835 Ufford Hall (Monument)
Evidence MSF27658 Ufford House (Building)
Evidence MSF27639 Upper Barn (Building)
Evidence MSF38109 Upper Common (Building)
Evidence MSF11553 Upper Mill (Monument)
Evidence MSF25237 Valley Farm (Building)
Evidence MSF25416 Valley Farm (Building)
Evidence MSF34445 Valley Farm Barn, Felsham (Building)
Evidence MSF24641 Valley Farm, Wickham Market (Building)
Evidence MSF25625 Valley Farmhouse (Building)
Evidence MSF25627 Venn's Farmhouse (Building)
Evidence MSF34957 Vibration Test Building circa 1960 (Monument)
Evidence MSF34958 Vibration Test Building circa 1960 (Monument)
Evidence MSF13743 Vine Cottage (PMed) (Building)
Evidence MSF25403 Walnut Tree Farmhouse (Building)
Evidence MSF29983 Wamil Hall (Building)
Evidence MSF17047 Wangford Lodge (1783); Shakers Lodge (Monument)
Evidence MSF2472 Wantisden Hall (Monument)
Evidence MSF25629 Wash Farmhouse (Building)
Evidence MSF12450 Water mill on the Black Bourne river. (Monument)
Evidence MSF1789 Water pumping station built circa 1854 (Monument)
Evidence MSF15133 Watermill and mill race off River Waveney (S3). (PMed) (Monument)
Evidence MSF38231 Waterwell House, The Street (Building)
Evidence MSF27254 Wattisfield Hall (Building)
Evidence MSF16674 Weather Heath (Monument)
Evidence MSF25372 Webb's Model Farm (Building)
Evidence MSF25648 Welham's Farmhouse (Building)
Evidence MSF27233 Wells Hall Barn (Building)
Evidence MSF401 Wetherden Hall (Monument)
Evidence MSF25268 White House Farm (Building)
Evidence MSF24840 White House Farm, Yaxley. (Building)
Evidence MSF37251 Whitehouse Farm (Building)
Evidence MSF12680 Whittingham Hall (PMed) (Monument)
Evidence MSF35394 Wickerstreet House (Building)
Evidence MSF15172 Wickham Mill; Deben Mill (Monument)
Evidence MSF38250 Willow Farmhouse, Halesworth Road (Building)
Evidence MSF8202 Windmill (corn) of smock mill type, now demolished (Monument)
Evidence MSF23651 Wingfield (Old) Hall (Monument)
Evidence MSF3087 Wingfield Castle (Monument)
Evidence MSF3093 Wingfield College (Med) (Monument)
Evidence MSF16836 Withindale Mill; Wyffyndall Myll (1580) (Monument)
Evidence MSF11805 Wixoe Mill (Monument)
Evidence MXS18987 Wolrd War II strongpoint on the beach. (Monument)
Evidence MSF29210 Wood Farm (Farmstead)
Evidence MSF27633 Wood Hall (Building)
Evidence MSF14993 Wood Hall (PMed) (Monument)
Evidence MSF23928 Woodbridge Railway Station (Monument)
Evidence MXS19633 Woodbridge Tide Mill (PMed) (Monument)
Evidence MSF16982 Woodbridge Union Workhouse; Amberfield School; Nacton House (Monument)
Evidence MSF27214 Woolpit Methodist Chapel (Building)
Evidence MSF14832 Woolverstone Park; Woolverstone Hall (PMed) (Monument)
Evidence MSF25438 Wordwell Hall (Building)
Evidence MSF26595 Workshop at Green Farm (Building)
Evidence MSF22788 World War I Mustard Gas forward filling station and hutted complex (Monument)
Evidence MXS18842 World War I or II pillbox, now eroded away. (Monument)
Evidence MXS18957 World War II anti tank cube line along the beaches. (Monument)
Evidence MSF18516 World War II buildings and possibly barracks associated with an airfield to the south. (Monument)
Evidence MXS18946 World War II Chain Home Extra Low Station K163 (Monument)
Evidence MXS18925 World War II Coastal Artillery battery and associated buildings and structures. (Monument)
Evidence MXS18929 World War II Coastal Artillery Battery Command Post, visible in 1943 under construction east of Covehithe. (Monument)
Evidence MXS18879 World War II Coastal Artillery Battery, visible in 1941 at Easton Woods. (Monument)
Evidence MXS18997 World War II defences visible on the cliffs overlooking the beach. (Monument)
Evidence MXS18901 World War II defended position visible in 1941 at Crossways Cottages, covering the crossroads. (Monument)
Evidence MXS18914 World War II defended position, visible in 1941 covering the road fork at the west end of Covehithe. (Monument)
Evidence MXS18912 World War II defended site and associated features. (Monument)
Evidence MXS18745 World War II 'Diver' battery S9 (Monument)
Evidence MXS18931 World War II 'Diver' Anti Aircraft Battery, Diver battery T9 (Monument)
Evidence MXS18953 World War II Diver Battery YA (Monument)
Evidence MXS18778 World War II 'Diver' HAA battery. (Monument)
Evidence MXS18848 World War II 'Diver' Heavy Anti Aircraft Battery site. (Monument)
Evidence MXS18887 World War II 'Diver' Heavy Anti Aircraft Battery T10 (Monument)
Evidence MXS18866 World War II 'Diver' Heavy Anti Aircraft battery T19 (Monument)
Evidence MXS18839 World War II 'Diver' Heavy Anti Aircraft battery. (Monument)
Evidence MXS18935 World War II military structure, possibly a pillbox, visible in 1945. (Monument)
Evidence MXS18996 World War II pillbox and trench overlooking the beach. (Monument)
Evidence MXS18928 World War II pillbox or building visible east of Covehithe in 1941 and eroded onto the beach by 1945. (Monument)
Evidence MSF16697 World War II pillbox with brick anti-ricochet wall. (Monument)
Evidence MXS18862 World War II pillbox, visible west of Keeper's House. (Monument)
Evidence MSF16670 World War II pillbox. (Monument)
Evidence MXS18975 World War II pillbox. (Monument)
Evidence MXS18992 World War II pillbox. (Monument)
Evidence MXS18930 World War II Royal Naval Patrol Service Gunnery school, set up in the summer of 1943 east of Covehithe. (Monument)
Evidence MXS18770 World War II searchlight or Light Anti Aircraft battery. (Monument)
Evidence MSF16751 World War II standard hexagonal type 22 pillbox on the floodplain of the River Lark. (Monument)
Evidence MSF17087 World War II standard hexagonal type 22 pillbox on the floodplain of the River Lark. (Monument)
Evidence MXS18843 World War II strongpoint and obstructed beach. (Monument)
Evidence MXS18980 World War II strongpoint at the outflow of the Hundred River. (Monument)
Evidence MXS18858 World War II strongpoint comprising pillboxes, trenches and barbed wire, overlooking anti tank cubes and the beach. (Monument)
Evidence MXS18844 World War II strongpoint overlooking an obstructed beach. (Monument)
Evidence MXS18860 World War II strongpoint overlooking Pottersbridge Marshes. (Monument)
Evidence MXS18981 World War II strongpoint visible by the outflow of Hundred River. (Monument)
Evidence MXS18902 World War II strongpoint visible in 1940 and 1941, covering the beach at Covehithe Broad. (Monument)
Evidence MXS18903 World War II strongpoint visible in 1940 at Green Heath. (Monument)
Evidence MXS18846 World War II strongpoint, abandoned by 1945. (Monument)
Evidence MXS18880 World War II strongpoint, comprising a pillbox within barbed wire, visible north of Easton Wood. (Monument)
Evidence MXS18874 World War II strongpoint, comprising pillbox(es), trenches, a weapons pit and minefield, all within barbed wire. (Monument)
Evidence MXS18840 World War II strongpoint, now eroded away. (Monument)
Evidence MXS18898 World War II strongpoint, on the edge of Covethithe Broad. (Monument)
Evidence MXS18938 World War II strongpoint, visible from 1940 northeast of Covehithe. (Monument)
Evidence MXS18920 World War II strongpoint, visible from 1940 southeast of Covehithe. (Monument)
Evidence MXS18939 World War II strongpoint, visible from 1940. (Monument)
Evidence MXS18932 World War II strongpoint, visible in 1941 northeast of Covehithe. (Monument)
Evidence MXS18919 World War II strongpoint, visible in 1941 southeast of Covehithe. (Monument)
Evidence MXS18877 World War II strongpoint, visible northeast of Easton Wood. (Monument)
Evidence MXS18922 World War II strongpoint, visible southeast of Covehithe in 1940. (Monument)
Evidence MXS18892 World War II strongpoint. (Monument)
Evidence MXS18945 World War II strongpoint. (Monument)
Evidence MXS18952 World War II strongpoint. (Monument)
Evidence MXS18960 World War II strongpoint. (Monument)
Evidence MXS18961 World War II strongpoint. (Monument)
Evidence MXS18962 World War II strongpoint. (Monument)
Evidence MXS18963 World War II strongpoint. (Monument)
Evidence MXS18964 World War II strongpoint. (Monument)
Evidence MXS18966 World War II strongpoint. (Monument)
Evidence MXS18970 World War II strongpoint. (Monument)
Evidence MXS18972 World War II strongpoint. (Monument)
Evidence MXS18973 World War II strongpoint. (Monument)
Evidence MXS18991 World War II strongpoint. (Monument)
Evidence MXS18993 World War II strongpoint. (Monument)
Evidence MXS18994 World War II strongpoint. (Monument)
Evidence MXS18954 World War II structures or buildings and a probable barbed wire fence. (Monument)
Evidence MSF16668 World War II type 27 pillbox of standard construction. (Monument)
Evidence MSX27712 World War Two Coastal Battery (Monument)
Evidence MSX27590 World War Two Heavy Anti-Aircraft Battery (Monument)
Evidence MSX27676 World War Two Heavy Anti-Aircraft Battery (Monument)
Evidence MSX27705 World War Two searchlight battery and type 22 pillbox (Monument)
Evidence MSX27624 World War Two type 22 pillbox (Monument)
Evidence MSF19165 Wortwell Mill, Homersfield (Building)
Evidence MSF26641 Wrentham Hall (Building)
Evidence MSF25349 WWII ARP and Cold War control centre, Normanston Drive (Building)
Evidence MSX27400 WWII ARP and Cold War control centre, Normanston Drive (Building)
Evidence MSF26517 WWII structure, Martlesham (Monument)
Evidence MSF27782 Wyken Hall (Building)
Evidence MSF27207 Yew Tree Farm model farm (Building)